Small Children grow faster than we notice. Just as we see them crawling, they begin to start walking with little uncertain steps in few months and before we realize it, they begin to start walking and running around within no time.

No one can deny that whatever the children do, it looks so cute. When such cute children get on little bikes and roam around, the cuteness looks overloaded. Here we are going to see a little attractive bike for those cute kids.

Sonic Nitro Junior Boys BMX Bike, 16 inch is a good choice for the entertainment of children aged around 2 to 7 years. Let us see the specifications and other details of this bike before giving a verdict on it.

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Why Buy the Sonic Nitro Junior Boys BMX Bike 

Sonic Nitro Junior Boys BMX Bike is a trendy, stylish, modern bike for the little heroes out there. It looks very stylish and attractive with the flashy graphics and bright colors. The bike is strong and durable.

It definitely has the potential to make the younger ones happy. The steel frame and BMX front fork ensure complete safety with their toughness. The twin caliper brakes are adjustable and are very easy to use.

It makes the bike a safe product to use. The Handle bar has 4-bolt stem which is adjustable. It has features which make it very easy and safe for the children to use it. Let us see the features and its highlights in detail.



The Sonic Nitro Junior Boys BMX Bike is made of steel BMX frame which makes it quite strong and durable. The size of the frame is 10”. The bike comes with twin caliper brakes. The bike is 16” size, which is perfect for young children aged between 3 to 7 years.

It is an ideal gift for them as it would engage them for hours without creating any trouble to elders. Further, it promotes physical activity which is very crucial in growing age. The bike is easy to use and made in a simple manner.

However, the looks of the bike are trendy and will instantly attract anyone.



The Sonic Nitro Junior Boys BMX Bike comes with the following features

  • Strong steel BMX Frame
  • 1.95” tires accompanied with 16” rims
  • Adjustable Twin caliper brakes for safety and convenience
  • Adjustable Hi rise BMX Handle bars
  • 4 Bolt stem and Protective pad to handle bars

 Customer Satisfaction


The customers who have bought this trendy Sonic Nitro Junior BMX bike have given majority positive reviews. Most of them have purchased these bikes as a gift to a younger one in their family.

The kids are said to have felt very happy by the attractive graphics and vibrant colours of the bike. Further, the kids have enjoyed riding the bike.

There are around 100 reviews on this bike on online shopping sites and majority of them are positive with Excellent/ very good star ratings. It shows that the Sonic Nitro BMX Bike has been successful with the customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages


The Sonic Nitro Junior Boys BMX bike has certain advantages. The top advantage is its appearance. It has an attractive appeal and impresses anyone with its bright colours and vibrant graphics.

This is a simple bike with basic features for small kids. It is manufactured with good care and the finishing of every component is perfect. The bike is easy to ride and simple to maintain. It doesn’t have many accessories.

It has a single speed and equipped with coaster brakes with v shape adjustable levers which enhance the safety of the little kids. There are no negative reviews or complaints on this bike so far. It has been successfully selling online as well as in offline markets.


Commonly asked questions


What is the weight of this bike? 

The bike has a moderate weight of 12 kgs. Read the factors to consider when buying a child’s bike

Does the bike have disc brakes? 

No. It comes with coaster brakes which are quite effective for this kid’s bike. Disc brakes are in fact not required on such small bikes as they may be misused in many cases.

What is the wheel size of this bike and which ages is it suitable for? 

The wheel size is 16”. It is suitable for children above 2 years and below 7 years.

What is the Inside Leg Measurement of this bike?

The ILM of this bike is 18” to 22”.




The Sonic Nitro Junior Boys BMX bike is simple and neat but does works quite well. It is indeed an attention grabber. Further, it also has decent quality frame and components.

The bike is one of the best available in the market for the children aged between 2 years and 7 years of age. If you want a single speed bike with good quality and impressive appearance, you may go for it.

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