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21 Shimano Gears

Front & Rear V Brakes

Comfortable Trekking Saddle




Viking Brand

Viking Bike Brand Was Established In 1908 By Alfred Davies In Wolverhampton


What Can The Viking Trekking Be Uaed For?

The Viking 2018 Urban Ladies 21sp Aluminum Trekking Bike  Is Specifically Designed For Trekking.




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Viking 2018 urban ladies 21sp aluminum trekking bike

This a women specific sports bike. It is made specifically with women in mind. If you are looking for a perfect ladies bike then this is your ideal bike. Its size and weight make it ideal for those that it has been made for and its low hanging frame gives its user a stress free mount.

The Viking 2018 urban ladies 21sp aluminum trekking bike is the perfect choice for a relaxing ride around the park and can also be used as an exercise bike. This bike is sure to provide the best riding experience.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Viking 2018 Urban Ladies 21sp Aluminum Trekking Bike

This women’s bike is designed with an aluminum frame that is specific to a sports hybrid bike. The frame is grey in colour giving it that extra classy look. The fork is a 700c hi-tense steel unicrown fork and has straight blades and has both the grey and lilac colours. The lilac colour adds to the bikes femininity.

This bike has a trekking ergonomic and very comfortable saddle. The saddle is supported by an alloy adjustable seat post, this means, regardless of the rider’s height they can still comfortably use the bike. The alloy material used makes it very safe and strong to use. This saddle is designed specifically for ladies. This bike is also equipped with a safety bell. Its pedals are a trekking style dual density platform pedals making it easy to manage

It has a V type front and rear braking system that is made from alloy and an alloy 3 finger brake levers. These levers are adjustable and easy to reach. This bike is steered by an adjustable bar that can go low to a height of 30mm and rise to a height of 600mm. The handlebars are also made from alloy making them strong and have velo comfort grips.

With a weight of approximately 16 kgs, this bike can be easily transported from one place to another with no much hustle. This weight is attributed to the alloy material that is used to make the majority parts of the bike.

The Viking 2018 urban ladies 21sp aluminum trekking bike has a 21 speed gear with EZ-fire shifters. This bike also has a 7 speed 14-28 tooth freewheel. This gear makes it easy to peddle and with different speed to choose from you can be sure to get the best out of it in any terrain. It has a triple chainset with 170mm cranks. Its wheels are light in weight because they are also made from alloy and have a double wall 36 hole rims that are black in colour. The tyres are also black in colour.

  • Features – 93
  • Value for money – 96%
  • Build Quality – 98

”  My Parter Has Been Asking For A New Bike For Her 30th Birthday Present. The Viking 2018 Urban Ladies 21sp Aluminum Trekking Bike Will Be Perfect For The Local Mountain Bike Trails”. Jason

Customer Satisfaction

This bike is generally a very lovely bike and is ideal for all ladies. Everything about this bike is perfectly designed for women and is made from top notch, strong, and durable materials. It has an excellent finish that make it look very classy and unique. Its weight and size makes it easy to transport and store. It has marvelous features with a girlish touch and can be used by ladies across all age group. It is very fashionable and comes almost completely assembled.


Common Questions

Is this bike durable?

This bike is made up mainly of steel and alloy materials. These materials make it not only strong but also very durable. You can be sure to get value for your money with it.

What is the age limit for using this bike?

This ladies bike can be used by women of all age groups. It is very comfortable and easy to use. This bike does not need a rider to have much experience in riding. As long as you have an idea of how to ride a bike then you can definitely know how to operate this bike.

Advise before using the Viking 2018 urban ladies 21sp aluminium trekking bike

This bike comes brand new in a box and is 90% assembled. A manual is provided with the rest of the assembly instructions. However, because of the various tools needed to assemble it, it is advised that you take the bike to your local bike mechanic for them to assemble it prior to use so that you can be sure of safety.

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  • It is very strong and can last for a long time. Its size also makes it very easy to store. If you are looking to gift a lady a bike why not try this bike? It can be the ideal gift for any lady because it is specifically designed for ladies. This makes it unique. It has a mature look, therefore, it cannot be mistaken for a children’s bike.
  • It is an ideal value of money given its great features that include the 21 speed gear and its size.