“When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that’s when it starts.”


You have decided that you want a road bike. The Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike offers a good quality road bike without braking the bank.


Offering brilliant value for anyone wanting a new road bike. Viking are well known within the bike industry for manufacturing good

quality road bikes with modern innovative designs that cycling enthusiasts will love.

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Benefits/ Features


Frame: The Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike comes with a steel frame. A steel frame is designed to give the rider plenty of stability while riding.

Viking have designed the frame to allow the rider to have a good riding position while cycling on the road. A rider with a good riding position will have better visibility of their surroundings

Wheels: Kendra 23C road tyres that give the rider plenty of grip on the road while the rider burns through the miles.

Brakes: A set of Alloy dual pivot callipers and a road brake levers while enable the rider of the Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike to easily and safely come to a stop.

Before every commute it’s always good to test your brakes.

Gears: 16 tooth fixed sprocket and 44 Tooth alloy chaining.

The rider will be able to smoothly change the pace of the Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike to their preferred riding conditions.

Frame Colour: A Classic black finish that is perfect for hiding any unwanted spray from the commute.

Handlebars: 44cm drop handle bar and zoom headset is specifically designed for a road bike that allows the rider to get into a good riding position to maximise the full potential of the Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike.

Saddle: White Vader racing saddle that allows the rider to concentrate on the commute.

Always leave enough money in the budget for a pair of padded cycling shorts for that added level of comfort.  A gel seat can also be bought very cheaply.


Customer Satisfaction

A perfect road bike for my commute for work, and I can easily take it off the train.

Early Christmas present for my husband. I finally get the Tv remote to myself.

My Budgets not massive. The Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike offers great value at the fraction of the cost.


Viking an established Brand

Designed for Cycling on the road.

Single Speed

Dual Pivot Brakes


Not the most expensive road bike on the market. A good quality road bike that won’t brake the bank.

Common Question


Who is the Viking brand?

Avocet a company based In Manchester distribute Viking Bikes throughout the UK and Europe. There primary focus is to work with cycling enthusiasts that have a passion for designing and manufacturing good quality bikes that will be ridden by cyclists into the future.


What can I use the Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike for?

The Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike for is designed specifically for the road. The frame, handle bars, gears and wheels are all focused in allowing the rider to burn through the miles easily and efficiently on the road. Most importantly safely.


Does the Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike come fully assembled?

The road bike comes partially assembled. If you have not got much experience in assembling bikes, it may be worth getting a second pair of hands.

Assembling the road bike should take no longer than 30 minutes. Once you have assembled the Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike, go on a little test run to make sure your happy with the bike.

Road Cycling Advice


You have decided to take to the road on your new Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike.

Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in. A good investment is to buy a pair of padded shorts and can be bought very cheaply. If you plan on riding on the road, wearing florescent yellow or a colour that’s easily visible is vital so other road users can see you.

Bike Maintenance:

Bike maintenance is important and will ensure your road bike lasts for longer.

In addition, familiarising yourself with your road bike is great for checking for any damage that may have been caused. Before every commute, a good habit to get into, is to check the air in the tyres, test the breaks and that the chain is oiled.

Food & Drink:

Keeping your body well hydrated and with no hunger pains is also important. Take a bottle of water and a small snack with you on any long commute.  A commute with an empty stomach will feel like it’s taking twice as long.

Road Safety:

Before you take to the road, you need to ensure that your aware of the dangers of the road and ensure you know how to ride on the road safely. Going out with a more cyclist and learning the rules of the road for cycling is important

Bike lock:

Buying the Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike is not the cheapest road bike on the market.

Purchasing a good quality bike lock will ensure that you protect your road bike against any possible theft. Check out our review on bike locks for more information.

Final Verdict


We hope you have found our review of the Viking men’s road single speed fixed bike helpful and informative.


A road bike specifically for the Road


Offers Brilliant Value

Viking Brand established since 1908

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