Oh! Taking women back to the good old days with the modern technology of bikes. Some of us women lose our opportunities of riding a bike as time goes by, some loses this during childhood, some during teenage years, and some even later.

Which is where Viking Vitesse Womens’ City Bike comes in handy, with easy to handle and gives you back the old days of enjoying the fresh air blowing onto your skin. Its pastel colors, color coded accessories along with baskets and mudguards which brings great fashion and style for each ride. It’s a perfect mix of both classing and modern technology and is definitely worth the money.

However purchasing any ordinary bike needs a lot of thinking to be put in before purchased, since most of the bikes especially the ones that are manufactures just for women seem to be manufactured with low quality products.

This is where the Viking Vitesse Womens’ City Bike comes in handy. All of its components are manufactured with high quality products and can be highly recommended for all women out there who are fans of riding bikes. It’s both safe and easy to ride and overall is really cheap for all of its great qualities


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Key features of Viking Women’s Vitesse

  • Rear luggage carrier
  • Front basket
  • Chromo plastic mudguards (full length)
  • Embossed comfort saddle
  • Wide handlebars (545mm)
  • Alloy kickstand
  • Alloy V-type breakers with allow 3 finger levers
  • Smoked plastic chain guard (Banjo style)
  • 46T chain wheel with 170mm crank arms
  • Hi-tensile steel
  • Shimano 6 speed gears with Mircoshift rotational shifter
  • Double wall alloy wheel rims with CNC sides

Technical specifications

Style: Ladies 700c Traditional

Viking Vitesse Womens’ City Bike Model Year: 2016

Wheel Size: 700c

Frame size(s): 16” (41cm) and 19” (48cm)

Minimum inside leg: 26” (66cm) and 29” (74cm)

Customer satisfaction


The Viking Vitesse Womens’ City Bike has been given a review rate of 4 stars.

Customers seem to be very satisfied with the Viking Vitesse Womens Bike. It’s said to be a lovely bike and very easy to ride as well as very comfortable too. Good value and was the best thing they could use for going to the shops and more. First class packaging and modeling.

Several husbands seem to gift this bike to their wives and have got a positive response and considers it a perfect fit for their wives. It is also said to be a great bike for the value.

Many other customers has said that the Viking Vitesse Womens Bike 6SPD Heritage is easy to assemble and has a perfect 16 inch frame to fit all women and can be highly recommended.

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Common questions asked


Some of the common questions asked about this bike is about how it can be assembled. Some of the customers find it difficult to assemble the bike. This is due to the way of the packaging, in the packaging everything is included in pieces along with a manual that would guide you on how to assemble the pieces.

The next question is about the speed of the Viking Vitesse Womens’ City Bike. Some women tends to love bikes that could go on a certain level of speed, whereas others like it to be on average.

The speed of the bike is decent and can be maintained as per your desires due to the way the product has been manufactured. It is easy to handle this bike, so you can handle it to a speed of your choice.

Benefits of owning the Viking  Vitesse Womens Bike


The Viking Vitesse Womens’ City Bike is not only great for quality and riding purposes, but is also great for those of us women who needs a little workout every now and then in order to keep our bodies ready for the bikini days! There are great benefits for one’s body with riding bikes, especially with this model, it helps your body stretch and also helps with slimming purposes.

There are some of us women who wish we could be a little bit taller, the Viking Vitesse Womens’ City Bike is a great way to increase your height. Once you sit on the bike, you would feel that it is very comfortable, but however requires a little bit if stretching because of its cushion being a little too tall, however this is not a flaw, but indeed it is a great way to make your body more active.


  • The Viking Vitesse Womens’ City Bike has several features as well as reasons in order to make it worth to buy. One of the best reason to buy this product would be because of its high grade quality materials which are used for the manufacturing. In fact all of this high quality manufacturing makes the bike stable to ride and easy to handle. It is also highly comfortable to ride.

  • Budget friendly. As you begin to read about this product you would realize that it has so many features and is still cheap in price. It is worth the money and worth the time.


  • Great benefit to one’s physical appearance and is designed with a combination of classing and modern style. This bike has a great amount of style in it as you sit to ride it, along with a cute basket to carry your easy grocery shopping to the nearest shops, or if you are going on a ride for physical exercising it would help you carry all your required water bottles or towels and more.
  • All of these features and more makes this bike worth to be purchased and would provide you a great memory of your childhood as you begin to ride it.


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