The Viking Summer 20″ Girl’s Heritage Bike is something which cannot be missed.

You might have seen different types of bikes around, as bikes come in various forms and various designs.

Some have general specification to wide-ranging riding to the park and village.

Viking Summer 20″ Girl’s Heritage Bike is the classical bike which can be used to ride in the city or around your local park.

This English heritage style bike which is very popular with women.

A low frameset is the best choice for the women as this provides the ease while hopping on and off the bike. This classical bike gives the pleasure to the eyes and comfort to the body with a good riding position

In addition, the low step frame will provide the rider with an upright position which will help the rider have better visibility of their surroundings.

Furthermore, the front wooden basket is something that cannot be overlooked in the bike design.

A classical design detail and feature that can make any women fall in love with it. Being a women rider you might have some belongings to bring with you.

This additional wooden basket can give a place to put your possessions with security. This is the fundamental feature of the bike this cannot lessen the superiority of the bike.

Great for carrying the shopping home.

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Benefits/ Features


Colour:  a pink and white with a flower pattern that any lady would be proud to ride.

Don’t be surprised if everyone keeps asking where you bought the Viking Summer 18 Ladies Bike from.


Hi-tensile steel body and rear carrier Most notably, this attractive invention has the rear carrier with matching chain guard.A rear carrier benefits you to take your belonging with you.

The Viking Summer 20″ Girl’s Heritage Bike is intended to fulfill the obligation of safety as well as appearance. Once you have assembled the bike make sure you go on a little test run so that your happy with the bike

Viking Summer 20″ Girl’s Heritage Bike can be the best selection to take the weekend outing.

It has all the features to use it as the ride to school, park and picnic spots. With the high tensile steel body, this bike is the real example of the toughness and elegant appearance.

Steel is a durable material that’s designed to withstand the odd bump or scrap.

Single speed gearset allows the rider to ride much easier without the fuss of lots of gears.

 You can feel the luxury of single speed gear while riding the bike. This can give you the control and speed for taking around the city.


Wheelset 26 Alloy wheels with cream wall tyres is plentiful for any rider. It offers comfort while burning the miles, and is good at absorbing power.

V Brakes- allows the rider to perform those emergency stops much more quicker and easier. Brilliant for getting out of those sticky situations.

Mudguards – Comes with front and rear mudguards that’s great protection with any unwanted spray

Customer Satisfaction

You can get the sensation of heritage ride while ridding the Viking Summer 20″ Girl’s Heritage Bike.

It is just not about the classical look and has all the features that suit women riders.

With the low step-in frame, it is given that supplementary comfort to the women bike rider.

 You certainly will want to enjoy the summer and spring with your new bike. A really good way to keep fit.

Common Questions


Does bike need extra maintenance?

This bike is as tough as the other bikes. It has all the progressive features that you commonly want to have in your bike

However, it is always imperative to test your bike at steady interims.

This process can tell you if your bike needs any detailed service.Service your bike on a regular basis. Looking after your Viking Summer 20″ Girl’s Heritage Bike in the short time will save you a lot of money in the long time. You might not have to buy a new bike.

Do I have to assemble the bike?

The Viking Summer 20″ Girl’s Heritage Bike comes partially assembled and comes with a very helpful instruction manuel. Should take no longer than 30 minutes.


 Viking Summer 20″ Girl’s Heritage Bike  would never break your trust as it has shockproof wheel provision.  This can keep you and your ride safe and sound.

A great birthday gift for yourself or any close one. A bike that can be used for the city as it can easily be taken on and off a train, a stroll around the park or around the local estate.

Viking are a well- known brand that are known for their quality and offering first class customer satisfaction

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