Viking Prelude, Viking Crystal and Viking Belgravia Bike review

  1. Short review of the womens Viking Prelude, Viking Crystal and Viking Belgravia Check reviews and buy now from amazon

Viking brand was first established in Wolverhampton in 1908, the hallmark of the Viking brand is to build stylish, quality and durable bikes And Viking use their values to build bikes that uses improvements in technical development in manufacturing production process’s to build high quality sort after bikes. This review will look at three hybrid bikes; the Viking Prelude, Crystal, and the Belgravia.

The review will include product research from customer testimonials and manufacturing information. It will include a break down of each bike, its best features, flaws and a look at customer testimonials.

“Our recommendation on the three Viking bikes, is to first think of what you will be using on the bike, for longer distances the prelude may better as it has more gears. If it’s a young ladies first bike then the Viking Crystal or to use for the country and town then the Belgravia.”

Viking PreludeViking CrystalViking Belgravia
Viking Prelude
Viking Crystal
Viking Belgravia
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Best Features:Best Features:Best Features:

“7 speed gears”“Young ladies first bike.”“Great for Town and Country”
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Riding Goals

Buying your first bike should be an exciting experience, your buying a bike that is going to get you fitter, make it easier to travel to your local shops or down to your local park. One of the first things to think about; is you’re riding goals. The most common is the desire to take up riding, they judge the level of riding they do at that moment in time. “I just want something that I can use, to see if I like it.” The buyer will almost buy on the price point of the bike.

One of the two things will happen, they will stop riding because the bike is to slow or heavy. Secondly, their performance will surpass there first purchase and they will end up spending more money on a bike that they should of considered buying in the first place.

You need to consider what you intend to achieve on the bike, if you want a bike for the country lanes and trips to the shops, you need a bike that can be used for both. If your goal is to have a bike to use on days out with the family, you don’t need a top of the range bike- a hybrid will do (bridges the gap between a mountain and road bike). A good way to think about it; consider the riding you hope to be doing in one or two years from now.

There is a common misconception that there is one bike for everything. This is most common when people haven’t thought about their riding goals. There is no ideal bike for single track, up and down mountains, road cycling and country lanes. There are a few bikes that can be used for a couple of these types of riding but nothing is a complete a rounder. So think about your Riding goals.

Viking Women’s Prelude 7 Speed Traditional Bike – Black, 19 Inch

Viking Women's Prelude 7 Speed Traditional Bike - Black, 19 Inch

The Viking Prelude has been a great purchase for an entry level bike for women as it built of good quality and practical that makes it a great purchase. The prelude comes with mud guards front basket and rear pannier rack that make it a great ride for trips to the park and to the locally shop.

You may be familiar with the classic Viking Prelude comes in a gloss yellow. as it’s a mix between  traditional British and Dutch bikes. The prelude comes with a low step frame, a front basket with a chain guard, Shimano gears with some stylish alloy wheels and V brakes.

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  • Chromo plastic Mudguard, extra padding saddle with matching grips. , full chain guard
  • Rear luggage carrier
  • Wicker look basket
  • Shimano 7 speed gears
  • Alloy V brakes and kickstand
  • Pear white frame and forks, wicker basket and rear luggage carrier and Matching saddle and grips
  • 4.5 stars on Amazon
  • Quality Saddle
  • Powerful V brakes
  • Not the lightest
Amazon Reviews:
“Beautiful bike, easy to assemble”.
“I love my new bike its fabulous, I have lost 7st and I cycle everywhere.”
“Excellent value and quality”.
“ Money well spent”.
 “My daughter loved it and the quality was amazing.”
Conclusion: If you’re looking for a young women first bike, then look no further this stylish classic bike has to be a strong contender. An impressive five star customer testimonials on at Amazon with a 21% discount at the moment