Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight



Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight

“Commute with confidence in the evening with your Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight”


Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight


Why Buy A Bike Light

Cycling in the evening with the Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight will allow you to cycle safely as you and other road users are easy visible.

Specifically Designed To Keep The Cyclist Visible

Soonfire have designed the Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight so the cyclist is easy visible


Customer Testimonals

The Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight has lots of good customer reviews. Check them out for yourself.


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Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight Review

You think that headlights and biking don’t go together? Think again. A substantial number of accidents are caused by bikers being insufficiently illuminated. Whether the mistake is of oncoming cars or bikers losing the way due to no headlights.

Herein lies the solution of headlights specially made for cyclists — the Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight. Whether it is daytime or night, dimly lit or raining, switching on headlights is the way to go to avert major mishaps and accidents.

Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight 

The striking feature of Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight is that it can be recharged via a USB (Universal Serial Bus) by connecting simply to your computer or laptop. This means that there is no need for batteries and the need to replace it frequently, amounting savings in the long run.

Just one complete charge of 9-12 hours makes this headlight run for 32-hours — more than a cyclist ever require even in a cross-country marathon. The best part is that its luminescence — or brightness — does not diminish ever. We can recharge it over 500 times.

It is made of aluminium, which means that enough rough use won’t affect it much. Additionally, it is water-resistant even in heavy rainfall — in fact, it is IP67 rated, (the highest rating for liquid resistant products), making it all the very useful, as rainfall causes a lot of accidents concerning bikers.

The Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight has two vision headlights and its light can reach up to 1000 feet i.e. up to approximately two fields of football. It can also withstand speeds of more than 120 km per hour, which make it durable enough to survive under any weather condition or terrain.

It is adjustable enough to fit all handlebars from the size of 22 to 35 MM. In addition to that, it can also be used on fences, gates or any other equipment thin enough to be adjusted.

It comes in black colour and is small enough with 99 MM of length, 42 MM of length and 66 MM of height. Also, it’s lightweight at 245 grams, meaning it will add negligible amount of weight while riding. It has a lithium-ion battery built-in for recharging, as lithium-ion has high energy density compared to other battery forms.

The Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight has four working modes based on the luminosity of the headlight — Turbo: 1870 lumens (works for 4 hr 17 mins)

–High   : 850 lumens (7 hours 20 mins)

— Mid    : 180 lumens (32 hours 50 mins)

— Strobe: 1870 lumens

The headlight is made up of thickened metal material comparable to military standards, leading it to be dependable under any conditions.


  • Features – 92
  • Value For Money – 91
  • Build Quality – 94

“Searching For A New Bike Light to Help Me Commute Safely In The Evening.”

Customer Satisfaction

To say that the customers are satisfied would be an understatement. In fact, they are delighted to have Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight mounted on their handlebars (or fences).

The reason being that there is no product in the market comparable to this product in this category. Also, besides being strongly built, it is also easy on the pocket. Once you buy this product, one need not have worries about its performance, as it has proved itself amply in the marketplace.


Common Questions

What accessories are included with this headlight?

The accessories include everything that requires charging, mounting on your bike and additional supplies when the need be. They are as follows: USB Charge wire, USB rubber plug for standby, Torch-clip clamp

–How powerful is the battery of this headlight?

The battery is of 12.60 watts and runs long enough on a fully charged device

–Is this item easy to use?

Yes. Easier than you think. Many people who have bought this item are not only happy with its performance but also its ease of handling. For mounting onto the handlebar, the clamp provided does the job. And as regards charging, the USB charging takes care of the rest. There is nothing more to it.

–Will the light work while I am charging the headlight?

No. it won’t. For the battery to be fully charged, it has to be completely off and hence, the headlight won’t work. Typically, you should charge much prior before embarking on any expedition.



Many people who buy this item for the first time say that the headlight is difficult to put on. Actually, it’s not difficult; you just have to hold down the power switch for up to 2 seconds continuously for the headlight to start.

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  • The Soonfire FD38S Bike Headlight is not only good in performance but also very aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is a must for every biker who is concerned about his or her safety, and this headlight provides the much-needed support in that area
  • It has nothing to prove to anyone. It has proven its mettle over and over again with aplomb. So whenever you think of bike headlights, you know which one to choose.