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 Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike

Sonic Are A Well Known For Their Stylish Kids Bikes.

Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike




Six Speed Gears

Fat Tyres

Twin V Brakes

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Four And Half Customer Star Rating


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Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike

Whenever we talk about kids, their games and sports take the center stage of their life. They treasure the sports equipment or the game components with great interest. This craze is much more when it comes to equipment related to outdoor activities.

A latest good looking bike is something any kid would instantly fall in love with. Probably, that is the reason most of the birthday gifts given by parents to young kids are bikes. There are several brands and so many models available in the market.

However, some of them stand out and have carved out a mark for themselves. One among such bikes is the Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike. It is adored by a great lot of youngsters. Let us see what makes this bike stand out from the crowd and deserves so much adoration.

Why Buy the Sonic Kid’s bulk fat bike


Bikes are the most preferred things when it comes to outdoor activities for young children. The Sonic Kid’s bulk fat bike has a range of bikes in different sizes suitable for kids from age 5 years up to 16 years.

These bikes come from sizes which are used as the first bike for kids till the last bike they ride as a youngster before shifting to adult bikes. Every bike in Sonic Bulk fat bike range is made with care and attention to every detail.

The strong yet light weight body, color matching components and perfect brakes show the focus given to the safety, style and performance.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike


The Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike has many advantages over the other bikes in this range. They are made with incredible attention to detail and special emphasis on safety and styling.

The body is made up of aluminium alloy which keeps it lightweight and yet strong and durable. The colour matching saddle, rise bars, pedals, handle grips offer a stylish look like no other to this bike.

The coloured rims simply add beauty to the bike. The brakes also work pretty well and the 6 speed manual gears help the riders travel over different terrains.



  • Lightweight Aluminium Alloy frame
  • Fat Bike style
  • 6 speed easy gear shift
  • Specific frame and forks
  • Twin V style brake levers
  • Colour matching Rims
  • Colour matching soft saddle
  • matching high grip pedals
  • Sturdy wheels with good drip
  • Age range : 6 to 12 years
  • Frame size: 11”
  • Wheel size : 20 x 4
  • Tyres: 20 x 4.253
  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 93%

“  I Think I Am More Excited To The Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike In Action Than My Daughter”  Spencer

Customer Satisfaction

The Sonic Kids Bulk Fat Bike received good reviews from the customers who have bought them. Most of them had presented this bike as a birthday gift for their son or daughter. The kids were delighted to see this fabulous bike as per their version.

The customers opined that the bike looked great with its fat look and sturdy feel. The children have loved this gift and have been waiting eagerly to set their foot on this bike. The bike has been performing well and is found durable.

There have been no negative points on this bike till now.

Final Verdict


The Sonic Kid’s Bulk Fat Bike is a perfect one for the first time you are planning to buy a bike for your child or until he/she finished riding the kid’s bikes. This bike is good to look at and strong enough to take the tasks you give without letting you down.

Go ahead and buy this amazing bike as a gift for your loved one. The kid would surely love it

Common Questions

Which age group children is it focused on? 

Sonic Kids fat bulk bike is made with a concept of fat tyres. It is made in different sizes to suit the children from the age of 6 years to 15 years of age.

Is it suitable for off road trails? 

The bike is not meant for off road trail. It is made for using on regular roads.

Is the bike very heavy as it looks from the image? 

The bike looks heavy as the concept of the bike itself is a fat bike. It is a bit heavier than the other bikes in this range. However, it is quite stable compared to others.

Is the bike safe enough for a 8 years old?

Yes, these bikes come in different sizes suitable for children from 6 years. Your 8 year kid can easily use the lowest size or the second one in this range. Check out are article on bike security with Kryptonite  Locks

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