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Topmate Mini Electric Tricycle

Thinking Of Buying A Lightweight Foldable Tricycle That Can Easily And Quickly Be Placed In Your Boot.

 Topmate Mini Electric Tricycle

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Topmate Mini Electric Tricycle




Pneumatic Tire

Lightweight & Portable

Powerful Battery


Why Should You Buy?

Portable, Lightweight And With A Powerful Battery


Customer Satisfaction

Good Customer Testimonials & Eleven Common Questions Answered

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Customer Satisfaction

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Why Should You Buy The Topmate Mini Electric Tricycle

This is multipurpose equipment designed for many purposes. For example, it has mini-foldable feature, which makes it convenient to portability so you can take it with you on the road.

This means it is easy to place in your trunk and move to new places. It has a lightweight design for easy control by the user and speeds of up to 20 km/hr. At full charge, the bike will take you 35 km, making it suitable for travel and leisure activities away in the trails of the jungle as you please.

Fun: Cycling on a pedal bike up a mountain or against the unpredictable British weather can be daunting. However, with the TopMate ES30 Electric Scooter all that effort disappears as your electric motor magically switches on and all you can sit back and enjoy your commute as you explore your local surroundings.

Don’t Get Sweaty: An added benefit of having an electric motor is you will not be able to commute for longer as you will not get as sweaty in comparison of cycling on a pedal bike.

Save Money: Commuting on your ES30 Electric Scooter will save you money on fuel costs and parking fees if you are thinking of commuting to work. You will be sure to improve your carbon foot print as commuting on your electric bike rather than a car.

Save Time: If your commuting through the city then the ES30 can save you a lot of time as you skip the rush hour traffic as you can take advantage of cycling lanes will the addition boost of an on-board motor.


The latest version of the topmate mini electric tricycle has upgraded functionalities to make it one of the most reliable machines on the road.

The new Pneumatic Tire: This upgraded wheel profile is 2 inches bigger than the old one. This means it has higher mobility and stability, powerful, and safe for both the energetic and the elderly or children.

Portability and Lightweight: This mini electric tricycle weights a total of only 13.6kg. It also allows folding and is easy to lift simply with one hand. This means you can be place it in the office, elevator, trunk or wherever you need to prevent exposure to malicious theft.

Good Load Bearing Capacity: approximately 98% of the entire machine adopts aviation aluminum alloy. This means it is firm and light and has high physical properties with corrosion resistance capabilities. The total weight does not exceed 13.6kg. However, it has an amazing carrying capacity of 120kg. This means it can carry the heaviest people comfortably without compromising on its efficiency and control.

Durable Battery: The bike comes with a new 18650-power lithium battery. This new battery will only need three hours for charging. After this, the endurance performance can take you as long as up to 35km. This battery life is set at seven years hence maximum durability making it the best choice for short trips.

Design: perhaps what makes this bike the most appreciated machine is the stylish and beautiful design. It also comes with high-quality paint, lasting as new, and is not easy to fade

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Cant Wait To aTake Delivery Of This Little Beast. ” Charlie



The brand is committed to providing its customers with the best services as long as they maintain ownership of the bike. This makes the brand more loyal and most competitors in the market. It is trusted as a reliable bike because of the attractive warranty plan set to attract any serious potential customer. The warranty plan is an essential part of the process because it keeps your bike in shape for long-term use without the worry of losing it to lack of repair or spare parts. Here are some of the details within the company warranty plan:

Battery: One-year warranty for your battery. Beware that any other unauthorized removal of damaged batteries or plug-ins, the use of non-company standard chargers, regular battery damage, other issues such as short-circuiting or long-term failure to charge are considered human-related problems and are not guaranteed.

Charger: One year of warranty if the battery, which is normally attenuated by at least half or 50% , except for human-related courses reported. Battery maintenance can be performed within the first one year. There is no warranty provided for human-related causes.

Control system: One year for overloaded driving or other human causes. Beware that the company cannot restore the control system if performance failure is report unless as a result of overloading or any other human related causes.

Direction bar: One-year for any modification, bending, collision, surface scratches, as well as missing parts. Beware that other human causes are not guaranteed.

Gloves: Six months warranty for man-made damage broken, scratched and other damages, which are not guaranteed.

Motor and Reducer: One-year warranty for your motor and reducer. However, if there are any unauthorized removal, man-made-related damages such as caused by water, severe impact, tire stall or blockage, you will not be compensated as they are not guaranteed.

Pedal: Six months for Non-normal use, man-made damage or modification, as well as wrong or improper use caused by damage is not guaranteed.

Shell: One-year warranty for no collision, no other human causes of the situation can be guaranteed.

Tire: Six months for cracks, leaks, etc. are within the scope of guarantee.

Wheels: Six months for the emergence of leakage is within warranty scope.

Final Verdict

If you purchase this product, you will not be disappointed. There are no regrets with the conveniences associated with the topmate mini electric tricycle. There is all to gain and nothing to lose.

It is the best machine you need to move in short distances especially when commuting from work. The best part is you will only take a few minutes to learn how to manipulate the controls.

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