The Viking brand of bike was first established in Wolverhampton in 1908. The brand is well known as they produce top quality bikes. The most amazing features that have been associated with this brand is the durability and its quality.

The brand has evolved to fit the changing lifestyle. The current types do have improved  features. The Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike is the revolution of the Viking brand.

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Attractive Features

 The Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike is made of the aluminum frame. It has also a Shimano Revoshift twist shifter. The single chain is made of 52 teeth and 170mm alloy cranks.

It has the cable disc brakes, both for the front and the rear. The bike has a lockable 36V-8.8AH lithium ion battery. It is also fitted with speed sensors of 6 magnetic V7.

It has a longer battery charge time of 6 hours. The battery has an intelligent mains charger, which is CE approved.

The Vikings advance gents bike wheel size is 26”

Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike  has fitting pedals and adjustable gears and brakes.

Benefits Associated with the Features

 The 26-inch wheel size is the best size for the wheelset, it gives a greater stability due to a larger surface are I contact with the ground. This wheel size also offers better hopping ability in places with potholes. This feature does command the top speed and the longer mileage that the bike is designed to cover.

The Revoshift twist shifter offers a precise shifting, and thus prevents the slipping and eventual damage to the bike. The shifter also ensures that the bike is maintained in the correct gear while riding in rugged terrain. This feature gives you a better control of the Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike .

The cable disc brakes are incredible stopping power, this is so attractive in that you only need to apply less force to the brakes. The disc power can be modified by changing the rotor, for instance, if you want more powerful brakes, you incorporate larger motors. The modulation of disc brakes is quite simple, it is reliable and more consistent.

The disc brakes are suitable for all weather conditions, thus making the bike more reliable.

The Aluminium alloy is lightweight material and is suitable for bike’s frame. Aluminium frame bikes are most affordable compared to other alloy made bikes. Similarly, aluminium is less prone to rust, thus lowering the cost of maintenance.

A frames made of aluminium are stiffer and thus ideal for bikes to be ridden in mountainous areas. Finally, aluminium is a cheaper alloy, thus lowering the overall cost of the Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike .

The fitting pedals provide a strong stability when riding and thus minimizes the cases of accidents.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer’s safety is paramount and it determines whether the customer is satisfied with the product or not. The product do offer suitable customers safety, thus making an benefit.

The Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike is suitable for all locations. One can easily ride in canal paths, forest tracks and trains. It thus satisfies the customer’s leisure riding. The features are also designed to fit all weather conditions.

 Common Questions

The common question asked concerning the Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike is whether the frame size is suitable for the their height. Actually the frame size is designed in such a way that it will accommodate most heights, therefore the suitability of the bike is quite accommodative.

Customers safety is a major concern, most of them would want to know whether the Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike comes with reflectors and safety lights.

The bike has all the set of requirements as required by the law, these varying from safety lights to be utilized during the night and reflectors for easy identification.



 Why should you buy the Bike?

The  Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike features gives a better selling position, most of the features are attractive and suitable for most customers.

  • The Vikings advance gents bike is relatively cheap. It is made of a cheaper aluminum and thus its overall cost is affordable. The cost of maintenance is also lower, since the material used is cheap and readily available.

  • The bike is strong enough to withstand all conditions. With its powerful braking ability offered by the disc brakes, it is able to overcome rugged terrain and muddy surfaces.

  • The rechargeable lithium battery enables one to recharge whenever it power gets depleted. You should buy this Vikings Advance Gents Electric Alloy MTB Mountain Bike because you will not need to be buying batteries for your bike more often, what you only need to do is to simply recharge.

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