Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike comes with a lightweight aluminum body with a tensile metal fork. The product is designed with highway racing geometry features, this bike comes with a flat gear bar. This is adapted by many rides who believe they need a mile crunching skill for their races with a motorcycle feature which additionally brings the relief and practicality of a hybrid bike.

The big wheels and slim tires are much better in making the bike more straightforward and easy to reach with upper speeds. Hence it works better than a hybrid or a mountain motorcycle. Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike also comes with 16 gear speeds which is a great feature as you can select the amount of speed as you desire. Even if you need a relaxing ride, then you can go on a relaxing speed to maintain a peaceful mind.

It’s not like the bike should only be used for racing, as there can be other moment where you just want to ride around and enjoy the freshness of the nature just to calm yourself, otherwise it could even be for a nice road vacation you’re your fellow mates. Whatever it can be, this bike could be an ideal choice for any purposes. Continue reading to know about the benefits and features of this Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike . Try out and let us know about what you think about the product.

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  • Gears – Cassette Read Gear
  • Speed – 16 paces
  • Brakes – Dual Pivot Caliper
  • Frame – Alloy
  • Wheel – 29 inches
  • Frame Size – 56cm
  • Assembly – Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and easy to carry or ride

Customer Review

The Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike has been given a 2 star rating. The bike has the features of those hybrid type bikes which is a great and ideal option for those road racers who look for hybrid based bikes that can support them throughout their race.

This bike is able to consume up several miles and it is designed greatly to support the racer with much balanced format and comfort ability.

The Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike is an easy to maintain bike too. There is no need to put in too much of effort. Just grab your hose spray and spray the bike clean and watch all those dirt wash off in seconds. However it is important that you do clean the Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike every week or after a few days in order to give it a better long lasting life.


  • Great design
  • Stylish when riding or not
  • Hybrid features which is not available on other bikes
  • Budget friendly for a hybrid featured bike


  • Flat bars is not the ideal choice for some people

As mentioned above, all details about the Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike is to be highly assured. Also the bike has several hybrid features which is one of the main reasons as to why the bike is an ideal choice to be purchased for those who love road racing. However some users hesitate to purchase the product as it consists of a flat gear bar which may not be comfortable for them to use.

If only the bike had the common style, then this would be another best-selling product all around the world. The Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike is however easy to handle for those users who look for a new look to their ride. If you get the hang of using a flat bar geared bike, then you would also find yourself attracted by the looks of this bike, as well as the design.



Conclusion – Why to purchase the Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike 

  • Perfectly design to give a great handling system and comfortable riding possibilities. This is one of the best feature of the bike, as most of the road racers depend on a bike that is comfortable to sit and ride on even for hours.

  • Several Hybrid based features included which gives a great amount of balance for its riders. There are not many bikes out there which has the features of a hybrid bike, and this is in fact a perfect choice and gives this bike a unique style and look when riding it.

  • The price is great for bargain as it has several features and is worth the buy. There are not many bikes which are budget friendly, or even has hybrid features. Most bikes are designed to have limited features only, however the Viking Treviso 700 C  Road bike seems to top it all off which is another reason to purchase this product.

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