Viking Women’s Veneto 700C Single SPD Fixed Bike

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Hi Tensile Frame

Shimano Gears

700c Black Tyres


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Respected Bike Brand

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Viking Women’s Veneto 700C Single SPD Fixed Bike

Bicycles have been the rising trend among women especially because of the facility of easing daily commutes or occasional jaunts that demand for it. The Viking Veneto has turned out to meet the demands of the adventurous women and help them move around more freely as they wish.

The Viking Women’s Veneto 700C Single SPD Fixed Bike is a great option for women of all age range especially for the attachment range. The main attachments include front basket, plastic mudguards, rear alloy carrier rack, comfortable saddle and other thing you may wish. The main inspiration for its design is drawn from the traditional British bikes in combination with the ones of traditional Dutch make.


Main Benefits/ Features Of The Viking Women’s Veneto 700C Single SPD Fixed Bike

The main benefits of the Viking Women’s Veneto 700C Single SPD Fixed Bike, Midnight Blue, 18-inch includes:

  • High tensile sturdy and durable steel frame with forks to maintain suspension and avoid jerks
  • The 7 speed Shimano gear system incorporated in the bike makes it possible for the riders to travel much faster than the other bikes in the range.
  • The thumb shifter lever for gear shifting makes its handling even smoother, allowing riders to be the queen of the road as soon as they get on it.
  • The low step over top tube makes it further convenient for girls to ride it.
  • It comes with a freewheel frame that makes it suitable for riders of all age.
  • Alloy crank 46T single steel chain set prevents repeated chain failures as rider would expect in other bikes.
  • The provision of an enclosed guard for the chain set makes it more attractive, protecting it from dirt, mud and other blockage impurities.
  • The bike comes with premium quality wheels and brakes to allow riders to be in control of the bike in cases of emergencies.
  • The comfort grips provided with the short reach stem makes it a convenient choice for female riders.


The main features of this women’s bike include:

  • High tensile steel frame
  • Low Step over top tube
  • Shimano 7 Speed gear system
  • Shimano Thumb Shifter Plus gear lever
  • Freewheel of 14/28 Shimano make
  • 46T steel single chain set
  • Thun cartridge bb set
  • 700C alloy double wall wheels with 36 spoke holes
  • 700C black tyres
  • Alloy levers for V brake system
  • City style handlebar
  • Features – 96%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  My Sunday Commute To My Local Shops On My Viking Women’s Veneto 700C Single SPD Fixed Bike Is My Favourite Part Of The Week.” June


Customer Satisfaction

Riders who have purchased the bike have been perfectly happy. This is especially due to the increased ability to affix attachments that allows them to customize it just the way they want. After the initial adjustments, the bike turns into something that none can compete it.

It is a great choice for kids especially for its sturdy little frame. Its availability in two frame sizes further makes it convenient for beginners to get accustomed to the cycling experience. The colour further works to enhance its attractiveness.

The best part of the cycle for women is the front cut bar that helps them to smoothly ride the bike. The controls are superb, allowing enjoying the best experiences when they are on road.


Final Verdict


If you are considering this item for a first timer then it is one of the perfect options to look into. The wide range of attachments makes it one of the best products in the market, especially for its easy customizability. Though it might require some initial adjustments, they are pretty minor and once done, it is one of the best choices in the price range.

Common Questions

Can someone rise on the back seat?

The initial conditions are not that great. But once it is fixed and upgraded, it is perfect for carrying children on the back seat.

Is it available is other frame size?

It is available in two frame size – the 18” version and the 16” frame.

Can enhancements be added to the cycle?

Yes it is possible to affix enhancements and further improve the quality and features of the cycle.

How good is it for a first timer?

If someone is totally new to the cycling world, consider making the adjustments first as it might become bit tough to handle the issues for the first time.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The sleek size and vibrant design make it an ideal choice for ladies from all age group. It also suits their style. It can be upgraded through attachments. The numbers of attachments that can be fixed to the bike are many, thus allowing the rider to customize it just the way they need.

The steel frame is very sturdy and durable. The main disadvantage of this item is the poor-quality finishing that it comes with. But it is nothing to be worried about as it is possible to get it fixed very easily. Once done, it is better than most other bikes in its range.

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