“One of Amazons top selling mountain bikes. Some very happy Customer Testimonials.”


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First of all Seeking an out-of-this-world experience in women’s riding? Then look no further. You are at the right place and looking at the product that guarantees your satisfaction over and over again.

The Womens Maintis Orchid Full Suspension is reputed for its ability to withstand energetic rides through the roughest of terrains. The Mantis Orchid 26’ Women promises you the highest level of flexibility and durability. Purple or pearl are very exciting and feminine colours and gives the bike that unique and lovely presence that gets you noticed on the track.

Secondly, with a sturdy 17-inch steel dual suspension frame, the Mantis Orchid full suspension bike for women is in a class of its own. It is ideal for rides on all terrains and possesses all the functionalities for outstanding performance.

What is more? The bike, with its build and frame combines perfectly the twin functionalities of safety and speed.

 womens orchid

Benefits- Womens Maintis Orchid Full Suspension

Womens Maintis Orchid Full Suspension is first in speed and twist for its class of mountainous bikes. It is strong, durable and pleasant to the eyes. With the knack for speed comes the need for safety. A  bike that provides it all. Its fantastic suspension forks on the front and rear wheels provide adequate support during rides on rough terrains. If there is a shock, whether expected or unexpected from the difficult terrain a rider of this bike is going on, the front suspension forks are well suited to absorb it.

Another amazing capability that makes the Mantis Orchid 26’ for Women an outstanding bike is its braking system. Fitted with the V braking system, the bike offers additional comfort of safety while at top speed levels. More than this, the V Braking system also has a great reputation for the bike stops quickly and in a more efficient way.

The Womens Maintis Orchid Full Suspension for women is made of tested steel frames. This provides an additional benefit in terms of durability because it presses the bike firmly on the road while in motion and limits the possibility of sudden tripping. The frame is also ideal for women of all sizes and weights making the bike a versatile product for women.


Features-Womens Maintis Orchid Full Suspension

Firstly, the main features of the Mantis Orchid Full Suspension 26-Inch Wheel Women’s bike are as follows:

Dual Suspension:
The Mantis Womens 26 orchid has a great suspension forks on both the front and the rear wheels, it ensures that your rid is comfortable over rough terrain. The front suspension forks are ideal to absorb the shock over such terrain.
Steel Suspension: Another great feature of the Mantis Womens 26 orchid is the steel frame as it adds durability as it presses firmly against the road.
V brakes-“The mantis women’s Mantis Women’s 26 orchid” The bike has some great bike fitting features including the V brakes. The braking system ensures safety is maximised when you’re riding at top speeds. The braking system also ensures the bike stops quicker and more efficiently.
  • 17-inch steel dual suspension frame with steel suspension fork
  • Front and rear V brakes
  • Steel quill stem and steel riser bars
  • Kickstand
  • Aluminium rims with 26 X 1.95 inch mountain bike tires
  • 21-speed Shimano Tourney TZ30 rear derailleur and twist shifters

starsCustomer Satisfaction

From all indications, the Womens Maintis Orchid Full Suspension Women’s bike is a customers’ delight. It received a 3.7 out of 5 star rating by customers on Amazon. By implication, 65 percent of customers who reviewed the product gave it a five-star rating. There are a total of 14 displayed positive reviews by customers as against six critical reviews. Even the critical reviews, mainly centred on the ease of assembly, have been countered by other positive comments on the same headline.

Some adjectives used to describe the Mantis Orchid 26’ Women’s bike are ‘great,’ ‘cute,’ comfortable and others. So if you are looking for any of these descriptions in a bike you want to ride or give to someone as a gift, then you are sure where to turn to.

The pricing is also very good and with free delivery services available within the United States; it becomes a veritable option for cost-sensitive customers.

  • “Easy bike to Assemble.”
  • “Great Value.”
  • “Saddle is of averaged size.”
  • “The frame is designed in a easy and convenient for women with different sizes and weights. “

Advantages and Disadvantages

First of all, the advantages of purchasing a Mantis Orchid 26’ bike for women are numerous.  Secondly ,the rider is assured of comfort and support because of the dual suspension. thirdly, the unique body frame also makes riding convenient and makes the bike suitable for most classes of riders and the V brakes.

However, with the uniqueness of this bike also come some shortcomings. A main issue noted by customers is the difficult in assembling their purchased products.  Most notably, the excitement of purchasing a new item online can becloud people’s judgement and prevent them from reading the directions on the manual between the lines. Coupled with a lack of basic knowledge of mechanics, setting up a new bike purchased online can be a huge task. Users should engage the services of professionals if they are in doubt what to do. This is particularly important because you stand the risk of damaging a part of your new toy if you attempt to force some wrong ‘connections.’

Common Questions

  1. Shipping says one to two months…Can I get it sooner?
  2. You can order this bike from Hope Depot Online and get it delivered free to your house in 7 – 10 days. There is no good reason to have to wait 1-2 months for delivery. Other Mantis bikes for sale on Amazon are delivered in a reasonable timeframe. Making customers wait a month or two is unacceptable.
  3. This says 17’; will it be correct for 5’2 woman?
  4. I am 5’3″ and it feels great! Very nice bike and assembly really wasn’t too bad at all.
  5. Does the front or rear suspension lock out?
  6. No.


 If you are looking for a women’s bike that has full compliments of durability, speed, comfort, beauty and safety, then the perfect choice and the viable option to go for is the Mantis Orchid 26’ full suspension women’s bike.

For women finding the best Mountain bike is a great challenge, here at “Road and Mountain Bike Review” we have reviewed the Womens Maintis Orchid Full Suspension , highlighting the best features and its flaws through our product research.


 “One of Amazons top selling mountain bikes. Some very happy Customer Testimonials.”

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