A BMX Designed Specifically For A Boy



 Torpado BMX Xplosion 20


Buying Your Childs First Bike Is A Great Mile Stone In Their Lives & A Brilliant Experience For Yourself.  Torpado Are Known For Only Using The Best Components & Materials.

Torpado BMX Xplosion 20

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Torpado BMX Xplosion 20




BMX Frame

Gyro V Brake System

Colour – Black/ Orange




What Can The Torpado BMX Xplosion 20 Be Used For?

The Torpado Has Been Designed & Manufactured For The Local Skate Park. The Bike Is Ideal For A Boy Mucking Around With His Friends.

Torpado Bike Brand

Torpado Are An Italian Bike Brand That Are Known For Making Good Quality Bikes . A Brand You Can Trust.




Torpado BMX Xplosion 20 Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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Torpado BMX Xplosion 20

Torpado is brand that has been able to achieve the trust of people in their products. It knows its customer and covers all their requirements in their products. The product that it delivers in the market prove to be multipurpose. They have been fulfilling customer needs over the years. Torpado is a name that has managed to travel a long journey.

It is a brand that has prevailed since 1895. They are one of the oldest bicycle makers. Their variety in offering different types of bicycles have only increased in number. Torpado offers bicycles for all age groups, and for both Genders-Male and Female. Their excellent product making skills helps them stand apart from other manufactures. Their products impress the customers when it comes to looks, and stand unbeatable in the storm of competition when it comes to features. Classic Bikes, Steel Vintage Bikes, BMX Bikes and what not, they have it all.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Torpado BMX Xplosion 20

The body of the Torpado BMX Xplosion 20” is made up of Aluminium So it is durable as well as light weight so that the young ones can carry it easily. The major advantage of using Aluminium as the main component is “Stiffness”. This Stiffness directly affects the feel of the ride making the rider more in control.

Colour option available with this product series are Black and Orange.

The brakes of Torpado BMX Xplosion 20 are V-Aluminium brakes that are robust in nature and provide the rider with great amount of control and easily applied. The V-brakes are an irresistible part of the mountain bikes for the very reason that it works in great tandem with the suspension systems s no different cable is required from the frame or fork. So the children do not have to exert excess pressure to apply the brakes.

The dimension of wheel diameter is 20/20.

Speed gear is 1/1.

Chains present BMX version Torpado bicycles is made up of Chain-set Jindal. The chains used in the bicycle have a significant role to play, as they pass on the speed from the pedals to the driver’ wheel and hence, propelling it. The quality used in this product is said to a reliable one, so there is an expectation that will be reliable and promising on the customer’s side.

The product has Ten Freestyle BMX saddle which makes it very comfortable for the rider. The more the comfortable is the ride, the more enjoyable it will be.

  • Features – 92
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 90%

”  My Little Boy Has Been Asking For A BMX For The Local Skate Park, The Torpado BMX Xplosion Freestyle BMX Offers Great Value And  My Son Absolutely Loves it.” Karen

Customer Satisfaction

If we talk about Torpado BMX Xplosion 20”, it is an extremely sporty bike that is suitable for children and teenagers or any child above 6 years of age in general. This bike could be dream bike for those young ones who love adventures and looking to explore their potential. Like all other Torpado products this product has managed to satisfy its customers in every aspect.

The product has offered a spectrum of functionalities. It is not only fit for children who are interested in performing stunts but also satisfies the children who just love riding a bicycle. Moreover, BMX for children is well equipped with a comfortable seat, thick tyres that provides a good grip on any kind of terrain and suspension, quick brakes for better control and along with is the tyres are skid proof which makes it solid and reliable for the adventure loving young minds.

It is a bike that will suit both boys and girls, or any child who wants to get sporty, explore his hidden talent, wants to explore the world, push his limits to step out of his comfort zone. Customers have given it a 4-star rating and have called it a value for money product.

Common Questions

Q) Are 13-year olds fit for BMX bikes?

Yes, this bike is suitable for teenagers or any child above 6 years of age.

Q) Is it fit for the rocky areas?

Yes, fit for any difficult terrain. As it is a mountain bike which are specifically designed for rocky and stubborn areas so we are sure that the product will be successful in serving your purpose.A) No, the tyres have a good friction against the roads. Torpado BMX Xplosion 20 is mountain bike. The tyres of such bikes are designed in such a way that they provide maximum resistance against the roads hence, giving you a smooth ride.

Q) Are there any chances of the tyres being slippery?

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  • Bicycle riding is an excellent activity that is enjoyed by the children also but this BMX Xplosion Bike gives the children another reason that will help them to live and explore their passion,
  • Its features do not at all compromising with their safety. The children will definitely have high time enjoying with the product.
  • The bicycle is an excellent option for stunts as well.