“It never gets easier, you just get faster.”

Greg Lemond

Benefits/ Features

CARBON FIBRE is the lightest weight bike frame.

The frame has stiffness at the bottom of the bracket, and head tubes so it can harness the full power of the SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Road Bike.

Brilliant for taking on and off a train or transporting in a car.

In addition, a carbon frame is much smoother as it absorbs all the vibrations while riding, and allows the rider to concentrate on enjoying the ride.

Most notably, a carbon fibre bike frames have been shown to be more stronger, and durable in lab tests compared to aluminium bike frames.

Furthermore, they are designed to be prone to withstand bumps or scraps the rider may face.

Carbon Fibre has become increasingly more popular by the bike manufacturer as it is tried and tested quality material that can be trusted

SHIMANO 6800 – a system established in Japen to allow the holowtech crankset to transfer the pedal power of the rider to the SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Road Bike.

Consequently, the rider will be able to reach their destination much more quicker and easier.

SADDLE – the Sava Phantom comes with a Fi’zi:k Italian racing saddle that has been designed for long distance commutes as their main concern is giving the rider a first class ride.

The Fi’zi:k racing brand is known throughout the bike industry that value  beauty, speed, passion and those who compete against each other.

A luxury Brand in the road racing industry.

TYRES- the tyres of the SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Road Bike are from Hutinson.

Designed to grip firmly on the road to allow the rider to maximise their full potential.

A Taiwan low friction hub gives the ultimate grip on the road

COLOUR – Sava Phantom comes in three colour combinations.

You have Black with three choices of Grey, Orange or Red so there is a colour to match every rider.

You can go for a classic colour or a more vibrant and distinctive racing colour.

BRAKES – Shimano 6800 derailleur offers the rider full control over the bike.

Furthermore, the rider will easily and more efficiently be able to change the pace of the bike safely.

Performing those emergency stops became so much easier.

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HUNGER & DE HYDRATION- riding for long periods on an empty stomach or being thirsty can be uncomfortable and put you off concentrating on the road.

You should always carry a drink to combat any de hydration and a small snack, maybe a dairy milk bar to stop any hunger pains.

Looking after your body will ensure you rider for longer much more comfortably.

PUNCTURE- there will be a time where you will get a flat tyre.

Learn how to fix a puncture and carry a repair kit, as it may not come in handy tomorrow put  definitely in the future

GLASSESS- riding in the sun is lovely, however make sure you buy a good pair of cycling glasses so you don’t get distracted by the glare of the sun

SERVICE. – check your Savadeck Phantom at least twice a year for any cracks or damage.

Looking after your sava road bike will save you lots of money in the long run.

CYCLING SHOES- check out all our cycling shoe reviews.

Pedal for longer with a pair of new cycling shoes.

ABC CHECK – Before any commute you a should prepare your bike with a ABC CHECK.

There must be enough air in the tyres, test the brakes and the chain is oiled.

DROP THE BIKE – if you ever drop your SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Road Bike or it becomes involved in a crash.

It is always advisable to have it checked over by a bike mechanic with experience with carbon fibre

Customer Satisfaction

A First-class road bike that royalty would be proud of. Become a King of the Road

SAVA use only the finest components and materials.

A commute to work that will make you want to leave your car at home.


Sava brand

Carbon Fibre

Shimano Braking system


Not the cheapest road bike on the market. You must pay for quality. You won’t be disappointed

Final Verdict

You want a first-class road bike manufacturer and a well known bike brand that only uses the best quality materials and components.

Your search may be over. SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Road Bike.

Carbon Fibre Frame – lightweight, durable, and only used in the bike industry for the premium road bikes.

Shimano 6800 derailleur- allows the rider to harness the full power of the SAVADECK Phantom 3.0 700C Carbon Fiber Road Bike much more easily, efficiently and safely

Hutinson tyres for the ultimate grip on the road. You will find it hard to stay off the road.

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