The Viking Men’s San Marino 700 C Road Racing Bike is at the higher end of the road range bikes, as it is equipped with 16 speed Shimano Sora which is operated by dual control STI levers. This type of a gear system is mostly favorable by those road racers. Including to which, the price is also budget friendly and for all the features and benefits that it holds, this bike is worth the buy.

Continue reading to know more about the Viking Men’s San Marino 700 C Road Racing Bike. This bike includes several features with two frame size that could suit one’s height for perfection. It also has a 16speed gear speed, with a high quality gear system.

Not only that, but the brake is also manufactured to be highly safety assured to give you the proper grip during the times of need. It is a stylish looking bike with a great combination of colors which makes it an ideal choice for men. Maintenance is the key for a long lasting bike.

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Features and specifications

About the Viking Men’s San Marino 700 C Road Racing Bike

  • Frame Size – 53cm, 56cm and 59cm
  • Gear/Speed – 16speed
  • Gear system – Shimano 16 speed with Shimano STI Dual control levers, front, rear derailleurs and 12/23t Shimano 8 speed cassette freewheel
  • Brake – Tektro Alloy Dual Pivot Calliper Brakes
  • Frame color – white and blue
  • Frame – Lightweight Aluminium Road Geometry Gents Frame with a curved hydro formed top tube and Bottle Bosses
  • Fork – 700c Carbon Fibre
  • Wheels – 700c Black/CNC Alloy Double Wall rims with Quick release Alloy hubs
  • Extra features – White handlebar tape

Specifications of the Viking Men’s San Marino 700 C Road Racing Bike

  • Brake type – Alloy Caliper Brakes with 3 finger levers
  • Gender – Men
  • Quick Release front wheel – Yes
  • Quick Release Rear wheel – N/A
  • Saddle – Road sport saddle

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews for the Viking Men’s San Marino 700 C Road Racing Bike as of yet, however this bike is a great product for those road racing lovers out there. If you are one of those road racers then this bike would be a great and ideal option for you. It is well designed and also comes with micro-adjustable seat to add in a better and comfortable ride as you go highway. Even though there are no customer reviews to the product, the product is still outstanding and amazing.

The Viking Men’s San Marino 700 C Road Racing Bike is designed to be flexible and easy to handle at any situations when riding it. It is important that one comes to an idea of giving the bike a bit if a service, and maintenance after riding for a few days or weeks.


  • Easy to use
  • High quality materials used
  • Comes in two frame size to fit one’s height perfectly
  • Comfortable
  • Can be ridden both uphill and downhill


  • The seat should have been given more of an adjustable feature
  • Could have some breakage if over ridden
  • Lack of marketing as it still has no customer reviews due to lack of marketing.
  • No rating is available

There can be several more pros available for this bike, however do not be distracted by the cons, as those do not affect the bike from any perspective. The bike is perfect for road racing, but nothing is to be perfect a 100 percent. Yet this bike can be ridden up to miles or more if carefully handled and maintained. Every product has a great longevity level if maintained properly. So make sure you maintain this product in order to have a long lasting bike with great features and more.


Conclusion – Why to purchase the Viking Men’s San Marino 700 C Road Racing Bike

  • The bike is designed in a way to handle both up hill and downhill riding. It is also safety assured as the bike is manufactured with perfect handling grips and more. This is one of the reason as to why this bike is worth the purchase and could be an ideal choice for men.

  • The product is also budget friendly and is affordable by most. The product has several features and it is worth the money and effort to be purchased. There are not much products which has several features and high grade products and still available for a much affordable price range.

  • Also the third reason to purchase this bike would be because of it is easy to handle features. The bike is designed to be user friendly. In fact this is what most of those road racers look for, as road racing is an intense sport and requires as much ease as possible when it comes to riding up hill and downhill. This bike is flexible and would blend in to any sort of uphill or downhill situations.

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