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Viking Hiko 16 Folding E Bike


Viking Are An English Bike Brand That Was Founded By Alfred Davies In 1908 And Have Plenty Of Experience Within The Bike Industry.

Viking Hiko 16 Folding E Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Viking Hiko 16 Folding E Bike




Front V Brakes

Light Alloy Frame

6 Shimano Gears



What Can The Viking Hiko Be Used For?

The Viking Hiko 16 Folding E Bike Is Designed Specifically For Commuting.


On Board Motor?

The Viking Hiko 16 Folding E Bike Has  An On Board Motor That Is Brilliant When The Rider Starts To Getting Tired.




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Viking Hiko 16 Folding E Bike

If you are looking for a small size and light weight electric bike then the Viking Hiko alloy 16” Folding E Bike is an ideal bike for you. This bike is very suitable for both leisure nature rides around the park or in rural areas and also commuting through the highways to get to the office or a meeting.

It is exceptionally easy to operate. It is an excellent choice for anyone who needs help commuting as it offers a break from peddling when shifted to its electric feature. It has an overall good looking finish making it classic and suitable for anybody who wishes to use it be it male or female.


Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Viking Hiko 16 Folding E Bike

The Viking Hiko alloy 16” Folding E Bike is made using alloy allowing it to be very light in weight. This bike is relatively small with a size of 16” and is also 15” in height when measured from the frame to the floor. The bike has a folding feature with a low step-over frame. It only ways 21kgs making it easy to carry around when folded. When folded the bike has a dimension of 90 cm in length, a width of 50 cm, and a height of 63 cm.

This bike has 6-speed levels to choose from. With a 36V 250W geared motor, it is quite easy to control using the 5 mode LED display unit that has been fixed on the frame and made easily accessible when riding it. This electric bike has a 36V 8.8aH battery that can go for an approximate distance of 45KM. It also has a 36V 2aH charger that takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge the bikes battery.

With a speed of 6km/h, this bike is deemed as safe. It also features a front alloy ‘v’ style brake with a rear expansion brake. Its 20” alloy 36 hole double wall rims and 20” by 1.75” black tyres make it very strong in any kind of terrain. This bike is steered using an alloy 620mm hi-rise handlebar that has a very good dual density grips and an alloy 3-finger lever. The handlebar has a height of 47” measured from the grip to the floor.

Its saddle has an adjustable feature which provides comfort and making it user-friendly. The saddle height can be adjusted from 26 ½” to a height of 33” when measured from the saddle to the pedal. The saddle is held in place by an alloy seat post that assures its strength and durability. The pedals are made from a non-slip material making them very safe. The pedals also have a folding feature.

The bike is also fitted with 2 mudguards in the front and rear. The mudguards are very light in weight and stylish contributing to the overall good looking appearance of the bike. This bike also has a matte gray finish giving it an elegant yet not conspicuous look.


  • Features – 94
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I Have Started Commuting To Work Through Bristol And I Needed To Buy A New Bike, I am So Happy I choose The Hiko.” Timothy

Customer Satisfaction

The Viking Hiko alloy 16” Folding E Bike is a unisex electric bike that is ideal for that nature ride and is also easy to transport. Its light weight and size make it less bulky when folded and easy to transport even as a luggage. This bike comes when it already 95% assembled. This gives you less work when putting it in place. An easy to read and understand manual is also provided with clear and easy to follow instruction.

On delivery, you only need to charge the battery, inflate the tyres, and fix the pedals. All these are provided in the delivery package.

Common Questions

How much weight can the Viking Hiko alloy 16” Folding E Bike carry?

Despite its size and weight, this bike is strong enough to carry a maximum of 100kgs in weight. This allows it to accommodate different weights both for a female or a male rider

How long does the battery last when fully charged?

This bike can be ridden without charge. But when charged it can cover a distance of 45 km using. The time will depend on the terrain.

What is the condition of the bike on delivery?

The bike comes brand new in a sealed box. It is sealed after inspection and confirmation of the order. However, should there be any breakages during shipment the manufacturer is always ready to help solve any issues.

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  • It is an ideal electric bike that can be loved by female clients because of its size and weight. Its low hanging frame and the adjustable saddle is ideal for any user despite their height.
  • Viking Hiko alloy 16” Folding E Bike electric feature, a rider can cover a long distance with much ease and reach their destination unflustered and ready for the day ahead of them.
  • The carrier makes this bike an ideal choice for a visit to the farmers market.