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 Torpado Folding Bike


If Your Looking For A Bike Made For The Commute To City, Then Keep Reading. You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised

Torpado Folding Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Torpado Folding Bike




Steel Frame

Foldaway Mechanism

Single Gear Speed



City Commuting Made Fun

The Torpado Folding Bike Has Been Designed Specifically For The City.


Tarpado Have Been Established In The Bike Industry For A Number Of Years And Pride Themselves On Making Quality & Affordable Bikes.




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Torpado Folding Bike

Bicycles are a great tool for children. Weather it’s a boy or girl both show equal interest when it comes to cycling. Bicycles are great way to encourage children to play outdoor games like Bicycle Racing.

Bicycle is not only good as a gaming option but also it is a complete body work out that helps to develop a healthy body and also a healthy brain as it enhances the positive mental attitude. As riding a bicycle gives the children a sense of independence, they will become more responsible towards their daily activities.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Torpado Folding Bike

It is not a gender-specific bike and has been successful in grabbing interest of both boys and girls. The body of the bicycle has been provided with bright white colour making it catchy and attractive in looks. It is a colour that both boys and girls a will equally prefer.

The best feature that the Torpado Folding Bike contains is its folding feature, the feature is a blend of innovation and amazing engineering. The feature not only conveys the idea of the manufacturer but adds to advantages of having this product, as it can fit in any place making it storage friendly. You can carry it along with you easily in your car, hence, making it portable. Although many bike options are available but this feature is not an easy to find one.

It has a wheeled diameter of 20X20, along with speed gear of 1X1. It has a weight of about 15 kg. It has Aluminium –V break that is highly strong and provides great friction against the ground. The tyre size is of about 20X1.75 inch with an extremely good quality tyre tube. The good quality tyres provide for comfortable and stable ride. It has a chrome steel saddle that is highly durable, comfortable and adjustable in nature, and because of the adjustable seat it can be efficiently used by the children of the age group of 7-10 years, and the bike also has a seat at the end


  • Features – 95
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Wanted A New Bike That Can Easily Be Stored While On Public Transport, The Fabric Bike Folding Bicycle Is Perfect.” Marlon

Customer Satisfaction

The wide variety of bicycle that Torpado offers makes it a household name. The company provides bicycles for every age group, each equally amazing in looks and irresistible in features. So with Torpado every member of your family will find a bicycle for themselves. Torpado has been an invincible brand in the field of manufacturing bicycle over the years.

It has been successful in benchmarking its name among the leading brands. Torpado has continued to provide versatility in its products. The quality of its products has never been affected by the versatility it has offered. Rather the graph of its quality in terms of looks, feature and innovation has reached great and new heights. Customers have always believed in this brand and the company itself had always kept and has continued to keep the faith it intact.

Torpado folding bike is stunning as far as looks are concerned. Has got a Trendy outlook that appeals the eyes of the children and also seems pleasing to everyone else. It has little details that make the product very catchy and grabs eyeballs. Its folding feature is a breakthrough quality that reflects the innovation of engineering.

Hence, making lives easy as far as storing is concerned as fit it in small places. For example, you can use it multiple times. Once the elder one can no longer use it, store it by folding it for the younger one. This amazing feature solves the storage problem and saves money. This striking feature makes it portable, for example, if you get a transfer on your job and have to shift or plan to have an outing then this bike being foldable in nature is easy to carry, without becoming a burden or nuisance for you. Another feature of the Torpado folding bike is that it is not gender specific, so you are not required to buy different bikes for your children.

Common Questions

Q1 Is the grip area of the handles comfortable?


Answer: Yes.


Q2 Is It Light weight?


Answer: yes, as it has aluminium body, it is light weight that of about 15 kg.


Q3 Does it have adjustable seats?


Answer: Yes, it does have adjustable seat.


Things to be remembered while sending your child for a bicycle ride:


  • Make sure that all the parts of the bicycle are properly tightened.
  • Bicycle safety equipment should not be ignored at any cost.
  • Don’t leave your children all alone at the times when the roads are busy. Assist them.

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  • The Torpado Folding Bike is loaded with features.
  • The bicycle has everything that not only makes it irresistible for children but also convincing to parents.
  • As far as parents are concerned, the product is a good investment for them, owing to all its benefits.

So, we can see that it’s a complete win-win situation with the purchase of this product.