The Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing bike comes with 56cm and 59cm frames. It also consists of core qualities and looks forward to widen the range to suit and increase those dreams of changing lives. The bike is produced to be lightweight and easy to handle for those road racers. Including 14 gear shifts with drop bar handlebars and also Alloy wheels.

The lightweight steel frame is said to last longer than any other.  Maintaining the product could give an even more long lasting life span which would be the best purchase to be done. The Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing Bike has its frame made of steel, which makes it more stable when it comes to riding, as steel is a strong and high quality product there will be no need to worry when you ride uphill or even come across certain hills or bounces.

Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing Bike also has 14 Gear speeds which allows you to have a better riding control and would assist to ride through a speed of your choice. Most of all, the bike has been designed with safety assuring qualities along with a saddle to give you more of a grip and handle as you ride.

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 Features of the Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing Bike

  • Brake – Ally side Pull brakes with Alloy Road levers
  • Forks – 700c Hi-Tensile Fork
  • Frame Material – Steel
  • Gears – 14 speeds
  • Includes Pedals
  • Suspension – Rigid
  • Wheel Size – 700c
  • Cassette – 14-28 Tooth Freewheel
  • Gear Shift – Shimano 14 speed with Handlebar Shifters (A050)
  • Quick Release Front wheel
  • Includes Saddles
  • Tyres – 700c x 23c Full black Road tyres


 Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews available for the Viking Omnium 700C Road Racing Bike as of yet, however this bike as you can see the features above contains several amazing specifications for a road racing bike. It is designed to assist you throughout the race with ease and comfort abilities.

The price of the Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing Bike is also budget friendly than many other road racing bikes, including to which it is also produced with high quality products to give it a better stability and durability to last longer.




  • Easy to handle
  • User friendly and Budget friendly
  • Suits a variety of ranges of height with its two sized frames
  • The Lightweight feature gives it a much long lasting life span


  • There are those bikes with 16 gear shifting speeds, however this bike only has 14.

Even though the Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing Bike does not have a 16 Gear speed shift, it still is perfect with the 14 Gear Speed shifting. May be some of those riders out there would require more, yet there are some bikers out there who are looking for a bike with 14 speed gear shifts and which has a long life span.

Most bikes out there with a higher gear speed shift does not have a recommended life span, whereas this product stands out with its lightweight feature and long lasting feature.

The Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing Biket also includes Saddles for safety assurance, which is another great feature of the bike, and would bring an idea to your mind that you can now go ahead for intense riding as this bike would guarantee to keep you safe.

Including the quick release feature which lets you get control over the bike, even when it seems like a tough job to do at certain situations. The Tyres does not skid, and has a great level of grip when riding and these are the main plus of the product itself. Try out and let us know what you think.


Conclusion – Why to purchase the Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing Bike

  • The Viking Omnium 700 C Road Racing Bike consists of several features and high quality manufacturing products which gives the bike more of a life span than any other bike. It is also budget friendly and can be afforded to purchase by most road racers.

  • It is stylish and designed in a manner to give it its own unique look. Even when riding those who look at your bike would be really attracted as it has its own style. Knowing which, even you would turn out to have more confidence in your riding desires.
  • The bike has two different sizes of frames in order to suit the heights of the riders, as not most can be tall enough to reach the highest of frame size and some are too tall to reach the lowest frame size, to eliminate this issue is one of the reason why the product has two frame sizes. In fact this is another reason to purchase the bike as it would definitely suit your desires.

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