Torpado MTB Icaro Bike




Torpado MTB Icaro Bike


Love Tackling Your Local Mountain Bike Trails, The The Torpado MTB Icaro Bike Has Plenty To Offer And Offers Good Value For Money

 Torpado MTB Icaro Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Torpado MTB Icaro Bike



Mechanical Disk Brakes

Designed For The MTB

The Torpado MTB Icaro Bike Is Designed Specifically For Mountain Biking


MTB Tyres By Kenda

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Torpado MTB Icaro Bike



If you are looking for a high-quality and durable mountain bike which will complete all of your biking and cycling requirements, then the Torpado MTB Icaro Bike will be the bike for you.


The inbuilt mountain bike suspension makes this a fantastic high-adrenaline bike and its 29-inch wheels help make quick work of tricky terrains. This bike is ideal for teenagers and young adults who like to get off the roads and get onto the local terrain for the riding experience of their lives.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Torpado Icarus MTB

The Torpado MTB Icaro Bike  has been designed with a full sized 23-inch frame and 29-inch wheels for the ultimate off road experience. The aluminium forks allow for quick and easy manoeuvrability on even the toughest of terrains and allow the bike to be lightweight enough to navigate with ease, yet remains strong and durable thus providing stability during extraneous use.

The 3 x 7 gears give a combination of 21 different speeds, which will be more than any mountain biking enthusiast could ever require, even when combatting steep gradients and uneven surfaces.

The mechanical disc brakes provide ample stopping power in the shortest amount of time and work just as well when wet as they do when they are dry. This is vital when it comes to selecting a bike for off road purposes.

The Torpado MTB Icaro Bike  weighs just 15kgs. This makes it perfect for carrying across locations where the terrain doesn’t allow for cycling, as an example; when crossing a body of water or excessively muddy land.

As with all mountain bikes, the external rubber tyres have been designed for maximum grip and will hold their own on the slipperiest of surfaces. Making use of 2.10” wide Kenda covers ensures that the wheels have maximum stability and traction when being ridden.

The 29” inch frame makes the Torpado MTB Icaro Bike just the right size for the average adult male and provides adequate leg comfort and peddle power. The entire design of the Topado  Icaro Mountain bike has been ergonomically optimised to maintain power and speed with as little resistance as possible.

To put it simply, the Torpado MTB Icaro Bike has been created with sporting use in mind and its sleek look and feel only adds to the experience when riding it


  • Features – 98
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 91%

” I Have Wanted A New Mountain Bike For A While Now, The Torpado Icarus MTB  Looks Ideal.” George


Customer Satisfaction

The Torpado MTB Icaro Bike is a sleek and powerful piece of kit, which affords its rider the chance to experience some fantastic offroad riding experiences. Being lightweight, yet having durable Kenda wheels helps further improve mobility and ease of steering even on the most extreme terrains.

As is common with all mountain bikes, is designed for heavy use in areas of extreme ground cover. All in all, the Torpado MTB Icaro Bike is one of the best mountain bikes available for those who appreciate durability, style, and power.


Common Questions

Is The Bike Durable?

Absolutely. If you are looking for a bike which will last for many years to come, regardless of how often it is used, then this will be the perfect choice for you. When the Torpado Icaro was designed, durability and power were factored into its final design.

Easy To Use?

Yes. The Torpado MTB Icaro Bike  is easy to use. Weighing in at just 15kg means that having total control over direction and stopping is greatly increased. The bike also features a powerful combination of 21 gears meaning that no situation will beat you while riding it, be it a steep incline or uneven surfaces. Another factor which improves ease of use are the Kenda wheels. These provide maximum traction and grip and allow the bike to be controlled on wet surfaces or at maximum speed with ease.

 Easy To find Replacement Parts For This Bike?

Finding parts for the Torpado Icaro is no problem at all. Torpado is a well recognized and respected manufacturer of bikes ranging from mountain bikes to women’s bikes.

Parts are easy to come by online or direct from the manufacturer. This is especially convenient If you are looking at making modifications to your bike to further improve its look or to customize it to your individual requirements. A great addition to your bike would be lights, which are a legal requirement for night use on roads in many countries.


Advice On Using The Torpado Icaro Mountain Bike


Before taking your Torpado MTB Icaro bike out for its first ride you should check that the tyres are adequately inflated and that the brakes are in working order. It is also a good idea to oil your bike’s chain. Look at our article on Factors to consider when buying a mountain bike.

As it is common for mountain bikes to experience a multitude of environments, including mud, salt water, and stones it is recommended to always clean your bike after use. This will ensure perfect condition for many years to come.

When storing your  Torpado MTB Icaro Bike  when not in use, it is always best to ensure that it is thoroughly dry and protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Ideally, you should place it under a waterproof tarpaulin inside of a garage or shed for maximum protection. Check out our bike security guide.


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A modern and sleek design coupled with the desirable black & green color combination. It is its design that makes it perfect for versatile situations and makes it fully adaptable for all types of use.

Torpado MTB Icaro Bike offers excellent value for money and is easily comparable with bikes of a much higher price category. It just goes to show that some things can be both economical and high-quality at the same time.

The Torpado MTB Icaro Bike has been made for both on and off-road use. If you want a bike that is just as easy to handle on steep and uneven slopes as it is on a level road, then this bike should be at the top of your list.