Have you always wanted to have your own bike and visit your friend in the neighborhood? Is it the best bicycle for women?

Is it comfortable and easy to ride a bicycle? Have you had some troubles with your previous bikes and now want a completely different one that satisfies your requirements and needs? Deciding on which bike to buy is quite tough decision.

You cannot choose it immediately if you haven’t tried it for a while. Even if you tried it once, that won’t help you decide. New models are arriving every year, and each and every bike is similar to the previous versions of it. Womens bike Sizing guide.

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The girls are always excited when they get a new present. So, this bike will be ideal for your friend, cousin, niece or just your daughter. Now we have available the bike that has been sold the most for women, Viking crystal women’s road bike.

It is really good, comfortable and easy to use; it is definitely worth the money. Why don’t you surprise your little girl and get her this wonderful bike?

The smallest bike from the Viking women’s crystal collection (11 inch version, a great classic heritage bike for an entry level beginner or a more experienced rider. Women can get the 20 inch’s version.  It has a fantastic five star rating on Amazon with some good customer testimonials.

The target market of the bike is aimed at teen girls targeting 7 to  10 year olds (11 inch model)  and brings the best part of Dutch and British traditional bikes together. Women can get the 20 inch’s version.

The women’s road bike comes partly assembled and should take no more than 20 munities with the use of the very detailed instruction manual.

The Crystal  women’s road bike comes with powerful V brakes, lightweight alloy rims, mudguards, low step  tube frame, a extra padded quality saddle and matching grips.

It comes with a wicker basket, rear luggage carrier and cream trekking tyre’s that are an impressive  11 inches or 20 inch’s. A elegant looking bike that can be used for trips to the local park, down to the shops or a day out with the family.

Benefits and Features

The women’s road bike is a mixture of the productive facets from British and Dutch origin, facets that have been used in the conventional motorcycles. It allows the women to have low lean of the body and upright driving position.

The Viking Women’s Crystal womens road bike comes with light weight alloy rims, robust alloy V brakes, a rear pannier rack, swept bars, and completely metal mudguards. It has also a fastened basket on the front where you can put some things; you can use it while carrying something, and as a useful tool.

It is also consisted of tan grips, beautiful pearl white paint, tan Viking convenience saddle and floral photos. The traditional style framed bike is good for pre teen girls. If you surprise your daughter with this little present, she will be more than happy and satisfied for having this womens road bike. It weighs 15 kg.

Whenever you want to ride the women’s road bike it in the neighborhood or go shopping with your mum, this bike will be your partner in everything.

  What is the construction of the women’s road bike?

  • The  Viking crystal women’s road bike frame is consisted of traditional style ladies frame, with a low step over top tube;
  •  forks are Hi-Tensile 20 inch with Oval blades
  • Gears are single speed;
  • Chainset is single with a full chain guard;
  • Wheels are Viking 26 inch silver Alloy Rims;
  •  Tires are 24x1.75 inc black with cream wall trekking tires;
  • Frame size is 13 inch;
  • There is a saddle, brown Viking with Chrome Seat Post;
  • The steering is controlled with trekking handlebars with a close up stem;
  •  trekking style pedals, painted rear carrier, brown comfort grips, brown front basket and full mudguards;

crystal 7

Are customers satisfied

The customers are really satisfied and happy with purchasing the Viking crystal women’s road biket. The girls are excited and are riding the bike all the time. Also on Amazon this product has 4 out of 5 rating, which means the product fully satisfies the needs of its customers and is recommendable to have it in your house.

A satisfied mother tells that her daughter is really happy with the bike and that every little girl must have it. She loves seeing her daughter riding the bike, and that the girls in the neighborhood dream about the Viking crystal women’s road bike.

Generally the customers are satisfied, and the girls are even more satisfied having the Viking crystal women’s road bike.

common question

Every person wants to know in advance if the Viking crystal women’s road bike is going to satisfy the needs and the requirements. With buying some product, we are doing that literally blindly, because we see the product, its form, shape, and size, but we don’t know if its function will be the way we expected.

So, it is the same situation when it comes to the Viking crystal women’s road bike. The most common question among customers is whether the bike be fully functional, satisfy the requirements and if it is not just a waste of money.

Will the girl who is going to get the bike be happy having it? The answer is definitely yes. The Viking crystal women’s road bike shouldn’t concern you whether is going to meet your expectations, because it will.

Why you should buy this women’s road bike?

  • It is the most comfortable bike your girl will ever have
  • It is worth the money
  •  Viking crystal women’s road bike is made of top Quality materials

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