SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike



SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike


sAVA are known world wide for using the best materials and components to give the rider a world class ride.

SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike


Carbon Fibre

SAVA have manufactured the SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike with a carbon fibre frame. Carbon fibre is lightweight and durable and will offer the rider plenty of support while burning through miles on the road

Specifically Designed For The Road

SAVA have designed the SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike specifically for the modern road cyclist.


Fi'zi:k Saddle

The SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike comes with a racing saddle that’s specifically designed to keep the rider in the saddle for longer and allowing the rider to concentrate on the road ahead.

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SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike review

Road cycling has become more and more popular throughout Britain. If you love taking to the road on your bike its only fair that you do it in style and with a quality ride.

The SAVA Brand is known for using top quality materials and components to make the best road bikes. A lightweight T800 carbon fibre frame, Michelin pro tyres, Fizi:k Italian road racing saddle , campagnold transmission system and much more.

We will examine why the SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike is quality throughout. Designed for cycling enthusiasts by people who love cycling. Providing a ride for a first-time rider for their daily commute to work, or a professional entry level racer.

Best Features

Here are the top features of the SAVA Phantom 8.0 road bike

Easy to Assemble:

The SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike comes almost completely assembled before shipping. An informative and helpful instruction manuel is also included. When assembled you should go on a little test to make sure your happy with the phantom.

Michelin Pro Tyres: Michelin are a French tire manufacturer based in Clermont Ferrand in Auvergne region of France.  They produce tyres throughout the world for space shuttles, aircrafts, cars and motor cycles.

Michelin Pro Tyres will help the rider keep a firm grip on the road and focus on the road as the miles get burnt away. A anti gill, hard wearing a low rolling resistance with a Taiwan low friction hub to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Fi’zi:k Saddle- an Italian Racing cycling manufacturer that specialise in saddles for road cycling.  Offering a saddle that’s designed to keep the cyclist on the saddle for longer without the worry of a sore bottom.

Campagnold Chorus comes from Italy and is specifically designed to transfer all of the riders power from the pedal to the SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike. Consequently, allowing the rider to harness their full potential to the road

Toray Carbon Fibre: The Phantom is made from carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is used within the bike industry to make a lightweight bike that will allow the rider to ride harder and faster leaving your competitors in the wind.

In addition, a carbon frame will also absorb the shocks and bumps and give the rider much more stability while riding.

Furthermore, a carbon fibre is also a durable material that will also support the rider. If you become involved in a crash or drop your phantom, make sure you get it checked over by a bike mechanic that has experience with carbon fibre. Cracks cannot easily be spotted

Colour: Most notably, the phantom comes in two colours to choose from. A classic grey colour or a more vibrant white and red colour. The SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike comes in a colour that fit everybody’s personality and tastes.

  • features – 94%
  • value for money – 90%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” I have been looking for a new road bike to use in my local riding club. The SAVA Phantom 8.0 looks like the road bike for me.” Thomas

Customer Satisfaction

You will be spending so much more time out on the road with your new Phantom

Perfect for the commute to work. Be in work in no time.

Having my Sava has saved me a gym membership


SAVA Brand

Quality Materials and components

First Class Road Bike

Vibrant Design


Unfortunately, you must pay for quality. The SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike does come at a higher premium. However, you won’t be disappointed.

Common Questions

Who are SAVA?

SAVA are a known Japanese brand within the bike manufacture industry. They use all the latest technology, innovation, materials and components to make the best road bikes.

What is the weight of the bike?

Lightweight road bike 7.9 Kgs (17.4 lbs)

Are any accessories included?

The SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike comes with a multi tool to assemble the bike. A brilliant accessory



SNACKS & HYDRATION: Recommended before any long ride you take a small snack and a drink. Riding on an empty stomach or being de hydrated can make cycling much less enjoyable. Look after your body and give it the fuel its needs so you can put more metal into the pedal.

BIKE LOCK: You have just saved up for a new expensive bike. Buy a good quality lock that’s got some brilliant reviews. Please  check our review on Bike Locks.

CYCLING SHOES: If you love road cycling its vital that you buy a good set of cycling shoes. You may be surprised that there not very expensive. You may not leave the house without them check out our cycling shoe reviews.

CLEAN YOUR BIKE: Burning through the miles on your SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike can get a little unwanted spray off the road. Ensure that you look after your bike by washing it on a regular basis.

Becoming familiar with your bike is brilliant for checking if there is any damage to the bike. Looking after your phantom will save you a lot of money in the long term

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You have fallen in love with road cycling, and intend to be spending a lot of time out there on the road burning through the miles. You deserve the best

The SAVADECK Phantom 8.0 road bike is a top-quality bike that has been designed specifically by cycling enthusiast to give the cyclist their dream bike.


SAVA brand known for producing quality road Bikes


Michelin Pro Tyres – a first class brand


Fi’zi:k Saddle – designed for road racing