Overall, Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes are excellent to work with and very comfortable.


If you want to spend a fair amount on cycling shoes these would be a good bet. It’s with this that you can easily begin to adjust and improve your position as a cyclist, offering reliable road cycling shoes which are affordable.


If your in the market for some new cycling shoes then Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes offer brilliant value at a fraction of he cost. Shimano are a well known brand within the bike industry that make top quality bike shoes.


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  • Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes uses a flat heel, these make a great choice for anyone who wants to “put their foot down” once and for all. A great choice for those who need safe and stable footwear.
  • Uses double Velcro strapping to keep these well in place as you cycle at any speed.
  • Synthetic leather and nylon upper allows for comfort, solidity and strength all at once.
  • A glass fibre nylon outer does a fine job of protecting the outer layer of the shoe, offering greater protection.
  • Hook and loop closure ensures they stay in place at all times if you are worried about excessive space.

Customer Satisfaction


I bought the Shimano 65 Road Cycling shoes after of weeks of searching the internet. Offering brilliant value and have dramatically improved my stroke efficiency

They also look so much better in the flesh. Having two Velcro straps are really good for finding the right fit for your feet.  They Shimano cycling shoes are much lighter than I expected and gives me much more energy to transfer to the pedal. .

I have used my cycling shoes well over 100 miles. Offering great value.  A great gift  for any cycling enthusiast for who loves cycling or a well deserved treat. You will love cycling in your new Shimano 65 Road Cycling shoes. You may find yourself not leaving the house without them.

Why Should I Buy a pair of cycling shoes?


Cycling shoes allow the rider to pedal more efficiently and more comfortably as cycling shoes are designed to allow the rider to  have a stronger grip on the pedal. The benefits of Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes.

Design: Stiffness of the cycling shoe allows the rider to transfer their power to the pedal and also support the rider on long commutes from cramp.  The majority of cycling shoes allow the rider to use Spd clips that allow the rider to easily transfer the power to the bike.

Air Circulation: Cycling shoes are designed specifically to allow the circulation of air to allow the riders feet to not get to hot and sweaty.

No Slipping: The cycling shoe is designed specifically to minimise the slipping of the foot and allow the rider to keep the riders feet firmly in one place. Allowing the rider to concentrate on the road ahead without worrying about their feet.

Gym: Cycling shoes can also be used in the gym if cycling is part of your fitness routine. Brilliant for a spinning class.

Power & Balance: The stiffness of a cycling shoe allows the rider to transfer more power to the pedal by making your cycling strokes easier. Read All our Cycling Shoe Reviews


Road Cycling Advice

Puncture: Learn how to change a flat tyre as there will come a time when you it will come in handy.

ABC: A good habit to get into now you have purchased your new Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes cycling shoes is to perform the ABC Check on your bike. Check the Air in the Tyres, The Brakes are working efficiently and the chain is oiled.

Road Cycling accessories: Save some money in your budget from buying the Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes to buy other cycling accessories such as a good Helmet, a pair of padded cycling shorts. Check out all our reviews on must have accessories.

Clothing: Before you go a long commute make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes. Wear clothing that is easily visible and that you are comfortable and feel save on the road.

Snacks & Hydration: Always make sure you take a little snack on any long commute, may favourite is a small dairy milk bar and a bottle of water. Your journey will seem twice as long on an empty stomach or a dry mouth. You will be burning calories a lot quicker in you new pair of Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes.

Cleaning: Don’t forget to look after your new cycling shoes by giving them a good clean after every commute. A quick clean will ensure your new cycling shoes will last so much longer and will save you money in the long run.

Cleaning your shoes regular will allow you to spot any damage that may have been caused.


Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes make an excellent choice for the best road cycling shoes because they offer:

  • A high level of comfort when worn. The all-round performance that they deliver goes a long way t making sure they offer your feet plenty of protection. Fantastic for Winter cycling shoes.
  • Works with most kinds of cleats, from MTB SPD or SPD-S to Look cleats. Makes it easy for you to find the kind of cleat that you tend to work best with.
  • Inner meshing allows the shoe to stay comfortable and easy to wear while giving the foot more than enough protection from the elements.

With that in mind, then, you can easily make the most of the Shimano Unisex Adults R065 Road Biking Shoes.  In terms of value they might just be the best road cycling shoes on the market at this moment.

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