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SHENKY Bike Lights


If Your Looking For A Bike Light That You Can Easily Use, Easy To Install And Is Very Popular. Then You Search May Be Over.

 Shenkey Bike Lights 

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Easy To Install

The Shenkey Bike Lights Is Easy To Install.


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SHENKY Bike Lights


So you are an outdoors kind of person, you enjoy riding at a particular time of the day and no matter what the weather is like, you still go out on your routine cycling experience.

Anyone with such dedication to sports or hobby will want to ensure their safety at all times especially at night and when there is high or low rainfall. You need not be worried, SHENKY bike lights ensure you have an unperturbed experience.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the SHENKY Bike Lights

This light source comes with 2000mAH power bank which will ensure you can indeed charge your rechargeable light batteries on the go. Its headlight is IP65 rated meaning it is ‘dust tight’ and of course that rating tells you it is totally waterproofed ensuring even under the rain, your path is sure to remain illuminated by your light source.

It also comes with a USB charge cable ensuring you are never taken unawares. Your power bank goes with your USB cord which guarantees your lights will remain charged anywhere you find yourself. Its flashlight can be mounted and dismounted making it useful both on the bike and as a hand-held torch.

The 2000mAH power bank has a large capacity and long charging capacity. This ensures a guaranteed power source for your journey no matter how far you intend to go.


  • Features -88 %
  • Value for money – 89%
  • Build Quality – 90%

” I Have Been Cycling In The Winter Months After Work And I Desperately Need A Good Bike Light. The Shenkey Bike Light Is Highly Recommended.”  Archie


Customer Satisfaction

These are quality light sources manufactured to guarantee the comfort of the adventurous rider. Be it in the city or on some lonely footpath on the outskirts of the city, you are guaranteed that if for any reason you are caught up by darkness, you can conveniently light your way home.

You are sure to have your lights powered by the powerful power bank and no worries if you don’t have your USB cord to help in charging, the USB charge cord that comes with this set is always handy. Should you be caught up in a storm or light shower on your way back, you can keep riding as your light source is waterproof ensuring you keep your eyes on the road and not worry about your light source going off.

You can mount your headlight and dismount at your convenience, using for different purposes even away from the bicycle. Nothing beats a waterproof light source especially in rainy weather under the cover of night.



Common Questions

1) How easy is it for me to get SHENKY bike lights?

There are many dealers in most electronic shops around or better still, just go online and order your set. Anywhere you are, if you really want to get this particular light source, the possibilities abound.

2) Are they truly waterproof? I had a bad experience with another product.

Yes, they are rated IP65, meaning it is guaranteed. There are a lot of low-quality products out there, but this is not one of them. This is a quality product that does perfectly well in protecting your light source from the water.

3) I lost my USB cable, can I get another?

Yes. You can get a new USB cable should your cable get bad or missing. You can pick this up in any electronic shop.

General Advice.

Your safety while on the road as a commuter should always be given priority. You can ensure you are not taken off guard by a rainy weather at night interfering with your light source by getting a waterproof flashlight like the one on this article which is of very high quality.



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When you go to get a light source, go for quality and value which are conveniently offered by this flashlight.

  • It ensures your path is indeed illuminated with no risk of low power or some fluid interfering with its functioning.
  • It has a powerful power bank that helps you take on your trip in the dark with confidence knowing that no matter where you are and at what time, you can indeed charge your light source on the go.
  • You will power and light your bicycle nightlife with no worries at all.