When talking of a Stowabike 26 MTB Gears Mountain Bike, you will simply be referring to a compact city bike that is easy to use in urban environments since it offers the ability to be folded and stored when not in use.

This is more unlike other bikes since most of them do not have this feature. The ability to fold is due to its lightweight and this can enable you carry it onto trains or up and down stops. Alternatively, you can decide to fold it and fit inside a car boot supposing you are going for a vacation or road trip.

However, getting a bike with such features is not easy and has a high value of money compared to the ordinary bikes. It can be used by anyone of different height but in terms of weight, it has a fixed one that not any weight can be supported by it.

The bike can also be used by anyone regardless of gender as it was designed to meet his or her specific need.

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The Stowabike 26 MTB Gears Mountain Bike comes standard with kickstand specifically the rear kickstand.

Stowabike 26 MTB Gears Mountain Bike has a built in steel mudguard to make it user friendly for those who would use it as commuters. The steel prevents rust in the case where the bike has to pass through water pools making it durable and functional.

Its seat and handlebar are adjustable to fit any chosen height and smoothness in changing direction. Most bikes have flexible handlebars therefore, easy controlling of the bike is guaranteed.

It has larger rims compared to other folding bikes.

It is compact as it can be folded down and taken for city computing or road trip making it easy to fit in a car boot. This enhances the fun of using it even at the intended destination of your journey. Some come with folding bags that you can put in while others you may need to purchase separately.

Has a shimano 6 speed gear system giving you the ability to control the speed of your riding.

Has quality finish that matches its high value of money despite of it being thought as expensive. This is because it has features that make the amount of money to be paid worth it. In addition, getting its parts for maintenance is quite affordable for anyone owning the bike.

Its pedals are flexible and easily fold.

The black rubber brings about the stowabike gripping effect ensuring comfort even on muddy road situations.

Has the type of steel v brakes that ensures a powerful stop as it controls the gripping of the tyre on the road.

Customer satisfaction

Reviews from the users of this product have given positive and a negative response on the product’s effectiveness.

Apart from being high valued in terms of money, the Stowabike 26 MTB Gears Mountain Bike is claimed to be affordable since its finishing qualities matches its money value hence it was found worth the said amount.

In addition to that, it is said to be easy to maintain as its parts are cheap thus most can afford the cost. It was stated to be user friendly since it gives the best experience and feeling when using the stowabike.

This is because it comes intact and works effectively. However not everyone can approve what a product does or how effective it is since other people look for different things or features that may suit them individually.

From these, other people claim to have had the worst experience using the Stowabike 26 MTB Gears Mountain Bike without clearly stating where or how they experienced its flaws.

Common questions


How much does the stowabike weigh?

Considering that it is portable, the stowabike weighs about sixteen kilograms. This kind of weight makes it extremely stable and suitable against environmental influences.

How comfortable is the seat?

No matter the height, the seat is adjustable to suit any height. It is recommended to purchase a gel seat for adjustment and highest level of comfort.

Is the stowabike for men or women?

Generally, this type of folding bike is designed in a unisex advantage so that it favours people of different genders. Therefore, it can be used by both genders for either purpose. You mat find our Factors to consider when buying a mountain bike guide helpful and informative.

Is it possible to convert your bike into an electro bike?

It is definitely a yes to this question. This can be done easily by using a conversion kit that comes with everything needed to convert your bike into an electro bike. Read our bike lock guide


Reasons why you should buy


  • The Stowabike 26 MTB Gears Mountain Bike is portable and this will provide you with the option of moving or travelling with it in your car boot.
  • The bike works under different environmental influences due to its weight and stability.
  • Stowabike 26 MTB Gears Mountain Bike has flexible handlebars offer great impact when it comes to steering hence can allow prevent unnecessary injuries.

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