Viking Men’s Peleton 14 Speed Road Race Bike is a bike that most bikers crave for. This bike can provide you with a great speed and you can enjoy a comfortable ride sitting on this bike.


There are a number of bikers all across the world who use these bikes because of the comfort and the quality of the ride that it provides. The frame of this bike is made up of aluminum and therefore this bike is not much heavy.


The gears that are there in it can also be shifted quite easily which makes it a very comfortable ride.


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The bike is made up of an alloy frame that is not at all heavy and can be handled quite easily.

It has STI 14 speed Shimano shifting gears that makes the gear changing options simple.

The cycle also has rims that are double walled that help the rider to accelerate the speed of the bike quite easily.

6061 aluminum frame that makes it an excellent riding option for a number of riders

This bike also has a mudguard clearance along with bottle bosses.

There is also a rear gear droop that can be replaced quite easily.

The bike also uses a 700c carbon fiber.

Wheel that is used is black in color.

There are also Shimano STI gears or brakes that help you to control the speed of the bike.

Chain set that is used here is prow heel double road 42/52T and has alloy cranks that are 170mm and are locked with a cartridge bottom bracket.

Spokes that are used here have anti rust properties. Therefore there are no chances of the spokes getting damaged by rust and you also do not have to keep replacing them.

·Brakes that are used here are alloy dual pivot side pull caliper brakes that also have a shimano alloy lever.

Customer Satisfaction


Customers are extremely happy with this product and consider the Viking Men’s Peleton 14 Speed Road Race Bike appropriate for use even during the rainy season. The mud guard clearance prevents the water from getting into the foot of the rider.


Moreover the brakes that this bike has allows you to take full control of the bike.


The bike makes use of aluminum alloy which makes it light weight and thereby easier to handle. This is a racer bike and so the brakes and the wheels are designed in a way that the biker is able to increase the speed and also able to control it.


Common question


Can you accelerate the speed of the bike?

The speed of the bike can definitely be increased and the brakes provide the option of controlling the speed. The rims of the bike also allows this bike to travel at a great speed. The spokes are also rustless and so you can make use of them for a very long period of time.

Can this bike be considered to be durable?

Yes this is a very durable bike and you can use it even in a very bad weather conditions. The components used are of the highest quality and so it hardly requires much repairs. Once you buy this bike you can use it without much issue for a very long time.

Who can use this bike?

Yes, everyone can use this bike and people of all heights and shape can actually fit them in it. Hence by buying this bike, both you and your brother can comfortably use it. The safety features are one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of this bike.

All men irrespective of their age can actually make use of the Viking Men’s Peleton 14 Speed Road Race Bike without any problems. Don’t forget to check out our bike security guide.




There are a number of advantages of buying this bike. This is an extremely durable bike and is also ideal for the racers. Anyone who is looking to buy a bike and not very sure about the type of bike that is most suitable for them can go through the list of points given below:

  • This bike can be used even during the rainy season.
  • They have anti rust spokes.
  • You also have the option of riding it at a very good speed.

Viking Men’s Peleton 14 Speed Road Race Bike is a bike that is very popular among the racers. As a racer you have to practice cycling for long hours. Since this bike is very hardy you can easily use it for a very long period of time

Moreover there are certain features in this bike that make it ideal for use in different seasons. Once you buy this bike you can use it for a very long period.

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