Any man or woman that loves the cycling sport would have to take a second look at this remarkable BRAND NEW 2017 – Trail 29″ Python XC/MTB Mountain Bike.

This cycle is flawlessly designed to appeal to all adults of both sexes, their age notwithstanding. Riding through mountainous rough roads and easy plane terrains wouldn’t be difficult at all with this hard tail mountain bike

You will most certainly enjoy this bike to the point where you are almost addicted, because of the pleasurable, exciting and comfortable rides obtained. The manufacturers thought about your cycling desires and fabricated every part to suit all those needs.

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The BRAND NEW 2017 – Trail 29″ Python XC/MTB Mountain Bike comes with 6061 aluminium alloy frame along with Suntour suspension fork with hydraulic lockout that guarantees a stiffer, safer, and more comfortable cycling.

Like every good quality bike would have, the aluminium frame of this product is the most important component that makes it able to move through all terrains whether hilly or smooth.

It has Promax mechanical disc brakes that ensures a secured stop for you while riding, no matter how fast your speed was. The brakes can efficiently halt motion at the rear and also at the front.

It has very notably large 29-inches wheels with alloy double rims that guarantee perfect grip and good ground clearance. It boasts of having aluminium alloy steering and python aluminium alloy triple chain set that promotes freewheeling.

This bike also features Shimano 23 Speed gears in combination with Rapid fire levers that make you to effortlessly change gears for faster speed.

The ability to change gears is important for mountain bikes like this, because the gear level used for rough rides is different during smooth rides. You are sure of simply moving from easy gears to hard gears depending on the terrain.

BRAND NEW 2017 – Trail 29″ Python XC/MTB Mountain Bike is lightweight because all materials used are light cumulating into a compact sized cycle.

With an adjustable aluminium seat post, it carries a python MTB saddle and can conveniently accommodate different heights of cyclers. It does not matter how long your legs are, the seat post can be easily adjusted to fit your specifications, just to make sure comfort is ascertained to the highest degree.

This product comes with good and durable tires with free Schwalbe tubes with one year warranty as a safeguard against wear and tear.

With these sturdy, long-lasting tires you are sure of maintaining a firm grip on the ground. This package also has free Skyscape Caps. It is finely finished in white color, looking very calm and appealing.

Customer Satisfaction


The BRAND NEW 2017 – Trail 29″ Python XC/MTB Mountain Bike is an incredible bike that is sure to give full workout, security, relaxation and exciting fun to all cyclers both male and female.

With this cycle relaxed riding is assured due to its strong aluminum frame that comes with Suntour suspension fork. A biking expedition from rough roads to leveled plane roads is sure because of great 24 speed gears, levers and strong aluminum frames – outstanding.

All components of this cycle was cautiously fabricated and coupled to meet the requirements of bikers worldwide. This BRAND NEW 2017 – Trail 29″ Python XC/MTB Mountain Bike will not develop any fault as most bikes due once you start test riding them on the roads.

With the best quality aluminum materials used in the fabrication of the frames, fork, and seat post, you will definitely enjoy this cycle for so many years. Other customers that have used this commend the durable outlook that is unbreakable. The one year tear warranty on the tires is a plus indeed.

Common Questions


Does it come with all parts put together?

Almost all the parts have been coupled together before delivery; all that is required is for you to put the wheels in place and the tires too. You will also need to out the saddle and other minor parts in place. Just follow the instructions and you will be fine.

Will it be good for my height, I am 5.11”?

This bike is good for 5.11’’ height and for others and well. It has some adjustable features that make it suitable for many height specifications.

Hi How is the size of the bike, given that info is confusing.., Says 29″, body of text says 18″ or 20″. Am looking for adult 6’2″ size bike?

The size 29 inch only refers to the size of the wheel, whilst 18” or 20” refers to the size of the frame. The adjustable seat post and saddle will make it fit your 6.2 feet adult.

What is the weight of the bike?

The bike is light weight about 15 kilos

I’m 6 foot plus and heavy, will this bike wear down or break easy?

The bike has a very durable frame made of aluminium cannot break because it is durable. Read our article on the Pros and Cons of Mountain Bike.





  • The bicycle’s aluminium alloy frame comes in white colour that goes well with both men and women. This colour will go well with are sporting outfits no matter the colour.
  • It has precisely fortified double brakes and good 24 speed gears to provide harmless cycling and smooth cruising through all terrains.
  • If you desire perfect worth for your cash, and if you are looking an amazing combination between sports and pleasure while cycling, then you should immediately go for this product.

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