“Education is Important but so is Riding Your Bike”


Should You Buy the Sonic Rascal Kids Bike?


Learning to ride a bike is a mile stone for any child as they start to take their first steps to becoming a budding cycling enthusiast. With the increase in the use of smart phones,

computers and television shows has impacted on the time spend outside by children. Obesity of children has also increased dramatically as one third of children are now obese. A healthy life style can dramatically improve this.

Your child will have plenty of fun riding the Sonic Rascal Kids Bike and it has many health benefits including improving coordination, the development of the trunk and control. Furthermore, your child will have a sense of freedom and benefiting from the social aspect of riding the Sonic Rascal Kids Bike.

Children simulate adult behaviour and if they see you being active then they will also want to join you. If you haven’t ridden for a while, don’t worry.

Get your own bike out of the shed and start enjoying some of the health benefits as well of the fun family day outs. You will have plenty of fun on family days out at the local park or down the beach front in the summer.

You can even bring the four-legged family members along. They certainly need the exercise. We will know look at the Sonic Rascal Kids Bikes Benefits, Features and the frequent asked questions.


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Benefit/ Features

The Sonic Rascal Kids Bike comes with some brilliant safety features, like the adjustable reach brakes and stem cover. Little hands need to be able to reach the brakes and change their riding position to ensure they feel confident and comfortable on the bike.

In addition, the non-slip pedal and enclosed chain guard will help keep your child safe. A chain guard will help keep your child’s body parts and the bikes moving parts separate. The non-slip pedals will keep the little man’s feet on the pedal.

Sonic have used pneumatic tyres and a set of calliper brakes to give the child plenty of grip and a comfortable ride. Boosting their confidence. Calliper breaks will increase the child’s stopping power.

Using a set of stabilisers will help increase the child’s confidence while riding as they learn to ride on their own on the Sonic Rascal Kids Bike. Stabilisers are included and can easily be taken off.

The recommended age of the Rascal is between the age of 4-6. Any questions regarding sizing don’t hesitate to contact the supplier.

A steel frame will ensure the child has plenty of stability while riding the Rascal. Steel is a strong and a durable material. The Rascal can easily and quickly be put in the pack of the car for those family days out.


Customer Satisfaction


Fantastic Birthday Gift. My Grandson loves his new Rascal


Brilliant Customer Testimonials


Stabilisers Included


Great Safety Features


Common Questions


Are Sonic a Reputable brand?

Sonic are well known within the bike industry making good quality affordable children’s bikes. Have confidence as Sonic are an established brand with years of experience making children’s bikes.

Does the Sonic Rascal Kids Bike come assembled?

Comes partially Assembled with an instruction manuel. Once built go on a test run to make sure both you and the child are happy with the bike

Would I have to buy a set of stabilizers?

Stabilisers are also included which is an extra added benefit.

Is the Rascal bike strong and durable?

The Customer Testimonials speak for themselves. Sonic have ensured that the Rascal is strong and durable by using a steel frame, calliper brakes and a set of pneumatic tyres. Don’t forget the extra safety measures

Can the pedals be taken off?

The pedals cannot be taken off. However, they are anti non- slip pedals.

Learning a Child to Ride


When Teaching your child to ride their new Sonic Rascal Kids Bike ensure your child is wearing a helmet and all the correct safety apparel. Ensure you find a quiet place, for example an empty car park, school yard or field.

Learning to ride a bike on a pavement along a road can make a child nervous. A good habit to get into is to perform the ABC Check. Check the air in the tyres, the brakes are working correctly and that the chain is oiled.

Becoming familiar with your child’s bike will help you spot any wear and tear or damage that may have been caused.

Once both you and your child are read, place your hand on the child’s shoulder to help him straight up in a good riding position. Encourage the child to look ahead and not at the ground.

Run along with your child until he is well balanced. In the event of a fall, ensure your child is wearing a set of knee and elbow pads and maybe an old pair of clothes.

Offer plenty of encouragement and support so your child is confident getting back on the Sonic Rascal Kids Bike. Ensure your child is aware of road safety, the hazards and dangers of riding on the road.

Always make sure the child is happy with any bike and any accessories. You don’t want them taking them off once your back is turned.  Why not read our article on the factors to consider when buying a children’s bike

Final Verdict


Sonic are an established bike brand within the children’s bike market. The Sonic Rascal Kids Bike has some great testimonials from many happy parents and guardians. But most importantly the child is happy with their new set of wheels. Having hours of fun.


Great Safety Features


Good Customer Testimonials


Good Value


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