“Life is Like Riding a Bicycle You Must Keep Moving Forward”


Sonic bikes pride themselves in making children’s bikes that are well designed. Combining style and fashion with safety to manufacture bikes children will love riding.

There are many health benefits of cycling and encouraging your child to take part in physical activity. With increasing numbers of children getting fixated on computer games its becoming vital that parents and guardians encourage their children to spend a little more time burning their energy outside in the fresh air.

You and your child will have plenty of fun with the Sonic Demons Boys Kids bike. Cycling has been proven to improve coordination, the development of the trunk and control. Learning to ride a bike is a key mile stone in your child’s development.


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Benefit/ Features


Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike comes with a single speed gear system which allows the rider to ride without the worry of gears and is brilliant for children learning to ride.

Designed by Sonic with a matching graphic design and a yellow and red colour scheme. Your child will be known as the cool kid and don’t be surprised if you get a lot of people asking where you bought the Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike.

A good up right position is encouraged by the high-rise handlebars and the child will be more inclined to look ahead and not at the front wheel or the ground.

Great Safety features are adopted by the Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike with easy to reach brake leavers, chain guard, dome grips and non-slip pedals.

A chain guard will help keep the child and the bikes moving parts separate. The child will able to easily access the brake levers to change the pace of the bike to the riding conditions.

Non- slip pedals will help keep the child’s feet to the pedals. Dome grips will help the child keep a firm grip on the handlebars and help  with the child’s control of  the bike.

Recommended age of the Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike is between 7-9 and 117- 129 cm.

Customer Satisfaction


My brother loves his early Birthday gift. I have earned some brownie points.


Easy to Assemble the bike and it comes with all the tools needed.


Offers Great Value


Good quality Bike- I love the colours


Safety Features – chain guard, dome grips, non-slip pedals and easy to reach brakes.


Common Questions


Is the Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike durable?

Sonic are known for only using top quality materials and components. They combine an elegant design as well as safety features to make a bike that children will enjoy riding safely. An established brand that have been making kids bikes for many years.


Does the bike come assembled?7

The Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 30 minutes. You will find a helpful instruction manuel and all the tools required. Always go on a little test run to ensure you are happy with bike.

Is the chain guard enclosed?

Yes, the chain guard is enclosed a great Safety feature that helps separate the bikes moving parts and the bike.

What is the Recommended age for the bike?

Between the age of 7-9 (117- 129 cm) Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the supplier. They pride themselves in offering brilliant customer service.

Buying a Childs Bike


Firstly, Kids bikes need to be sturdy and not just heavy. There is going to be a time where the bike gets thrown on the ground or involved in the odd bump or scrap as your child learns to ride their bike.

The Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike comes with a steel frame that gives the child plenty of support and durability. In addition, the child will also need a good quality helmet and all the correct safety apparel.

Keep enough money in the budget to buy the essentials. The Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike offers great value and is built from a reputable bike manufacturer known for quality.

Don’t forget that small hands and feet can get cold quickly so invest in some gloves and a pair of trainers with good grip.  Read our article on the factors to consider when buying a children’s bike



Final Verdict


Buying your child’s first bike is a rewarding time for you and your child. Teaching your child to ride their first bike is a great mile stone in their development and you will be sure to give you plenty of enjoyment

The Sonic Demons Boys Kids Bike offers great value and includes many safety features normally found in more expensive models. You will have plenty of money left over in the budget to buy the child the necessity cycling accessories.

Sonic are an established brand that make quality bikes at affordable prices that children will love.


Brilliant Safety features included- Chain guard, Easy to reach brakes and Non-slip pedals.


Good Customer Testimonials


Great Value Matching Colour Scheme


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