Viking Belgravia  Ladies’ Heritage Bike


Viking Belgravia  Ladies’ Heritage Bike

Viking was established in 1908 and they provide quality, style and durability is a trademark of there brand

Viking Womens Belgravia Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Viking Womens Belgravia Bike



Viking was founded in 1908 by Alfred Davies who had a bike repair shop in Wolverhampton

Designed Specifically For The Modern Women

Viking have designed the Viking Womens Belgravia specifically for Women who love to commute to their local shops.



A  hi tensile steel frame frame – Brilliant for hoping on, off and keeping an upright riding position.

Viking Women’s Belgravia Bike Metrics

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Viking Women’s Belgravia Bike Review

First of all,the Belgravia is very similar to the Prelude encompassing the best of traditional Dutch and British bikes , the Belgravia comes in Pink, tensile steel frame with a six speed grip shift rather than a push button style.

Secondly, the Belgravia uses better advances in technical development with a “Town and Country” drop retro frame to have the classic retro feel. It has a great 4 stars on Amazon with some glowing testimonials. Thirdly ,the guards match the mud guard which add a bit of style with your ride. It also comes with a wicker basket and rear luggage carrier.

Furthermore, the Belgravia comes with Shimano six speeds indexed gears with a micro shift gear shifter, pastel mud guards and chain guard, quality saddle and a alloy pop stand.

The bike come 90% assembled and should only takes 15 minutes to assemble. It may be worth taking the biker for a test rid, as the gears may need some adjusting. Bikes direct 365 have a great assemble video.

Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the Viking Women’s Belgravia Bike

Most noteworthy, the Viking Belgravia bicycle offers a great solution for town and country biking, with a durable frame that adapts to both terrains. The fork blades are composed of hi tensile steel, making it very durable, flexible and comfortable to ride. The frame of the bike is carefully designed with rigidity in mind and is a very safe chassis.

The Viking Belgravia bike offers top of the shelf quality, with a great stability and flexibility. This makes the rider feel safe and secure while riding the bike in the city or in the country.

The ovalized fork blades and the durable frame are perfect for providing support on any terrain. Switching terrains shouldn’t be a problem, as the rigid frame and body structure is perfectly able to absorb any sudden shocks. The bike is a pleasure to ride and a true beauty to behold.

The braking system of the Viking Belgravia 26” is another great feature of the bike. A V type braking system is mounted using alloy levers on the front and rear. This adds a lot of braking power to the bike, and stopping for emergencies takes little time.

The Viking Belgravia 26” has a flexible and durable stem, with comfortable handlebars for city and country riding. The handlebars are properly inclined for smooth riding.

The frame of the Viking Belgravia 26” is a composed of hi tensile steel. It features the “Town and Country” double drop, including the traditional low step-over. The front fork of the bike is also made of the same material, hi tensile steel.

This material is highly durable and flexible, and is guaranteed to be sturdy on any terrain. The ovalized fork blades optimize the overall riding experience of the bike, making it a perfect choice.

The features of the Viking Belgravia Ladies Traditional 6 Speed Bike are as following:

  • Hi tensile steel frame and fork
  • 26” wheel size, Viking double wall alloy rims, 26” white wall retro Trekking tyres
  • Shimano Gear system, six speed indexed gear with Microshift twist shifter
  • Shimano Tourney TZ rear derailleur
  • Satin finish cranks
  • V type brakes, adjustable height quill stem
  • Full length pastel mudguards
  • Pastel chainguard
  • Viking tan comfort saddle
  • Rear alloy pannier rack
  • Wicker look basket, alloy propstand
  • Tan grips
  • Features – 90%
  • Value For Money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” I have been looking for an early birthday present for my wife, the Viking Womens Belgravia looks perfect.”

Customer Satisfaction

All signs show that the Viking Belgravia 26” Ladies Traditional bike is a true satisfaction to customers. It has a 4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, with 69% of the users giving it a 5 star rating. There are 13 customer reviews, but no critical reviews until now. The customer reviews say that the bike is a perfect ride, and it’s a truly outstanding bike.

Many people have complained for lack of instructions, and some complained about missing parts. It is clearly stated that the bike can be easily assembled with little bike knowledge, and it’s recommended that you take it to a qualified person to do it for you instead. The quick and easy support will replace any missing parts as soon as possible.

Most customers said that the bike was a perfect city ride, and was very flexible. Other described the bike as a straightforward approach to transportation, taking you from A to B in the simplest and most reliable way ever. Some of them recommended the bike as a gift, as it is a beautiful bike that stands out from the crowd.

The bike has an affordable price range and the shipping of your product to the door will save you time, as you don’t have to go out to a bike shop.”

Advantages and Disadvantages

Just by looking at the Viking Belgravia 26” will make you understand that the bike is equipped with many features that will make your ride a true joy. The rigid and flexible hi tensile steel frame provides comfort and support, and the  front forks will effortlessly roam through city or country roads.

The bike offers multiple storage areas, and the front basked will be a perfect place to put your groceries. It’s the simplest way to do it, going on a bike for some countryside shopping. The rack conveniently located in the back can also be used for storage and transportation.

The downside of this bike is that it lacks true suspension, and deals with shocks through the ovalized forks and rigid frame of the bike. This can be very uncomfortable for bad condition roads, as the bumps can be a little uncomfortable on the hands. However, this effect can only be felt at higher speeds and the bike is perfectly able to withstand country roads.

Common Questions

How can I order the bike? The bike can be easily ordered through Amazon, and you can choose between the different wheel sizes, 16 and 18 inch. Y Frame Discounts offers free shipping on both models within the UK. This is the simplest, most effective way to order the bike.

The bike is offered in two different size, which one is the most comfortable for me? The shape and construction of the bike make it a very flexible platform, and it’s comfortable for all sizes. As a general rule, if you are considered tall, buy the 18 inch wheel.

The bike has no physical suspension, how is the shock absorbed? Using the rigidity of the hi tensile steel and the front fork, the bike is able to absorb moderate amounts of shock effortlessly.

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If you’re looking for a bike for the country and town, four star reviews and love the colour pink. This is the bike for you.

If you are looking for a bike that gets you from A to B, the Viking Belgravia 26” is the perfect solution.

This bike is accompanied with storage areas and racks, and is very flexible. You can take the bike out for a sunny day ride, or even go on an outdoor picnic. You can store items on the front basket, and going shopping on your bicycle has never been easier.