Bicycle racing is quite an interesting game and this sport has become increasingly popular today. In order to do well as a bicyclist it is important for you to have a lot of strength.


But if you apply a lot of strength but do not have a good quality racing cycle you will not be able to perform well. It is for this reason that we recommend you to buy a good racing bicycle.


Since there is a number of racing cycles available so user often finds it difficult to choose the best one.


Here in this article we will provide you relevant details about Tiger Olympus Gents 700c 14 Speed 56cm Alloy Frame Road Racing Bike Cycle which is one of the most popular bicycles available


You will be able to know about its features and the benefits of buying this product.


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Benefit/ Features


This is a very good entry level bicycle that has alloy frames, brakes and wheels. The alloy frames are much stiffer than the steel frames because a large quantity of alloy is used to make these frames.

The frames made up of steel are also more durable and can be used for racing bicycles. These frames are ideal for use in the rough conditions. The alloy frames also do not rust easily and this makes them suitable for use in the long run. The size of the frame is 56 cm.

The fork that is used in Tiger Olympus Gents 700c 14 Speed 56cm Alloy Frame Road Racing Bike Cycle is made of Hi tensile steel.

The brakes are made up of alloy caliper and the wheels of this bicycle have dual wall alloy rims.

The color of the tyre is black

This bike also has a shimaro 14 speed SY20A stem gear shifter

Alloy weighs quite less and since there is a lot of alloy used in manufacturing the Tiger Olympus Gents 700c 14 Speed 56cm Alloy Frame Road Racing Bike Cycle, so it is also not very heavy.

The bike is used for racing and so it uses race style drop down handle bars.

The tyre size is 700x23c.

Customer satisfaction


The customers who have used the Tiger Olympus Gents 700c 14 Speed 56cm Alloy Frame Road Racing Bike Cycle are very happy with both the look as well as the features of this product.


This is a men’s bike and the look of the bike is quite masculine. This bike actually adds to the personality of the racer. The bike is also very durable and can be used to ride for long distances.


The tyres of this bicycle are also designed in a way so that the rims move faster and the cyclist is able to ride at a high speed. The quality of the brakes and the gears are also exceptionally good and are appropriate for the use of racers.


Customer questions


Is this bicycle very heavy?

These bicycles are designed for the bicycle racers and so the weight is ideal for their use. A number of bicycle parts are made up of alloy and so it is not a heavy bike.

Are the tyres durable?

The racers have to practice for long hours and keeping this factor in mind the manufacturers have designed the tyres of the cycle in a way so that it can withstand long time usage. If you buy this bicycle once you will definitely be able to use it for a very long period of time.

Is the size of this bicycle suitable for men?

Yes this bicycle is very much suitable for men. It has a masculine look and the size of the cycle is such that you can seat in this bicycle quite comfortably.

The bicycle racer has to ride quite long distances and being able to sit comfortably is definitely a very important factor for these bikes. The color of this cycle is also black and it adds to the stylish look of this bicycle. You may find our bike security article helpful.



Final Verdict


In the recent years this bicycle has become very popular among the racers. This is mainly because it is designed in such a way that the racers can ride them very comfortable

. If you are a racer and not very sure about whether the Tiger Olympus Gents 700c 14 Speed 56cm Alloy Frame Road Racing Bike Cycle would be the right choice for you, going through the below mentioned advantages will certainly help you to take a decision.

The alloy frames that it uses have anti rust properties and so the frames do not need replacement at regular intervals.

The cycle rims are perfect for the use of the racers.

These frames are quite stiff. In fact they are much stiffer than the steel frames that are used in most bicycles.

If you go through the points mentioned above you will definitely be able to understand the reasons for its growing popularity.

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