The Serious Causeway Road Bike is just that, it is a serious bike it may be that the manufacturer needed to convey how serious this bike was so, they named it the serious bike.

It is a men’s bike and not just a bike for going around, commuting, or leisure. No, this is a bike for racing and an affordable one for all that. It is equipped for racing at a beginner’s level or further down the road. Let us get to know this serious bike that means business for its owner!


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Benefit/ Features


  • The Serious Causeway Road Bike an affordable racing bike for entry level.
  • It is a real racing bike but at the same time, it is wallet-friendly considering the benefits.
  • It provides a sporty, comfortable sitting position.
  • A modern aluminium frame and a light aluminium fork.
  • An 18-speed system which means that it is equipped with a strong gear mechanism.
  • A transmission range and a rigid fork gear set.
  • Bike weight is 10.89
  • It comes in seven sizes from 50, 52, 54, 56,58, 60,62cm, and this means that you can choose the best fit.
  • It is a black-white model, No other colours
  • Not as affordable as some models but it is affordable for the use it has been designed for.



Customer satisfaction


One of the most important things that tell you about a product is its customer satisfaction and here are some users comments.

  • I had an old model that has been my first choice for years, but when it broke down completely I was sceptical that I would find a replacement.


  • I went for the Serious Causeway because of its name! I was pleasantly surprised that it was not just a name but that it delivered all that it claims to. I have used it on several races, happy to have it.
  • My son uses his bike all the time and I was worried when he said he will try racing. After some looking, we found the Serious Causeway Road Bike. I was really impressed with the mix of lightweight and speed.


  • I might just get one for myself just for the fun of owning and riding a bike like that. Also, it is green, so I am parking my car and taking the bike!
  • I heard a lot about the speed bikes, their speed, and ease of use as well as strength. I did not quite believe it until I saw this bike in action while watching a race. It is a man’s bike indeed.




Customer questions


My husband races bikes with an amateur group and I would like to buy him a good bike, but I am worried if it has a reliable braking system?

Yes, it has back breaks as well as front breaks, the broken system is a caliper brake and the lightweight of the bike make breaking easy and safe?

Is this bike a good choice for a college student who wants to start racing or does he need something more?

It is exactly what he needs for a beginner on his first race or if he has raced as an amateur and now wants to become a professional.

 I race in the weekends but during the week I need my bike to race or rather hurry to work – my time is always short so, I wonder if one bike can handle both jobs?

Yes, the Serious Causeway Road Bike can handle both tasks with an excellence and what is more is that it comes in seven sizes to choose from. Check out our article on Kryptonite bike locks article. 




Why should you buy the Serious Causeway Road Bike?


If you are a racer who has not had those first runs in the racing world you want a bike to start with, a bike to give you the confidence that will get you in the races.

Or you might already be a racer and you want to ramp up your pace, in any of the cases you need theSerious Causeway Road Bike. It comes with a headset for the protection of your head like any professional bike or motorbike. As a racer or an amateur, a bike with these specs is a man’s bike, it is a heavy-duty bike wherever you put it to use.

And if you ask yourself why I should buy this bike, the answer would be because I am a serious guy and I need a serious bike to rely on, and as the name indicates you get a strong, light, and heavy-duty bike for racing or not.





It is hard to live up to your name, but the Serious Causeway Road Bike really lives up t its name and not only that, but it delivers all that it claims while looking simple in its black and white style.

You can race it or just show off with it, and even if you have to tighten your budget a bit to get it, it is worth every cent.


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