Buyers Guide To Best Road Cycling Shoes


Best road cycling shoes | Winter cycling shoes For many budding young cyclists, one of the biggest challenges they can face is finding the Best road cycling shoes.

Understanding what kind of shoes are going to make the difference on your ride about is going to be very important. To get the most out of your time on the roads you need the kind of shoes that give your body plenty of padding at foot level, and also offer comfort through the repetitive strain.

Naturally, like any other kind of ‘fashion’ finding the best  winter cycling shoes means understanding what makes a good pair in the first place. Sure, you could go about cycling in your normal trainers.

They offer a decent enough starting pint and for some cyclists they work out better in the first place. The reason why is fairly simple; cycling needs a good, high quality pair of shoes and when you have a budget, trainers can do the job at first.

If you are serious about being a proper cyclist, though, the days of being able to just get by with a pair of trainers have long since passed. Instead, you want to use this buyers’ guide to cycling shoes to make sure you buy a pair that does your feet justice.

Best road cycling shoes?


Designed to be used for long distance movements, cycling shoes are light and very stiff. This might not sound comfortable, but that added stiffness can play a big role in making sure you can peddle with brutal efficient.

They help to make sure that your feet have all the support they need for the repetitive strain of going over and over with the pedals. In terms of protection, winter cycling shoes do a whole lot more than you may have expected them to.

Indeed, clipless pedal cleats became a popular choice and they allow for an easy to work with style of shoe.

However, the main comfort and benefit of using cycling shoes comes from the likely use of meshing on the sides. This allows for elite level air flow and to make sure that your feet can get plenty of air about them when you are riding, avoiding excessive perspiration easily.

Clipless pedal became quite a big thing many years ago, and is now a staple within cycling shoe fashion. Basically, this is a small piece of plastic that is attached to the bottom of the shoe using a few bolts.

This means that when you push down on the pedal, you are doing so with greater force and gravitas. This allows for easier transfer of energy and power during the journey, meaning that every push down isn’t going to be as draining on the stamina.

As you can see, then, cycle shoes offer something pretty reliable to work with later. Not only do they offer protection but they offer a usefulness that other shoes cannot. What, then, should matter when it comes to investing in shoes of this kind?

Cleat Quality


The first thing that you would do well to look into is going to be the overall quality of cleats themselves. How are they compatible with the shoe?

Does it look like a safe and natural combination? If it uses any less than three bolts, you should keep looking elsewhere for more information and assistance. Make sure that the cleats are compatible with the kind of pedals that you use, too.

Most cleats are made to use a road-style clipping system. This should be something that you definitely take into account as otherwise it can be a bit of an issue with regards to the fit or the safety of using the cleats.

Also, please be aware that shoes very rarely ever arrive with cleats. You need to go out and invest in the cleats yourself and buy the right kind of cleats, also. Why not read our article on Kryptonite Bike Locks




Designed with characteristic style, these excellent Shimano SH-RO78 are great value. In terms of quality of the best road cycling shoes, though, are these the level that you need or expect?

Customer Satisfaction


Overall, very satisfied with my Shimano SH-RO78. The quality of the shoes is very impressive – it’s strong and sturdy without feeling overbearing or excessively tight.

It you want a solution that makes it easy to stay nice and comfortable, this might just be one of the best road cycling shoes options out there.



Designed with a snug and durable look, these shoes go the extra mile in offering something that is all about comfort. Make that pedal much easier to work with thanks to these well-made and durable winter cycling shoes.

Not great for winter but the meshing and leather material ensures they can be great for the summer. Offers protection for the feet as well as meshing to help allow for your feet to breathe.

Shimano SH-RO78 Uses smart Dynalast technology on the sole; a hallmark of all Shimano products that can make your time on the saddle even more enjoyable than it was before.



Shimano SH-RO78 are the Best road cycling shoes   at a fair price, these make a great investment because:

  • They offer a fine level of value for money for the price that you pay.
  • They make it much easier for you to enjoy comfort when out on the roads.
  • Low profile makes sure they can work with weaker feet and ankles.
  • Hook and loop closure makes sure that the elements will stay outside of the boot, as it should.

Shimano SH-RO78 are very stylish and make a good pick when you want something sturdy and strong that offers support for any budding cyclist. One of the best road cycling shoes.


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