Women have also taken into mountain biking as well after men. The Sava Titanium Alloy 27.5 Mountain Bike, Pro Hard Tail MTB Bicycle serves as the best choice for women. It is manufactured by Sava, a leading manufacturer in the bicycle industry. They have manufactured highly recommended bike for men and women, bikes which can be used in the city and village as well, for outdoor activities.

Mountain riding is one of the outdoor leisure activities that most people find enjoyable, for exercising and keeping fit. It is also a hobby for some people, to enjoy the great outdoors activities. It is also a sport activity, with different competitions being organised for men and women.

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Benefits and Features

The Sava Titanium Alloy Mountain Bike Complete Pro Hard Tail MTB Bicycle has great features built especially for women. This makes the bicycle one of the best out there for women who want to ride on rough mountainous terrain.

The features of the bike include:

  • It is made up of titanium alloy which is a light material and has extreme resistance to corrosion. This gives the bicycle a durable ability and strength and can withstand extremely high conditions. The material is very light; thus, the bike can easily be transported.
  • SHIMANO M8000 gear system with hydraulic brake system designed to control the bicycle effectively while riding.
  • It is designed with Manito air suspension fork system, which provides an excellent damping system. This ensures that you can choose the suspension function depending on your environment.
  • Ergonomic designed with comfortable seat while riding, and which also help to keep the body shaped in a healthy position.
  • It has maxis tires which gives it hard grip on rough surfaces.
  • It weighs just 17kg.
  • Its wheel size is 27.5 inch.
  • Its frame is 16″
  • The colour is titanium.
  • It comes already pre-assembled.


Customer Satisfaction

The Sava Titanium Alloy Mountain Bike Complete Pro Hard Tail MTB Bicycle had been reviewed positively by customers. The bike had come highly recommended as those who have used it find its features useful and comfortable for riding. Customers praised the bike as it is made of titanium alloy, which is a very resistant material to harsh condition. This gives the bike a long Lifespan even when put through hard and rough conditions over time.

The Titanium Alloy is a very light material. Given that the frame was made of this material, the bike now possesses a light weight. This also aids in easily transporting the bike especially navigating through hard and inaccessible terrains.

Another aspect users of this bike find great about the bike is that it can be easily controlled. It is easy to start and easy to navigate due to the hydraulic brake design

The bicycle is also comfortable to ride on with the saddles designed to give comfort during riding. Customers had reviewed the bike positively mostly because of the comfort in riding the bicycle as they complain less of pains when they started using this bike.

Common Questions

The common questions asked about this bicycle are answered below:

What are the health issues in riding bike for long?

There have been complains of back pains, pains in the buttocks after riding for a long time. This is usually associated with saddles that are not comfortable. The Sava Titanium Alloy Mountain Bike Complete Pro Hard Tail MTB Bicycle is designed with saddle that will ensure comfort during the ride experience.

Does it come in other colours?

It is manufactured in titanium colour from the manufacturer and does not come in any other colour.

Is it hard to assemble together?

It comes pre-assembled when delivered. So, you just have to fix some minor parts and adjust them, which you can do. It has user manual for easy fixing and when done, just pump your tires and start using.


Who can use this bicycle?

The bicycle can be used by professional and intermediate riders. It has no major challenges for learners but there are some features that are not necessarily needed for those learning how to ride.

The Sava Titanium Alloy Mountain Bike Complete Pro Hard Tail MTB Bicycle comes highly recommended.

The bicycle can be used for sporting activities on rough terrain, recreational purpose and as transit in rough and mountainous terrain.

The following are reasons why you should choose this bicycle:

  • It is easy to fix as it arrives pre-assembled. It comes with user manual and instructions you can follow easily to get your bicycle on the road as soon as possible.
  • The bike ensures comfortable riding with no health implications, with the well-designed saddle for your comfort.
  • It is light in weight due to the titanium material used in the framework. This makes it easy for you to lift your bicycle and carry it along inaccessible rough terrain. You can easily transported it die to its light weight.

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