Viking Men’s Roubaix Bike is made by Viking, a reputable bike manufacturing company, which started production in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom as early as 1908 when the first Viking bike was first made. Since then, it had remain one of the leading brand in bike industry in the world

The reputable Viking company started producing bike for men and was a key sponsor for bike racer in that century. And it had remain relevant in modern time as a trusted brand, making bike with style, durability and meeting standard requirements.

Viking Roubaix Bike is suitable for long distance riding, made for strong support as well as speed. It has a gear system that shift from a slow enjoyable ride and can easily shift to speed quickly.

it is suitable for those learning how to ride, for training purposes and for experience riders as well. its an all purpose bike for men, made with solid, durable alloyed frame and very light weight for easy lifting.

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  • it’s made up of alloy 700c frame, Hi tensile 700C which provide the bike with high tensile strength.
  • The gear system is made up of Shimano 14 speeds with Shimano STI gear level with 14/28 7 freewheel making it speed safety reliable.
  • A reliable break system with alloy dual pivot break with alloy brake lever.
  • it had Shimano double chainer with alloy crank.
  • The Wheel is 700C alloy double wall 36 hole rim.
  • It has a comfortable steering position with zoom road handle bar
  • With an anatomic road saddle with micro adjust seat post.
  • Road pedals with toe clip and straps.
  •  comes with frame size of 53c, 56c and 59c.
  •  lightweight weighing just 12kg

Customer Satisfaction

The Viking Men’s Roubaix Bike provide very comfortable ride for long distance riders, and users are greatly satisfied with the comfort in riding the bike.

The adjustable saddle comes in great recommendation as you can easily adjust the seat to the best of your comfort, which customers had found very useful.

It has a great gear system for transition from slow comfortable ride to speed, with a comfortable handle bar.

The customers are happy with the bike especially when used as a first bike, for it is very good for training purpose. A mother was happy with the Viking Men’s Roubaix Bike when she presented it as a gift to her son and the progress he made riding a bike.

Common Questions

There are some common inquiries and questions about the Viking Men’s Roubaix Bike and some answers provided to the questions.

Is it Suitable for Women to Ride?

No, it is not, the bike was made for men only, with its features fitting the analogy and built for men.

Can It be Suitable for Short Men?

Yes, they are various frame sizes available and you can call and reach the Viking service for explaining how to determine the right size.

Can I Assemble it By Myself?

It is very easy to put together when you order of the product finally arrives, you do not need an expert as the difficult assemblage had already been fixed. All you just have to do is assemble the minor part according to the manual provided.

How Long Will it Take For My Order to Arrive?

It takes less than a week for the bike to arrive.

What Season is Best To Use the Bike?

The bike is suitable to be ride on all season, made with a high tensile material that can stand harsh conditions and with a great gear system making it suitable for driving in wet and dry conditions.

Can It be Lifted Easily and How Suitable for Outdoor Activity?

It is lightweight, weighing just 12kg and can be lifted with ease. It can be used on rough outdoor terrain and can be easily transported at the back of your car or van.


You have to get the Viking Men’s Roubaix Bike, as it is an all purpose bike because:

  • The Viking Men’s Roubaix Bike is affordable, with its price range and great feature, it is a bargain you cannot afford to miss. The price of the bike is the best you can get for such quality.
  • If you are concerned about safety, then this bike is the best you should get. It has a great and reliable brake system, that work perfectly on both dry and wet surface. Which make it safe for any condition or environment you find yourself.
  • It is an all purpose bike, can be used for long slow ride, for leisure, race and transporting. It is lightweight and can be lifted easily, and can easily be fixed on the back of your car or truck.

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