We all know how to purchase a road bike for ladies but it should be a trustworthy brand which is worth to be purchased. Let us give you the perfect intro about a perfect road bike that would suit your desires.

There are tons of road bikes in the market yet what we are going to choose should be a unique product like none other available in the market. Several road bikes are introduced to the market every year, but it’s not even worth the buy as it is all produced with nothing but plastic and other low quality products.

Road bikes should have a long-life stability, however several bikes in the market are only good in its name, not in its quality. It doesn’t matter even if it has a highly voted brand for it, because its manufacturing quality is really low. Which is where Viking Elysee Ladies Road Race Bike comes in handy. It is a trust worthy and long-life proved product. With high quality manufacturing rates as well as A+++ grade products!

Viking Elysee is a pure lightweight ladies road race bike that is manufactured to maintain its stability even with regular usage. The white version of this bike is glossy and has its own unique style as you begin to ride it. When compared to the other bikes this bike is proven to be lightweight with approximately 11.90kg.

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 Here are the key features of the Viking Elysee

  • Tire size: Viking 700C 36 hole
  • Weight: Lightweight (Apr. 11.90kg)
  • Color: Gloss White
  • Forks: Hi-10 pure steel
  • Shimano STI Integrated shifters and brakes.
  • Brake levers: Shimano STI
  • Cartridge steel bottom bracket
  • Gear specification: Shimano 14 Speed STI
  • Frame construction especially for ladies geometry
  • Model type : Ladies specific lightweight road bike
  • Sizes – Available in two different sizes (47cm & 53cm)
  • Handcrafted 6061 aluminum with mudguard clearance
  • Replaceable gear dropout
  • Pro-wheel alloy double 52/42T chain set with alloy 170mm cranks
  • Cartridge sealed bottom bracket
  • Steel caged pedals with toe clips and straps
  • Handlebar and stem: Promax alloy white ahead stem with Promax 42cm race bars


 Benefit of the Viking Elysee

 The geometry of this bike is set correctly to allow for a comfortable ride. Along with its lightweight alloy tubing and 14 speed Shimano Gears are set off with STI Changers. All in white, the bike has a female touch but is also aggressive when it comes to road racing. With its price rate it is worth to be purchased as it gives a great style for the ladies even after riding for miles. The bike is also available in two frames, 47cm and 53cm to which would fit you with perfection.

 Customer reviews and ratings

 ThE Viking Elysee is given a rating of 1.3 stars.

Several customers have rated this bike to be of great stability and durability, however they seem to face some issues with the packages that they received which seem to have some punctures and other minor flaws. However these can be returned and you can obtain a brand new package with all perfection.

Some other road bike racers have reviewed this product to be of lightweight and easy to handle. Overall the Viking Elysee has been given great reviews even though the rating may seem a bit low. Rating however has nothing to do with the product, as mentioned it is manufactured to have a long-life stability even with regular usage.

 Common questions asked

One of the common question is about the Viking Elysee is the weight, this seems to be a doubt that most racers are having in their minds. As lightweight bikes would be the great feature for those racers in order to have 100% handling capabilities. This bike weights approximately 11.90kg, which is the perfect weight for those who ride for miles.

The next question would be about the Viking Elysee’s durability and stability, which is also to be proven by the manufacturers to have a stability and a long-life term even after regular using.



    • Viking Elysee is worth to be purchased for all those who loves to ride for miles. Due to its long-life stability and great handling, it is worth the money and effort. Even after riding for miles the bike still seem to hold up to its style which is a great outcome for the ladies.

  • Budget friendly, the bike is worth the money,  has several features included, and also has several safety assurance features which would leave you with zero tense no matter how many miles you decide to ride.
  • The designing of the Viking Elysee is also given a big round of applause. A comfortable ride is provided with great quality products used to manufacture. There is no doubt about this product, as it has numerous amount of features which are all proven to be at its best.

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