It is safe to say that you are searching for an extraordinary bike for women in your family. Then you have gotten yourself the correct pick.


The Viking Belvedere 26 Wheel Ladies Classic is a Dutch and British conventional bicycles bicycle, which makes it suitable for use on streets and parks.


The bike has been particularly made to fulfill women needs and give the best understanding, never to be overlooked. This is because women have a tendency to append such a great amount of feeling to anything including a bicycle.


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Benefits or features

Viking Belvedere 26 Wheel Ladies Classic has been designed with a sixteen-inch frame size made from steel that helps you navigate thru any street, terrains and is suitable for muddy places as nicely.

Similarly, to that, it has a v-brakes gadget and front and rear alloy v-brake compatible. This offers the rider flexibility and the liberty to use the brakes on either aspect while she needs to come back to a stationary position.

It also has Satin finish cranks enhances better positioning and improves on speed as well as pedalling. It has been built with a 6 speed Shimano twist grip gear that is essential during braking and ideal when cycling fast and suddenly halts.

The 26-inch alloy wheels are lightweight with a normal tread that makes it good for the road and improved on the grip as well as stability. Shimano tourney TZ rear derailleur is a big plus.

Viking Belvedere 26 Wheel Ladies Classic comes with Hi-tensile steel town. Along with a country frame. They also include traditional low step over. This will definitely help to give better look to the bike.

The design of the bike is elegant and very simple. It comes with a better version of holding the basket. This gives classic look to the bike. White wall retro trekking tyres provide better grip and retro design to the bike.

It also comes with an adjustable height quill stem. Because of this, it is easy to vary the height of the stem. Hi-rise comfort swept back chrome handlebars are a unique feature of the product. This definitely gives more comfort to the women while riding this bike.

Front wicker oval basket gives it better look and women will love it. Brackets support these baskets. Front and rear mudguards are of high quality. These will help a lot. The bike has a prop side stand. This is a cool choice.

Customer satisfaction


The Viking Belvedere 26 Wheel Ladies Classic is liked by many girls and women because of its classic look and feel. The bike is suitable for everyone. As it is a simple road bike with the adjustable crank.


It will help the rider to adjust the position according to her height. The weight is not huge compared to others. The front and back wheel have alloy suspension and the output of these suspensions are good.


There was no problem. Basket placement, fitting, and the design are very good.

Common questions


What happens when some parts are missing when the bike is delivered?

Well, it is not much of a big issue as there might have been a confusion or a part left out accidentally. Just make a phone call to the delivery team or contact the main desk for further information. There are professionals who are designated to fix such issues and once you have made contact, they will be at your service.

Is it durable?

Viking Belvedere 26 Wheel Ladies Classic is specifically designed for women. She might have the joy of cycling the bike for a few years. The material used in the product is an alloy. Therefore, the durability quotient is present. As the bike has better-grade wheels and control mechanism. This is not heavy. That is why there is less chance of breakage. It is prone to some scratches. Apart from that, it is definitely durable.

Is the bike convenient to ride?

Yes, it is. The bike has a firm feel that makes it convenient for women. It doesn’t really matter whether she has ever ridden before or it’s her first time. In addition to that, it is a good ride for uphills, flat surfaces and downhills as well. The treads on its tyres offer stability and security from falling. The main purpose is daily usage. Our Helpful guide on bike security.




It has more of a classic look compared to other bikes. It comes with a basket on the front with support. Therefore, it will help the girls and women to go for normal shopping.


Viking Belvedere 26″ Wheel Ladies Classic  is a good value for money considering all the great features. TZ rear derailleur is a big plus. The smoothness of bike ride makes it a decent choice.


It is best for daily work as it is not costly. The alloy and the suspension system stands out in this range for sure.

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