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Why Should You Buy The Burlington



Panasonic Battery

LCD Display

250 Watt Motor


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Five Reasons You Should Buy the Burlington


In our review of the Volt Burlington Electric Bike; we will look at why you should buy an electric bike.




Commuting from one location to another on your brand-new Volt Burlington Electric Bike will help you save money in the long run. The cost of petrol per mile is around forty pence per mile, while the cost of running your Burlington is around five to eight pence. In addition, commuting on your electric bike will save money on parking fees. You may find yourself giving up your car and saving an absolute fortune.




No need to worry about getting caught in traffic congestion as your Volt Burlington Electric Bike can take advantage of bike paths and routes that cars cannot access. You may find yourself reaching your destination quicker.




Commuting less by car and more on your Burlington will be sure to cut your own CO2 emissions. Commuting by car has an approximately electrical energy rate of 15,000, compared to 100- 150 watts using an electric bike.




One of the main benefits of owning the Volt Burlington Electric Bike is having assistance when faced with a steep incline. Always make sure you top up the battery after every commute to ensure you are not faced with a low battery when your in the middle of a long commute.




Having an on-board motor will be sure to help you have fun when your cycling friends with traditional bikes struggle to maintain your pace. You may find your friends getting jealous and asking where they can buy the Volt Burlington Electric Bike From.





Looking After Your Burlington


You should maintain your Volt Burlington electric bike like any traditional pedal bike. Getting in a good habit of cleaning your bike after every commute will help you increase your Burlington’s self-life and you will be able to spot any minor damage that may have been caused. Cleaning your electric bike after a commute is much easier than cleaning after a long period of time. You can buy bike good quality bike cleaning products rather cheaply.



Do not put too much degreaser around the motor as it may affect the drive bearings grease.

Do not use a jet wash as it can affect the factory grease.



Burlington Metrics

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After Every Commute


Once you have finished your commute on your Burlington, there are some simple steps to make sure your electric bike is ready for next outing. Charge your battery, however do not leave it on charge for consecutive days.

Before cleaning your bike make sure you remove the battery, preserving the battery life and safety. Getting in a good habit of charging the Burlington after every commute will help preserve your battery. Make sure you clip the battery into the frame as you don’t want it falling out. The battery is charged the same way as your mobile phone and can be charged on and off the electric bike. You may like to read our article on the Volt Kensington Electric bike


Storing Your Electric bike Battery


There may be a period where you do not intend to use your Volt Burlington Electric Bike for a while. Not in between rides put for several months. Remove the battery from the Burlington to help preserve the batteries self-life and security. Store the battery at sixty percent rather that on full charge or depleted. To put less stress on the battery, keep at room temperature.

Features & Benefits



The Burlington comes with a strong, durable and lightweight Aluminium frame. An Aluminium frame is known to outperform steel in laboratory tests and is ideal in the event of a minor bump or scrap. An aluminium frame will offer the rider plenty of support while riding and the step frame allows the rider to easily get on and off the electric bike.




Volt have designed the Volt Burlington Electric bike with a Panasonic Lithium battery. Panasonic are a respected brand known for their quality and the battery only takes three to four hours to charge. A good habit to get into is to recharge the battery after every commute. Keep the battery away from direct sunlight, cold temperatures and in a dry place.




A set of Kenda puncture resistant tyres will give the rider plenty of grip while they are out exploring their local community. Kenda are highly regarded within the bike community of making good quality bike tyres.




The Volt Burlington Electric Bike comes with a powerful 250w motor that gives the rider plenty of power to change the pace of the electric bike to the conditions faced by the rider. One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional bikes in when you are faced with a steep incline. There is no need to worry when you have an on-board motor. However, if you choose ride without the pedal assist, the Burlington is a great ride.


Riding Position


Volt have designed the Burlington with a comfortable upright comfortable riding position that is ideal for commuting on and off the ride. When riding always make sure you are looking forward and not at the ground to ensure you can manoeuvre the Burlington out of any hazardous situations quickly and safely.




The rider will have plenty of options to change the pace of the Burlington as the rider has an impressive eight gears to choose from. Volt have equipped the Volt Burlington Electric bike with a set of Shimano Alivio Gears. Shimano gears are a well-known brand that are known for manufacturing and designing quality bike components.

Distance & Speed


The Burlington can reach 15mph with pedal and assistance and has a range of around sixty miles on a full battery. One of the main benefits of owning the Volt Burlington Electric bike is being able to travel faster and longer.


Additional Features


Riders will be able to check their speed, distance and battery power with the LCD screen. The Burlington comes with power cut brake levers that is a brilliant safety feature that will help the rider have a fun and reliable ride. In addition, the Volt Burlington comes with a Velo Gel Plush saddle that will offer the rider plenty of comfort while riding.

  • Features – 93%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 98%

” Me And My Wife Absolute Love Our Volt Burlington.” Tony

Customer Satisfaction


I Purchased two Volt Burlington Electric bike and I am over the moon with them. The Burlington is easy to use and looks good too. Both me and my wife both use the electric bike on the weekends around Sefton Park. The step-in frame is ideal for quickly and easily getting off the electric bike.

Volts customer service was very good, when I emailed them to ask about the specification of the electric bike. The Burlington is my first ever electric bike and I couldn’t be happier, it arrived promptly and was easy to assemble.

I have been using the electric bike for the commute to work and I am saving a lot of money on fuel and parking costs. When I reach work, I am not too tired and sweaty as I can switch on the on-board motor to help me. The Burlington allows me to travel much longer distances a lot more quickly.

Common Questions


What is the weight of the Burlington?

25.6 kg with battery.


What is the wheel size?

26 Inches x 1.75.


What Is the size of the frame?

18 inch.


Are the tyres durable?

Kenda puncture resistant.


What is the maximum weight of the bike?

125 KG.


What is the charge time?

3-4 hours.

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