The Vikings E- Advance Coyote Edge 24volts Replacement batteryis fitted in the Viking E – advance Coyote Edge e-bike and electric battery is 24 volts and 8.88 AH. Viking have designed the battery in a form of a bottle shape.


A bottle shape design enables easy removal of the battery from the frame. More so the battery is rechargeable and easy to store.

Attractive Features

24V LI- Ion and 8.48h
Battery is rechargeable
LED battery level indicator
Its dimension is of 255mm× 85mm
weighs 1800g
battery are sold separately
on and off switch

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Replacement Battery


LED battery level indicator helps you to know the status of your battery. The indicator will help you know when you need to recharge your battery. The indicator does not need external power, it utilizes the power supply from the battery.

The indicator is easy to read, as it has glowing features that indicate the exact level. 1800 g is a manageable weight. It will not overweight your bike. Additionally, its dimensions are comfortable enough just to fit into the bike’s holder.

These features will enable you to store your battery comfortably and safely. Besides the fact that lithium ions are easily rechargeable, the Vikings E- Advance Coyote Edge 24volts Replacement battery has a low level of malfunction occurrence, for instance bursting. The batteries are currently very popular.

The fact that the Vikings E- Advance Coyote Edge 24volts Replacement battery is sold separately is very attractive to the customer.

If your bike’s battery has become old and outdated, you can upgrade your bike by purchasing the new and trending battery in the market. A on and off switch provides the customer with the comfort of using the battery.

This feature also helps to keep the battery in charged condition for a very long time without getting discharged.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer’s satisfaction will only depend on the above-named features. The customer’s needs vary from one to another.

Vikings E- Advance Coyote Edge 24volts Replacement battery would prefer more voltage. From the customer’s reviews, you will find out that more customers are interested with the 36v rather than the 24 volts.

Customers are also interested in the less expensive bikes. The Vikings E- advance coyote edge electric bike replacement battery is relatively cheaper compared with other bike’s batteries, the price of 224.95 Euros is quite cheaper. The delivery charges for the battery are quite high. Most customers would prefer free delivery services offered by other battery dealers.


Common Questions


Common questions that the potential questions ask about thrVikings E- Advance Coyote Edge 24volts 8.8 Ah Electric Bike Replacement Battery.

A customers may want to know if the battery has a fuse inside the fuse holder or not. This is a common question that is likely to be asked by many customers. Some of the models of batteries do not have a fuse and yet they still function well.

Actually, for this battery, it has an auto fuse that is fitted inside the casing and can be accessed. It is only that once you access the fuse you are likely to lose warranty benefits.

The customers also want to know whether there is a battery that has more than 24 volts, say a 36 volts battery that will fit exactly into the holder. The answer to this question is that one cannot use a 36 volts battery instead of the 24 volts, this is because the system is designed to accommodate only 24 volts, and therefore adding more voltage will damage the system.

Some of the customers may be attracted to the bike itself and would want to know if it is a unisex bike. This is out of the topic question and it is common to be asked. The sale only deals with the batteries and not the bikes.


 Why Should You Buy the Vikings E- Advance Coyote Edge 24volts Replacement battery

  • This battery is rechargeable. The ability of the battery to be recharged is an attractive feature, such that once your battery gets low you can easily recharge it to add extra range to your bike.

  •  Vikings E- Advance Coyote Edge 24volts Replacement battery has an on and off switch. The bike can, therefore, be easily switched off whenever it is not used and switched on when there is need to be used. This feature keeps your battery to last longer and prevent possible discharge situation when left in closed circuit.

  • Vikings battery is affordable, it is also sold separately from the bike. This will enable you to buy a new battery to replace your old battery without having to incur the cost of buying a new bike.

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