Strong Legs

Having strong legs is a key component for striving for the end goal of cycling a longer distance. This article will consider ten key areas that were highlighted by research carried out by the Biomedical Science department at the University of Ohio.

  1. Heavy Dead lifts – The heavy compound movement of a dead lift are good not only for stretching, but also benefits joint integrity hence reducing the chances of injury.
  2. Get your Squat On– Sport scientists have found that squat exercises can not only strengthen the leg muscles but also the bones. It is because the heavy weight of the leg bow strengthen gradually and results in the bones thicken in the entire length to prevent damage to the muscle.
  3. Up the Protein: Don’t forget that all professional athletes require a lot of protein to let the body recover after a an intensive workout. The International Olympic Committee remarked that for more strength and speed athletes should take 1.7 grams of protein per day for every kg, for example a boxer weighing 100 kg should have 170 grams per day.
  4. Include the Box Jump : Your ligaments are put threw their paces when you stumble or fall, one way is to perform box jumps with weighted weights, the sharp impact with strengthen your ligaments.
  5. Buffer Lactic Acid: To Increasing the strength in your legs while cycling consider having the a supplement added to your water to increase buffer lactic acid.

A study in a journal of Japanese physiology showed adding two grams of supplement to a water bottle can significantly up the levels of endurance in the muscles which buffers lactic acid.

  1. Get your lunge on: While cycling the consistent muscular and structural imbalances are increased in lower body and legs. Increasing the strength of your legs through lunges especially weighted ones can balance
  2. Increase your weight bearing to highlight any weakness: A cyclist with weak hamstrings or a weak core body will l struggle to get a bar off the floor while carrying out a dead lift. It is important to understand your weakness’s as it will be increased by the repetitive motion of cycling.
  3. A strong core; is important to ensure your holding the correct posture while cycling. A weak core will result in poor technique,
  4. Don’t forget your back and quads: One of the cyclists common weakness with endurance is a weak back which will result in bad technique and possible injury..
  5. No to big legs, but yes to strong legs: To summaries the top 10 areas to consider when improving your endurance while cycling. It is important to point out that you’re not after body builder type legs but by doing 3-5 reps of lower repetitions will ensure you build strength rather than muscle.