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SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike

Searching For A Road Bike Built And Designed Specifically for The Cycling Enthusiast.

SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike



Michelin Tyres

Fi’zi:k Saddle

Carbon Fibre Frame

Who Are SAVA?

A Luxury Bike Brand Known For Only Using The Finest Bike Materials To Manufacture Road Bikes That Cyclists Love To Own.


Carban Fibre

Carbon Fibre Is Lightweight, Durable, Strong And Even Used On Planes And Space crafts.

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SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike

Racing bikes are designed for sports to extreme sports on roads. Your goal is speed. They are characterized by their low weight. The frame of a racing bike nowadays consists mostly of light metal such as aluminium, in the professional class made of carbon or titanium. The tires of a road bike are extremely thin. Therefore they cannot be driven, like mountain bikes, off paved roads.

Since racing bicycles should be as light as possible, your equipment is reduced to a minimum: bike riders, bicycle stands, fenders or even luggage carriers cannot be found on racing bikes. As no lighting is required, racing bicycles may only be driven on the roads in accordance with the regulations of the road traffic regulations.

The attitude of the driver is optimized for speed: the handlebars of a road bike are swinging downwards, the narrow saddle usually higher than the handlebar. As a result, the driver has a horizontal, transient attitude, providing the lowest possible air resistance and providing a favourable power transmission. This is ideal for the cyclist, but not for people with back problems.

In order to make the right decision between various models of a road bike, you should first ask yourself what kind of bike you are and where you want to use your bike. If you are looking for the ultimate bike that can achieve the highest speeds and can be used in bike races, the road bike is the right decision.

However, if you are looking for a bike that you can use in spite of a somewhat more robust design, and which is also more suitable for everyday use due to its all-round qualities, SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike can be your perfect choice.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike

T800 TORAY Carbon: Carbon fiber frame, wheelset, fork, handlebar, seat, and headset post not only gives you with a good ultimate road bike and a cushioning system but also guarantee an energy-saving driving behavior (8kg / 17.64 lbs).

– SHIMANO 6800 Ultegra 22 gear brake/derailleur system: Includes Shimano 6800 gear shift lever, derailleur, shift, and pause. Excellent technology design of chain shifting and braking system allows you to start and control your ride effectively.

– SHIMANO Ultegra 6800 Transmission control: Includes Shimano 6800 freewheel, chain wheel set, and chain. The design of the transmission control system from Japan gives you a smooth ride.

– Maxxis tire and integrated hollow crank: The ergonomic design of the professional saddle which is from Italy provides you a healthy and comfortable driving pleasure. The designing of the included Hollow is more effective and light to drive. Maxxis Semi-Slicks is anti-gill, durable and has low friction.

– Handlebar with anti-slip granules from Taiwan: All bicycles are shipped by UPS. The handlebar grip with anti-slip granules is made of light grip rubber and provides more damping. The abundant CORK granulate absorbs moisture from your palm and keeps it dry so that your hands are not easily pulled out of the grip, which ensures your safety during driving.

  • Features – 93%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 94%

“  Its My Birthday Next Month And I Can Not Wait For My SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike T800 Carbon Fiber Frame To Be Delivered.”  Kieran


Customer Satisfaction

The customer has loved SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike and they liked it every feature.

  • Energy Saving Riding:

SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike has 22-speed Derailleur and superior break system. It is included with derailleur lever, rear derailleur, breaks, front derailleur with 8.6 Kgs. weight that ensures energy saving riding with 17.64 lbs.

  • Super Control:

SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike super control system while riding, it is designed with high quality of transmission control system. It has sprocket set and chain. Transmission control system is made from Japan that ensures a more smooth riding.

  • Comfortable and healthy riding experience:

SHIMANO Ultegra 6800 integrated with Hollow Crankset and the professional saddle is designed in Italy. Integrated hollow is light weight and very effective to ride that ensures super healthy and comfortable riding experience.

If you are looking for a perfect road bike which has all the good features that you ever wished, then SAVA Graceful 700C Road Bike can be your ultimate choice. Not only performance but this bike has a catchy look that ensures to enhance your personality.

SAVA Graceful 700C comes ready to ride a bike, all you just need to assemble seat, front wheel, and pedals. Brakes are already dialled in and derailleurs are adjusted by the manufacturer – You just have to pump

Common Questions

  1. Is there any shipping cost

– No shipping is free within the UK

  1. In how many colors this model comes?

– This model comes in 2 colors, White and Green

  1. What is the material of this Mountain Bike?

– Carbon fiber

  1. What are the accessories included?

– Multi Assemble Tools and User Manual

  1. Is this item durable?

– Yes it is durable and light weight

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