If you are a fan of cycling and you need a new bike that will help you enhance your skills, we have the perfect recommendation.

Viking men’s Route 66 bike is one of the best, and most quality bikes for long rides.

This model has been specially crafted to satisfy the needs of its rider. With that in mind, it will definitely serve you well, and make you enjoy every moment of the ride.

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Viking men’s Route 66 bike is a road bike, very strong and very durable. It is available in white color only, and it offers a very strong 53cm Hi-Tensile steel 700c frame. Thanks to this, the bike is very stable and easy to control.

Of course, the forks also match this construction. Its brakes include an alloy caliper side-pulls, which are more than capable of stopping this bike in an instant.

Next, we have 700c alloy double wall 36-hole rims, which only increase the feeling of balance, sturdiness, and control.

Also, we have the gear levers. This model features a 14-speed Shimano gear levers that are mounted on the handlebar. It has a Shimano 7 speed freewheel, and a Shimano double chainset with alloy cranks.

These are very easy to use and adjust, and you should not have any problems figuring it out.

Another thing that is equally important on long rides, and also easy to adjust is the saddle. Viking men’s Route 66 bike features an anatomic road saddle. It offers a micro adjust seat post, which is crucial in order to have a comfortable ride.

This bike is perfectly capable of handling the long rides, even though you won’t exactly win any races with it. Still, if it is your stamina that you want to build up, this is a perfect bike for you.

It also offers special road pedals with straps and toe clips. They will, once again, improve the overall experience and help you out on the longer rides. Apart from that, it is worth noting that the steel construction makes it very strong and reliable. Its weight is around 16 Kg,

Customer satisfaction

Viking men’s Route 66 bike is an excellent bike for those who enjoy the long rides. It is specially crafted in order to help you build up your stamina, and make it enjoyable at that. It is made of very strong materials that will make it last for a long time.


This model definitely beats the other bikes that will start falling apart after a year or two of riding. It is also very cozy and comfortable thanks to all of the adjustments that it allows you to make.


The brakes are strong and capable of stopping the bike almost immediately. It is also very affordable considering everything that comes along with it.


Even if you are not a professional, you should definitely get this bike. Riding it is smooth and enjoyable, and you will easily make quite a mileage without even noticing.

Common questions

Is this the right bike for someone trying to get into cycling?

The answer is yes, Viking men’s Route 66 bike is pretty much the perfect choice for everyone who wants to give this sport a try. It probably wouldn’t prove to be as good for the highest-ranking professionals, though.

However, it is a great choice for everyone new to this sport, as well as for casual cyclists who like long rides.

Is it convenient to ride?

This model is very convenient, and also very enjoyable. It allows many adjustments so that you would organize the settings in a way that suits you best.

The seat is comfortable, and the entire experience is smooth and actually very fun. Whether you want it for a short ride around the block, or you want to ride 20+ miles, this bike will make it easy either way.

Does it arrive fully assembled?

Actually, it will only arrive partially built. If you decide to buy this model, it will arrive after a few days. However, with it, you will also get the rest of the parts, as well as a box of tools, and a manual.

If you are used to building things that come in parts, you will probably figure it out pretty quickly. If not, it might take you a bit longer, but probably not too long. In the end, most people can assemble it completely in less than an hour. You may find our guide on cleaning your bike helpful.



This is a great bike for those who like long, casual rides, as well as for those who are trying to get into cycling.

It is comfortable and it runs very smoothly, which will allow you to enjoy riding it for a long time.

It is strong and sturdy, and followed by a great quality equipment that also makes it quite durable.

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