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 Tern Verge S8i UK 

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  Tern Verge S8i UK

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Tern Verge S8i UK




Aluminium Frame

Shimano Gears

Folding Mechanism





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 Tern Verge S8i UK

Verge bikes are pretty to look at. But a whole lot better to ride. Some people believe that you need large wheels to go fast. Others know the engine is where it’s at. Explore below. Why you should buy Tern verge s8i uk? The Verge S8i is the world’s most versatile ultra-low-maintenance folding bike.

It’s designed around a Gates belt drive, Shimano’s 8-speed internal-gear Alpine hub, and a ceramic-black matte frame. The result is a practically silent super-commuter with no greasy parts or protruding derailleur’s, plus a gear range for any incline. The S8i has an extra-long wheelbase and Schwalbe Big Apple tires, so it rolls confidently over any and all potholes. It will get you there quickly, cleanly and most importantly, in style.

The key to any folding bicycle is the main folding joint. Done well, it locks the two halves of the frame together without any hint of movement or sound. It should be easy to operate and work flawlessly year after year. The OCL Joint does all of these things and is a new reference in folding frame technology. Here are some key specifications why you should buy tern verge s8i uk ;

It has Shimano Alfine 8-speed internally geared hub for low-maintenance riding

The bike is made of Revolutionary Gates Carbon Drive drivetrain for a quiet, light and clean bike

hydraulic disc brakes that is perfect for extreme stopping power

Andros handlebar stem for tool-free riding position adjustments the riding

Bright, wide-beam Valo™ 2 front light powered by the BioLogic Joule™ 3 electricity-generating hub

Schwalbe Big Apple tyres with Kevlar puncture protection

Features & Benefits

Mudguard compatible for rainy days.

Rear rack compatible for hauling a load.

They are stable and comfortable and also pretty flat resistant for riders.

The result is a practically silent super-commuter with no greasy parts or protruding derailleurs, plus a gear range for any incline.




For easy and cheap transportation from one place to another

Improved health – Using an Tern verge s8i uk as part of your regular travel is a great way to introduce some physical activity to your everyday routine to improving your health.

Tern verge s8i uk empower those who would like to engage in an exercise, but who have a health condition that limits the amount of physical activity they can perform.

Sweat-free commutes – By using an Tern verge s8i uk, however, you can complete the exact same rides while exerting only a portion of the physical effort.




Heavier than conventional bikes

More specialized, complex parts

Confusing legal status; Because electric bikes are still relatively new to the U.S., there can be a bit of confusion when it comes to the way they’re viewed by the law.


  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Am So Excited To Test Ride My Tern Verge S8i On New Brighton Sea Front.” Charlie

Customer Satisfaction

Been riding for almost a year and have had no issues.

The bike is smooth and responsive when I bought it.


Final verdict


Tern verge s8i uk are a fantastic way for busy commuters to bypass traffic and crowded trains. Many bikes fold up into tiny spaces such as the boot of your car, whilst being light enough to carry by hand on public transport or between home and office. It has quality components and a safe, durable frame. You may like to read the pros and cons of folding bikes.

Tern verge s8i uk bikes include the elements of a mountain bike, such as dual suspension for bumpy surfaces and build in mudguards to protect office clothes.

Common Questions

Can this bike deal with gravel tracks and tow paths?

The bike can cope on light gravel tracks and tow paths with no issue due to the wide tyres that have a puncture protective strip in them.

What is the Tern Verge S8i like to ride?

It looks like an amazing folding bike, but it doesn’t matter that its kitted up with great gear, if its not a great ride.

Is the bike good for touring?

The Tern Verge Tour is the best option

Does it come with the cargo rack ? The Tern Verge is not supplied with a carrier rack , the Tern specifications advise : Optional rear rack for hauling a load

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