Great British Bike Rides (40 classic routes for road cyclists)


This book is completely fantastic; I can not find another way to describe such genius in a few pages.  A really page turner to and a  good book for cycling enthusiasts. what are some of the best book on cycling?


what are some of the best books on cycling? It details 40 fabulous walks through Scotland, Wales and England, and when I tell you “detail” I do it in the whole sense of the word. Providing not only the routes but precise tools to spend a wonderful day on the bike.



  • The plus of the book for cycling enthusiasts is that each ride gives you alternatives for many situations such as shortness of breath or tired legs.


  • what are some of the best books on cycling? It provides complete advice maps, showing complete routes and statistics of interest in climbing, including difficulty and distance.


  • It has wonderful photographs and fragments with information about the local communities that are visited in that trip between the pages.


  • This book celebrates British race cycling, the author gathers the best bike rides in the three countries mentioned and explains in detail what you can find to avoid unpleasant surprises. Making it one of the best book for cycling enthusiasts.


  • what are some of the best books on cycling? It takes you to completely challenging and adrenaline rides, revel in the breathtaking scenery of Scotland, enjoys unexpected climbs in Wales, reaching to many wild roads in England.


  • The author did a great job putting together an itinerary of the best 9000 miles that Britain can offer to the world.

Contents of Great British Bike Rides (40 classic routes for road cyclists)


As added value, the book has many GPX files that you can download; they will facilitate the pedaling of any brave cyclist who walks in an adventure of this magnitude.

The book is quite heavy, so it is not recommended to take it on the ride. Write down all the important information and keep it in mind when traveling.what are some of the best book on cycling?

what are some of the best books on cycling? One of the wonderful points of this book is that it is quite accurate and complete, providing much more than wonderful photographs. Achieving the goal of this type of readers that is to take the reader’s mind to travel miles accounts without moving from home and then inspire you to take the most wonderful journey of their lives, without fear of being wrong.

what are some of the best book on cycling? The author recommends this book mainly for cyclists with an intermediate level; it is even recommended to have previously traveled about 60 miles on any other route to enjoy the journey and not to make it a suffering.

Summary: Great British Bike Rides: 40 classic routes for road cyclists

It will take you to explore an experience full of joys making it the best book for cycling enthusiasts, adrenaline and one to another fright.

If it was already within your plans to make a tour, this book, and Great Britain are waiting for you, it would undoubtedly be a story to tell the grandchildren, and as now technology helps us with pictures with landscapes that will make them die of envy more than a friend.

What are you waiting for? Go to live a magnificent experience, buy the book now and prepare your legs and your bike for a magnificent experience that you must live at least once in your life. We hope you have enjoyed our review of three top selling book for cycling enthusiasts. Please support our work by sharing our review.

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36 Glorious Bike Rides in Southern England-Great British Bike Rides

36 glorious

Jack Thurston, cycling books to take on holiday takes us to live an adventure in the most forgotten ways of the south of England.  It invites us little by little to a trip in which we will explore the English countryside arriving at enchanted forests, ancient forms and many wild coasts.

The book also has a large photo guide, providing a detailed report of the 36 trips mentioned in the title. By having the reader immerse himself in a trip on his bicycle without even taking it.  A great British bike ride..

what are some of the best book on cycling? begins with detailed information on those 36 glorious journeys. It contains very extensive information about how to live a “glorious” adventure as described by the author

. It contains an overview of the route, complete maps and drawn completely by hand. The best stops for the family to eat or have an excellent view on wonderful viewpoints.

An option to stop at midnight and camp in the light of the stars in strategic places.  what are some of the best book on cycling? How to tour each city fully without needing a car, just using good legs and a bicycle. The book beyond inciting the reader to live an adventure makes him remember certain forgotten sectors of England showing the importance and beauty of them.


Benefits/ Features


In the book there is a complete cycle route- Great British Bike Rides, the first eleven rides are mentioned in this short list.

  • First ride: Valley of Vision. It started in Swanley.
  • Second walk: Houses & Hills. It started at Sevenoaks.
  • Third Walk: Between Downs & Weald. Starting at Lingfield.
  • Fourth ride: The Fifth Continent. Starting at Ashford.
  • Fifth ride: Crab & Winkle. Starting at Canterbury.
  • Sixth ride: The Loneliest Landscape. Starting at Gravesend.
  • Seventh Walk: The Wild Weald. It started at Tunbridge Wells.
  • Eighth ride: A Quintessence of England. Starting at Liphook.
  • Ninth ride: Turf & Surf. Starting in Chichester.
  • Tenth Walk: Windsor Great Park. It started in Egham.
  • Eleventh ride: Surrey Hulls Legbuster. Starting at Effingham.


Strengths and Weaknesses.


One of its main strengths is that it contains an interesting mix of stories with the culture of the cities and contains a detailed explanation routes, so much that you can feel that you are there. what are some of the best book on cycling?

The photographs that adorn each sheet of this book are wonderful and make you imagine the exact site. There is always a space to debate how “glorious” can become a bike ride and the sites mentioned. Bearing in mind, that beauty is subjective. Still, that can be a weakness.

stars Customer Satisfaction:


Among the most outstanding opinions is that the cycling books to take on holiday has a strong acceptance in the target audience that is high-performance cyclists and beginners.

what are some of the best book on cycling? It takes some innovation award with such colorful photographs and handmade maps. Many people mention that it is worth having that book in the library of the house. It is the best option when you are going to live an adventure, and you want to have an itinerary ready and complete.

Summary: 36 Glorious Bike Rides in Southern England

 You have a list of tools in one place, good maps, and recommendations from an expert who already lived a great adventure. Now its your turn.

what are some of the best book on cycling?  We hope you found the review of  a book detailing some of Great British Bike Rides.


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Epic bikes ride of the world (Lonely Planet Epic series)


epic bike rides

 It is a book full of emotions. The author finds the way to make you feel running those miles just by seeing the pictures of those fun trips.


what are some of the best books on cycling? The main mission of this fantastic adventure turned into a book is to catch in its leaves the 200 best places in the world to ride a bike. From city tours, tourist circuits and epic adventures. what are some of the best book on cycling?


The magic of this book is that it manages to connect with its readers. In fact, inspires us to action. You will feel like going out on those wonderful routes right away. You can start from France and Italy, reaching the jungles of Mongolia and then reaching Patagonia.


what are some of the best books on cycling?  Something interesting about this is the book is that, in the beginning, this invites us to know the world through a bicycle stating that it is the best way to do it. Just look at three more pages to affirm this premise.


What makes this a book for cycling enthusiasts is that its written with a wide variety of writers who share their experiences. Achieving this way to feel like an accompanist of these writers in their epic adventures.


what are some of the best books on cycling? Not only is it exploring new terrain, but also of knowing new worlds, of interacting with completely different cultures.  It is a question of opening our eyes to this vast world that surrounds us and which is full of many wonders to discover.


And as the same book tells us, what better way to do that on a bicycle.

Benefits/ Features


  • Each place that will take you to browse this book comes with different alternatives to live it to the fullest, it also invites you to bike races all over the world making it a book for cycling enthusiasts.


  • what are some of the best books on cycling? 100% adrenaline, the book comes with a distinctive order by continents in the Americas invites us to go family in Ecuador making us stop in the legendary places of music, then takes us to go back to California to bike to Canada.


  • In Europe, it invites us to travel by the Lake of Constanza, to cross the Danube and its routes from coast to coast, we arrive until Spain and then get to the surroundings of professional trips like the Tour of France.


  • We came to Asia to venture into the valleys of Vietnam, completed the circuit in northern Thailand, crossed the mythical Indian Himalayas to end pedaling through Bhutan, arriving in New Zealand and Australia in Queensland.


  • This complete encyclopedia of bicycles and fantastic places gives you a fairly wide alternative. It gives you the option of an adventure to live in the company of the family, with your partner or you alone.


  •  what are some of the best books on cycling? The important thing is that you will have all the tools at hand so that the adventure is an unforgettable experience, in case you decide to live it. If you are professional, you will love it. But if you are not an empirical adventure you would not fall for anything bad.


The world’s most extraordinary tours are available on Amazon. It is worth doing with this “map” of emotions that will lead you to live, perhaps, the best experience of your whole life. A recommended book for cycling enthusiasts.  cycling?


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Summary: Epic bikes ride of the world (Lonely Planet Epic series)


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5 stars