How to Buy a Good  Cheap Road Bike

Prior to obtaining your first road bike, there are some major things to ponder on.

  1. First of all, decide on if you want a total road race bike or a more relaxed sportive road bike
  2. Next, decide on the type of frame you want either carbon or aluminium frame and the kind of gears you require in a bike
  3. Finally consider if you will like a road bike with a disc brake or one with a conventional brake option. The Vitesse Sprint Unisex Road Bike ticks all those boxes.

Coming up with answers to the above requires a little bit of research on your part, as to the advantages and disadvantages of each decision you make. However, this article will try to provide a simple guide in as few words as possible. Road Race bikes vs. Sportive bikes

While the road bike has a low front end and a longer reach, a sportive bike keeps you upright and more relaxed. Road bikes also have a smoother, narrower, high pressure tires and are generally lighter than sportive bikes

Frame and fork material

Most aluminium frames come with a carbon fibre fork and this offers a better balance between dependability and robustness. The carbon material also helps absorb vibration better.

On the other hand, a complete carbon frame and fork delivers a lighter bike that is more comfortable and faster. Also in narrow spaces, carbon frames allow for better manoeuvring of the road bikes than aluminium bodies.

Group set

The road bikes group set refers to the bike’s transmission and brakes. These group sets are manufactured by various companies that produce them depending on the price, weight and required performance levels of the road bikes. Our best advice is that you go for the group set that fits your pocket. More expensive group sets allow the gears to shift smoothly and comes with varieties of gear choices.

Disc brake road bike or calliper road bike?

While disc brakes can break consistently in wet and dry weather, calliper brakes are not very efficient in wet conditions even though they are less expensive and easier to maintain.

  • Finally make sure you buy a bike that fits you properly. More on how to buy a Cheap Road Bike

Vittesse Sprint 21-speed Alloy Racing Bike   


The Vitesse Sprint Unisex Road Bike allows you to be in complete control of your riding. This is because it comes with 21-Speed Shimano Gears and rotational shifters. It is because of the comfort you get with the Vitesse Sprint Unisex Road Bike  that makes it certified for short and long distances.

Owing to its solid but sleek build, you can negotiate narrow spaces and rough terrains with ease. Being that it is a cheap road bike, it performs better than other more expensive options.

Benefit/ features

    • Vitesse Sprint Unisex Road Bike Suitable for individuals who have an inside leg dimension of 83cm to 96cm (33 inches to 38 inches)
    • Its saddle is comfortable and well padded
    • Its paint finishing is resistant to corrosion
    • With the 21-Speed Shimano gears, you have a system that is very efficient and fast.
    • It has pivot brakes both in front and at the rear, thus the bike can slow down very comfortably
    • You don’t need to expend too much energy over long distance because the bike has a 700c high-profile alloy rim, which makes it very efficient to ride.
    • It is suitable for children from the age of 12.
    • The Vitesse Sprint Unisex Road Bike is rugged


Customer Satisfaction

According to a customer, who recently obtained the Vittesse Sprint 21-speed Alloy Racing Bike, it has a good value for its price. It is excellent for riding any distance because it is very comfortable, with well-cushioned and high quality seats adding to its comfort.

Furthermore, according to him, the shifting gears allows for a smooth ride. Another reason he likes the Vitesse Sprint Unisex Road Bikeis that it can easily be assembled by learners in about 20 minutes, since the brakes and gear have already been fixed.

Another satisfied customer said that the Vitesse Sprint Unisex Road Bike  s very easy to manipulate especially in narrow spaces. Also he has noticed that because the tires are bigger, it can be used in any type of terrain, and he has tried quite a few rough terrains over a distance of about 10 miles or so.


From the foregoing, we can conclude that even though the Vittesse Sprint 21-Speed Alloy Racing Bike is in the cheap road bike category, it has are several reasons why you should buy it. But here are just three:

  • Vitesse Sprint Unisex Road Bike  can be used over both short and long distances
  • It can easily be maneuvered in spaces that are narrow and in rough terrains
  • It is solidly built, and requires less maintenance and repairs.


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