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   Why Should You Buy The Woodworm Gxi Mountain Bike




Dual Suspension Frame

Powerful V Brakes

Shimano Gears

Customer Satisfaction

Three & Half Customer Star Rating


Customer Reviews

Over Fifty Plus Customer Testimonals

 Woodworm Gxi Mountain Bike


Woodworm gxi mountain bike review, and it can be used for multiples purposes.  it’s a great bike for that daily commute, a ride to the shops or even a family day out.

My son loves taking it out over rough terrain on our local  mountain bike trails.  Customer testimonials have spotted the good safety features that it comes with Gxi PRO V brakes that are an added feature on more expensive bikes.

If you’re a novice rider, the gears may require some fine tuning so the bike performs better and they last longer. The suspension on the Woodworm Gxi Pro is great and should support riders under 15 stone. Additionally, the bike meets the stringent EN14766 Safety regulations



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Customer Satisfaction

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Features & Benefits

Firstly, 18 SPEED SHIMANO GEARS- having a 18 gears means the mountain bike is easier to control as I can adjust the gears to the terrain I am riding. Whether that be a stroll down to my local shops, a fast paced commute to work or for some thing much more adventurous like having fun on our local mountain trails.

Secondly, 26 INCH WHEELS- for the price point of around £100 i wasn’t expecting to get a good quality mountain bike with 26 inch wheels.

Thirdly, POWERFUL FRONT & REAR V BRAKES- when me or my son are riding the Woodworm up and down our local mountain trails, the V brakes come in very handy.


Additional Benefits Features


SAFETY- The Woodworm Gxi complies with safety regulations  EN14766-  ensures that the bike is designed for safety being a massive priority. I can have the piece of mind that my son is safe while hes out riding.

DUAL SUSPENSION FRAME- Its Dual Suspension Frame allows me to control the mountain bike better and have full control of the bike while being safe. There are no sharp bumps as long as I go at a save speed.

SIZE- Adults (inside leg 73-89 cm)- perfect for me, my partner and my son so its a great bike for the family to share.

QUICK RELEASE SADDLE & HANDLE BAR- it comes in very handy when another member of my family is using it.



GXI PRO V brakes

Meets the stringent EN14766 Safety regulations

Been massively reduced in price and is a great bargain.

Has lots of Customer testimonials

Great Value

Multi use bike whether it be for that daily commute to work, leisure activities or for those mountain bike trails.




The only negative which is very common is the standard saddle, which can be easily replaced for a saddle with better padding or a gel saddle. This bike is a great bike for an entry level mountain bike. It has also been reduced in price adding a great value for money. You can also buy a cheap gel saddle cover to help with the comfort.  You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.

  • Features – 91%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” I Cant Wait To Treat My Son To His Brand New Woodworm GXI Dual Suspension Mountain Bike. Fay


Customer Satisfaction

Customer testimonials have given the Woodworm a respectable 3 stars on Amazon for a bike within the £100 pound range. Lots of Customers highlighted the good value for money and much more.

My teenage son over the moon with his birthday present he uses it on the local mountain trails which he loves, its not as heavy as his last mountain bike. We assembled the bike in an impressive 15 minutes with the help of its detailed instruction manual.

The  customer service was excellent when buying this bike. I ordered the bike on Monday, and it was delivered by Thursday. Customers thoughts on Gxi   Bike is nicely designed.

Final Comments

Does the bike come with Instructions? “Yes, they are very detailed, assembly should take no more than 25 minutes.”

Do you have to assemble the bike? “Yes, it comes partly assembled.”

Do you get tools with the bike? “Yes, it comes with all the tools required to assemble the bike.”


KEEP THE INSTRUCTIONS- I lost my instructions and had to get a replacement from the manufacturer, they came within a week so not bad going.

TEST THE GEARS- I went on a long commute an hour or so and I hadn’t adjusted the brakes so it was an uncomfortable ride home so do go on a small test run when you get the bike.


Final Comments


Firstly, the Dual suspension will give you great comfort when riding. Secondly, the bike comes with and adjustable quick release saddle and handlebar.

Secondly, the steel framer of the bike has many advantages as it durable, strong, and its heavy frame will help with the control of the bike. It is recommended that the rider is between 73-89cm

Thirdly, the Woodworm manufacturer is well known for making  stylish, good quality bikes, and meets stringent safety regulations.




Its an all round mountain bike than can be in use by all the family for a variety of purposes. A great bike for within the price range of £100. The Woodworm has some quality features, it has 18 Shimano gears, a dual Suspension frame with big 26 inch wheels.

The only negatives are it comes with a standard saddle and is a little heavy. One of the best value bikes that has been massive reduced on Amazon that can be used by all the family.  If your looking for a  good value mountain bike the Woodworm Gxi is a great purchases. I hope woodworm gxi mountain bike review helped you.

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