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Viking Freedom Gents Electric Bike

Is cycling a daily part of your commute? Are you bored and tired of pedalling away to every single place. Are cars and motorcycles far out of your budget? All you need is the Viking Freedom Electric Folding Bike.

This bike runs partially on electricity and cuts your manual pedalling work by half. This will definitely uproot your daily commute. Electric bikes are the new mode of moving from A to B in the most convenient way possible. These bikes are just like normal bicycles, but require charging and assist you on your daily commute. Charge your bicycle, board on and pedal your way to convenient commute.


here are the features Of The Viking Freedom

The Viking Freedom Electric Folding Bike runs on a 36v 7.8 aH battery which is strategically placed inside a retro bag on the side of the rear seat. It also has a 36v 15aH controller to allow you to select the amount of assistance you require, with a 12 magnetic points and quick connect cables that are nylon braided, along with a 250W brushless geared hub centred motor. This gives the bicycle a range of approximately 45 kilometres.

The bike also comes with an automated 6 month sleep mode, which will protect the batteries from wearing out during prolonged periods of non usage. The batteries are from Panasonic and are of high quality, so you do not have to worry about them malfunctioning usually.

Apart from the electrical parts, also included are parts that help you in the mechanical work. The Viking Freedom Electric Folding Bike is also fitted with Shimano 3 speed Nexus internal hub transmission with Shimano Revoshift twist shifter. This makes it easier to even when you aren’t completely using the batteries.

This electric bike gets its stability from its 700c alloy silver 36 hole double wall rims and 700c X 32c black wall City Kenda tyres. The extra strong tires have a larger diameter, which improves the overall stability of the cycle, while avoiding any unnecessary friction.

These roll like butter over bread and stop as soon as you press the brake, made possible by the incredibly quick front and rear alloy Promax V type brakes. These brakes are the most popular choice for so many bicyclers and do the job well. Read more on are electric bikes any good?


  • features – 88%
  • value for money – 82%
  • Build Quality – 91%

I Took The Plunge And Bought The Viking Freedom Electric Folding Bike Last Summer.  The Perfect Commute.” Gordon

Customer Satisfaction

The battery comes with intelligent mains 36v 2A charger, which charges the battery from zero to full in a matter of 4 to 5 hours. The bike is fantastic to ride and you can turn on assisted mode, sit back and let the battery take care of long runs.

It also helps you maintain your health. Normally, physicians recommend 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a day to maintain health. Thanks to this electric bike, people are enjoying cycling lately.

Advice using the Viking Electric Bike

The bike come 95% assembled, and usually you may have to fix the pedals and adjust the handlebar. It is generally advised to check the brakes and tires before your test run. You can repair conventional bicycle parts yourself, like fixing the chain back on the spur and adjusting the intensity of the brakes, but it is better to contact an authorised mechanic to repair any electrical components.


Final Comments


  • This bike is a recommended choice if you are planning on buying an electric bike. It has all the features of an electric bike whilst looking like a vintage bicycle.


  • If you are looking to invest in a bicycle, you might as well invest in an electric bike. They make sure you return home, even if you are tired of pedalling.


  • Electric bicycles have proven to increase your chances of driving a bicycle every day. Every time you drive it, it feels new. That’s the type of experience you need from cycling.


Common Questions

Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

On some cheaper bikes with different style cells, this is necessary. However all of our electric bikes feature high tech batteries, so this is not required. It is in fact, best to always top up our batteries, even if you have only travelled 10 miles, just top it up. The intelligent sleep mode will ensure that the battery doesn’t get ruined.

What are some capabilities of the electric mode?

This electric bike can reach up to 15.5 miles per hour (25 kph) on fully assisted mode. The engine can also drive the bike up to 45 kilometres, although this varies depending on many conditions, such as weight of the user, terrain, and intensity at which the battery is being operated. The bike also comes with walk-assist up to 6km/hour, so walking your cycle will not be that much of a work.

Can I use it in the rain?

Yes, absolutely. When it comes to electric bikes, most of the components are waterproof, but it is generally not good to soak the gears in rain. In case of the motor and battery, do not submerge them in deep puddles and excess rain. After you reach a dry zone, it is best to clean your gears with a dry cloth.

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