Woodworm BXI Mountain Bike

First of all are you looking for a bike for your kids? You just got to the right place. The Woodworm BXI Mountain Bike is the perfect fit. This particular model is a 20” bike suitable for kids around 10. Blue bikes are classic, and Woodworm’s design makes it unique. It has a cool color combination with a splash of white to look powerful and fun.

Secondly, the  child bike Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike is much more than it looks. It has a solid construction so that kids can play with it under the harshest conditions. It is conveniently designed to be easily transported, which is something you don’t expect from a mountain bike. And most of all it is safe to use, so you don’t have to worry when you give it to your beloved ones.

Thirdly, It comes with a durable steel dual suspension frame which is excellent for s beginner as it helps with the control of the bike. It has great safety feature, the powerful V brakes which  helps stay in control of the bike while riding over different types of terrain.

Lastly, Its not just all about safety with the child bike Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike , it comes in a stylish blue and white long lasting paint and some cool alloy wheels. The bike can be assembled with relative easy as it comes with a descriptive instruction manual within 20 minutes.

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Our Rating:stars

“One of Amazon’s best selling kids mountain bikes. some fantastic reviews.”

Benefits & Features

A fun bike for kids is what the Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike is all about. Its suspension system makes it a comfortable ride. But the fun comes along with safety. The Woodworm Bike complies with EN-14766 safety standard designed by the European Standardization Committee. The EN-14766:2005 is the latest standard for mountain bikes, and it was updated in 2005 with additional security requirements fully covered by Woodworm.

Other useful features include the quick release system that allows you to disassemble the bike to fit in the trunk of your car. You can go biking with your kids without adding a rack to your vehicle.

The specs of the childs bike Woodworm BXI Mountain Bike – Blue, 20 Inch as follows:

  • 14″ Frame with a dual suspension system.
  • 20″ Wheels
  • 6-speeds Shimano gears.
  • A specially designed quick release system to take on and off the front wheel.
  • A standard suspension fork.
  • Alloy rims on both wheels.
  • Comfortable saddle, MBTB style with quick release mechanism.
  • Equipped with front, back and wheel BS reflectors.
  • KMC Chain
  • Meets standard EN-14766
  • Prowheel Crankset
  • Sunrun gear shifter.
  • V-Brakes on both front and rear wheels.
  • Zoom Handlebar
  • Zoom Stem

stars  Customer Satisfaction

Customers who bought this bike are satisfied with the  children bike Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike. It has a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. They recommend the product and mostly talk about how quick it was delivered and how useful it has been so far.

I bought the Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike for a  Christmas present, so if you are looking for ideas on the following holidays, you might have one good.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

“Amazing bike. My wee brother got this for Christmas and loves it.”

“Excellent bike for my son. Bought a woodworm two years ago and no problems.”.

“Fantastic offer, good quality and fast delivery. Brilliant

Advantages and Disadvantages

Security and the quick release system are some technical benefits of the Woodworm design for its BXI Mountain Bike model. We have talked extensively about it under the Benefits section.

If you are looking for a technical drawback, many speeds may be an issue if your kid doesn’t know how and when to use them. However, the Shimano system will make it easier for him, with a smooth transition to learning faster.

Price is another advantage. For a Mountain Bike rated with the highest security standards and quality manufacture, it is a fair deal. In the United Kingdom, they offer free delivery service, so you don’t have to pay extra for ordering online.

Most notably the  only drawback from ordering a bike online is that you have to do some assembling yourself. The children bike Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike is no exception. If you are not experienced in mechanics and have no manual ability, then you might get some troubles. However, most customers talk about how easy and fast it was to assemble it.

It comes with comprehensible instructions, but it is not bulletproof. When you are fond of DYI, then you will have no issues. Part of it is the quick release system for the front wheel and saddle, which allows you, put together quickly the whole bike.

Common Questions-children bike

Where can I buy the  children bike Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike?

I like the Woodworm BXI Mountain Bike, but the 20” model is not suitable for my kid because he is taller than 142 cm. Are there other sizes?

Yes. You can find the Woodworm BXI Mountain Bike in frame sizes starting at 17” and up to 24”.

What is Shimano?

Shimano is a well-respected brand of bicycles components. Shimano manufactures some of the best gears. That is why they were selected as part of the Woodworm design for the BXI Mountain Bike.

Furthermore when buying a entry level bike it normally comes with a standard saddle. However the Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike has a MTB style saddle with a quick release mechanism. The Bmx comes with 6 speed Shimano gear. It also has some great safety features included with F/R Bs reflectors and wheel BS reflectors and meets standard EN14766

Additionally, the Woodworm kids Bmx mountain bike has some excellent higher specifications, with out the high price tag. If you’re looking for a hugely popular bike with excellent safety features and good value for money then this bike is a strong contender.


In conclusion If you look for a gift to a kid full of energy, the Woodworm kids bmx mountain bike will be perfect. It is safe and full of surprises, like the quick assembling features. You don’t expect a Mountain Bike to be as complete as the Woodworm Bike at such an excellent price. The design is not left behind as its a children bike,  and it looks as good as it rides. The seamless combination of blue and white makes it attractive for any kid.

The combination of these specs allows you to:

  • Easily transport your Woodworm BXI Mountain Bike due to the quick release system for the front wheel and saddle.

  • Have a safety ride due to compliance with standard EN-14766. V-Brakes are part of it, designed to stop the bike quick and smoothly.

  • Reflectors add safety to your night rides when you will not remain unseen.

  • The 20” wheels make it suitable for kids from 8 to 12 years old, with heights between 122 and 142 cm.

  • The dual suspension system gives the advantage of riding smoothly in rough terrain.

  • The Shimano system allows a smooth shifting control.

Overall, it is a very nice bike for children who enjoy riding in the wild. It is a safe, comfortable and easy to transport Mountain Bicycle.

Our Rating:stars

“One of Amazon’s best selling kids mountain bikes. some fantastic reviews

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