Viking bikes are one of the best with a great build and stylish design. The Viking Men’s Wyoming 27SPD 2012 Mountain Bike is back, better and more versatile.

The thing with the fixed urban road wheel, is that it is hard to notice it, so, you can expect people to trail you with their eyes as you pass by. It is a by-product of one of the best bike manufacturing companies that are renowned for their quality bikes.

It is durable and will hardly break down when riding for several years.

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The Viking Men’s Wyoming 27SPD 2012 Mountain Bike has been designed with a Hi-tensile 700c fixie frame. This give it a strong and long-lasting build which can withstand any kind of force and still remain as strong as a horse.

A Hi-tensile frame is also ideal for adults, men to be precise, and they can use the bike with much ease.

It features a single speed with a 16T freewheel and sprocket gears. This helps in energy transmission from the feet to the wheels and depending with your cycle speed, so does the bike’s speed match up.

The gears are connected to a single 46T chainset with alloy cranks and a neco cartridge BB set.

For the wheels, the Viking Men’s Wyoming 27SPD 2012 Mountain Bike has been designed with 700c x 23 road tyres. They have a pattern with a white line engrossed to alloy double wall 36-hole rims.

As for the steering, the bike consists of zoom alloy road / flat handlebars. They are well fitted in the bicycle and they allow one to cycle with much ease.

The brakes of the bike are tektro alloy dual pivot breaks with hinge type alloy break levers. This increases the braking effect of the bike when halting and makes it easier to maintain a strong resistance.

In short, the braking systems are good and they work great when applied.

Customer satisfaction

The bike is basically one of the best innovations and made from one of the best manufacturers. This makes it a good, reliable and durable product that offers a good cycling experience.

Nevertheless, it has a stylish build and has some amazing features which improves its performance. It is firm on the road, very precise and every aspect of its appearance is high-quality.

For a male bike, the Viking Men’s Wyoming 27SPD 2012 Mountain Bike is pretty much everything men are looking for in a bike to move around with. Its height (53cm) accommodate men who are within the range of 5 foot 3 and 5 foot 6.


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Common questions

How durable is the bike?

In terms of durability, taking into consideration the build and materials used, the bike is as good as it can get. The Viking men’s fixed urban road wheel bike features a Hi-tensile 700c fixie frame which is basically good form of material that lasts long. Nevertheless, it has a strong body build and the pats are well-fitted in the bike.

What is the sizing criteria for this bike?

When it comes to size, for most bicycles, they are an estimation. So, to ascertain it is the best height and size for you, you’d have to get comfortable on it. Anyways, the bike is 53cm in size and is ideal for men who are 5 feet tall within the range of 3-6-inch difference. But then again, anyone with the ideal inner length for the bikes pedals can cycle it.

How does the single gear work?

Well, a single-gear is the most basic type of bicycle gears. On how it works, it gives you the feel of synchronized cycling as you pedal up and down on the road. This Viking urban road wheel bike is a fixie type of bike with fixed gears that basically go on and on. So, when you pedal, the rear wheel is also moving with the pace of your cycling.

Advice using Viking Men’s Wyoming 27SPD 2012 Mountain Bike

One thing I would tell you before taking the bike for a cycle is ensuring that every part is working fine. Lubricate the necessary areas, make sure the wheels are not deflated and the brakes are working. This will help reduce any chances of accidents especially, related to mechanical issues of the bike. In case something does not seem right, you can fix it before heading out.


  • The Viking Men’s Wyoming 27SPD 2012 Mountain Bike is a perfect definition of single speed bikes that features single freewheel and sprocket gears as well as a single chainset.

  • The single gears give a new feel to cycling in the modern day world. They are effective in that they enhance the movements of the bicycle when cycling. The faster you pedal, the faster your speed and vice versa.

  • The design and build is perfect for men and for riding across town and other areas. It is versatile on the road and you can always count on a good ride from the bike.

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