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Viking San Remo Road Bike

Thinking About Buying A New Road Bike. Find Out Why You Should Choose A Viking

Viking San Remo Road Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to Buy The Viking San Remo Road Bike



Shimano Gears

700C Road Tyres

Aluminium Frame


English Bike Brand


What Is The San Remo Designed For?

The Road

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Viking San Remo Road Bike

If you’re looking for a road bike that has some expensive benefits only normally found in more expensive road bikes. Viking are known brand that only make quality bikes made from the best materials. An aluminium frame is lightweight, durable and great value for money.

Racing Saddle- ideal for those long commutes to work or a leisurely stroll

Road Tyres – great for the different road you will face

Shimano Sora Brake leavers- great for those emergency stops

The Viking brand- Known for making top quality bikes

Features & Benefits

ALUMINIUM FRAME- the San Remo gent’s road racing bike is made from a light weight frame. A light weight frame allows the rider to ride for longer and is great for those long commutes.

DUAL BOTTLE CAGE MOUNT- running out of water on your long commute is no longer the case with a double bottle cage mount. No need to stop to get more supplies.

CARBON FIBRE FORKS– carbon is an ultra-light weight material that will allow the rider to maximise the bikes potential.

16 SPEED SHIMANO – out on the road the rider needs to adjust the San Remo bike to different types of conditions on the road. Having the 16 speed Shimano will give the reader full control over the bike

 HANDLEBAR & STEM – Viking have designed the handlebar and stem to get the get from A to B quickest, smoothly and most comfortable.

VIKING RACING SADDLE – gives the rider more padding and cushioning to allow the rider to push 100 percent on their ride

SHIMANO SORA BRAKE LEAVERS – Situations arise all the time. San Remo 2013 Road Racing Bike brake leavers make those emergency stops much more quicker and efficiently.

TYRES 700c x 23 road tyres that Viking have specially designed to make sure the rider can push through the long miles out there on the road

San Remo 2013 Road Racing Bike is a bike with some more expensive features only normally found on more expensive road bikes. Great value for Bike for a beginner cyclist or a more experienced rider. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of Road bikes



  • features – 95%
  • value for money – 86%
  • Build Quality – 96%

” I Absolutely Love My Viking San Remo Road Bike. Its Perfect For The Wirral Cycling Outing On A Wednesday.” Robert

Customer Satisfaction

San Remo 2013 Road Racing Bike is great for the commute to work.

The double cage bottle is brilliant to keep me hydrated on the go.

Easy to assemble and comes with a helpful instruction Manuel


Benefits Of An Aluminium Frame


WEIGHT aluminium is widely used lightweight material used. Requires no design change and is an affordable choice for a racing bike.

STIFFNESS – frames made of aluminium are more rigid than other materials and provide stability while trying to maximize the climb and sprinting.

COST – more expensive than steel frames, however the added benefits far out way the added premium

Common Questions

 Does the Viking San Remo 2013 come assembled?

The bike comes 90 % assembled. Should take no longer than 30 minutes and comes with a clear instructions Manuel.

It may be worth getting a second pair of hands if you’re not used to setting up bikes.

Can the Viking brand be trusted?

Viking are a Bike company founded in Wolverhampton 1980 and progressed to a bike manufacturer and a racing team.

Avocet sports use the Viking name and they San Remo 2013 Road Racing Bike. Proven quality, style and durability have been the trademark standard of the Viking brand.

 What is the weight of the San Remo?

10.9 Kg


Advice on Road Biking


GEARS & BRAKES-  always run the ABC check before every ride. The air in the tyres, test the brakes and gears. They may need to be adjusted for your personal preference. Check the chain is oiled.

TEST RUN- when you first set up the San Remo 2013 Road Racing Bike make sure you go on a little test run around your local estate to make sure you are happy with the  road bike

PUNCTURE- Learn how to repair a puncture and carry a repair fit in your back pack. When you’re out on the road, and you have a flat, you will be glad you have learned how to fix a puncture.

CYCLING SAFETY- when you first start to cycle on the road it can be a little daunting, it may be worth going out with a more experienced rider to give you a little more confidence before you become a seasoned cyclist.

FOOD & DRINK- its recommended that you take a drink and a small snack with you to ensure you don’t get de hydrated or lose your strength from an empty stomach. The dual bottle cage is an added benefit.

SUNGLASSES- don’t forget that you need to protect yourself from the glare of the sun. Treat yourself and buy some good sun glasses.

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